A year passed away.

Father Si never showed up again neither did he call Anna.

Assuming the marriage to be canceled, Anna jumped around happily.

Pouncing in the couch, Anna thought about the things she had to complete before high school ends.

As nanny had gone out of town for few days, Anna decided to cook food for herself instead of ordering something.

After having her dinner and locking the doors, Anna entered her room.


Inside the room.

When Anna entered her room, she realised that she was not there alone.

She was about to run when a warm pair of hands grabbed her waist.

" It's me." Mike said.

Anna breathed a sigh of relief when she heard a familiar voice.

" You scared me." Anna said.

Mike chuckled and said," Surprise."

Hitting him on his chest, Anna said," Idiot how did you come inside?"

" From the balcony." Mike said.

Anna widened her eyes in shock and said," What? Do you know how risky it is? Don't do it next time."

" Uh huh so from where do you expect me to enter?" Mike asked.

Walking towards a newly closet, Anna took a pair of keys and said," Take these. Next time you wanna come inside, use these to open the door and enter like a normal human being and not like a monkey."

" Monkey? You are calling me a monkey?" Mike asked.

Anna chuckled and nodded her head," Yes Yes a monkey. Mike monkey."

Mike suddenly grabbed her waist and pulled her towards himself and they both crashed in the bed.

Mike quickly pinned her down and said," Do you have any idea what this monkey can do?"

Anna gulped and shook her head.

Mike chuckled and said," Wait for two minutes and I'll show you what I can do."

" Why two minutes?" Anna asked.

" You will turn eighteen after two minutes. After that I'll make you mine forever." Mike said.

" It's my birthday tomorrow." Anna exclaimed happily.

Kissing her on her forehead, Mike said," Yes and I am here to give you your birthday present."

" Where is the present?" Anna asked.

Unbuttoning his shirt, Mike revealed his chest and said," I am your present. I am here to offer myself to you for tonight."

Anna giggled and said," How cheesy Mr Mike?"

" You don't like it?" Mike asked.

Hooking her arms around his neck, Anna said," I love it." Before crashing her lips against his.

When the clock struck twelve, Mike broke the kiss and said," Happy birthday love. I love you."

Anna smiled and said," I love you too."

Holding the edge of her night gown, Mike smiled and asked," Shall we?"

Anna blushed and nodded her head.


Next morning, Mike left after having breakfast with Anna.

" Don't Forget about our plan for tonight Okay?" Mike said before leaving.

Anna nodded her head and said," Don't worry. I'll see you tonight."

After Mike left, Anna took a shower and changed into a new outfit.

As she was about to dry her hair, the doorbell rang.

When she opened the door, a man wearing a black suit was standing outside.

" Ms Si good morning. My name is Meak and your Father has sent me to fetch you." The man said.

Anna frowned and asked," For what good reason?"

The man did not say anything and passed her an invitation card.

When Anna opened it and read the content of the card, she clenched her hand in anger.

It was her wedding invitation card with some Zebib Syrin and the wedding was scheduled today in the afternoon.

Throwing the card in the floor, Anna shouted," What non sense is this?"

The man lowered his head and said," I am sorry Ms Si but you have to follow me to the airport. Your flight is in an hour."

" I am not going anywhere." Anna said.

The man sighed and said," Don't make me use force on you miss Si. Please."

Anna thought for a while. Picking up her bag and cell phone she followed the man.


When she boarded the car, the man suddenly grabbed her bag and took out her cell phone and threw it outside.

" Hey Why did you do that?" Anna shouted.

The man lowered his head and said," Orders Ma'am."

Anna slammed the door out of frustration. But there was nothing that she could do. She had to follow the man and go back to her country.

Anna was determined to cancel the wedding. How could she marry someone else when she loved Mike?

So she decided to go back to her country and talk to her father head on.

She decided to do everything she could to cancel this wedding. She would rather die than get married to someone else other than Mike.