Li Singtan, Yang Yutang, Mike and Anna were childhood friends studying together since kindergarten.

Li Singtan, Yutang and Mike were from country S but Anna was from Country Z.

Like the three of them, Anna was also from an influential family in country Z.

Anna's father, Mr Si was a respectable and honourable businessman of country Z.

Anna's mother had died while giving birth to her. So she had never seen her mother mo experienced any motherly affection from anyone. Though Mr Si doted on his only precious daughter a lot but he still couldn't give her the motherly love she needed.

When Anna turned 3, she was kidnapped by one of her father's enemy. Though Mr Si managed to save her, he was very scared about her safety.

So he decided to send her away.

Soon Anna moved to country S along with her nanny who treated her as her own.

Mr Si used to visit Anna every now and then but he stopped coming to country S after Anna turned 10.

When she asked her nanny about her father, the nanny said," You father has got a new mother for our precious Anna. So father is a bit busy helping new mommy to settle down. Don't worry he will visit you soon."

The little Anna back then became happy knowing that she also has a mother now but little did she know that her new mother was up to no good.


Many years went by but Mr Si never visited her.

He use to talk to her only when she asked nanny to call him.

Besides sending money and other supplements for Anna, Mr Si never visited her.

Anna use to miss her father and use to cry all night for him but when she went to school and met her friends specially Mike, she use to forget everything. He used to bring different kind of chocolates and candies for her everyday.

When Anna visited Li Mansion, she understood what it feels like to have a complete happily.

When she met mother Li for the first time, Anna understood what motherly love felt like.


Several years passed and the friendship between the four of them became stronger.

When they reached high school, Mike confessed his feeling for Anna and asked her to be his girlfriend to which Anna happily agreed. After that they officially started dating each.

Anna stopped asking her nanny about her father and she even stopped calling him.

Anna used to spend half of her time in school and the other half with Mike.

Everything was running smoothly until one day when Anna turned 17, her father showed up along with her step mother.

" Anna how are you?" Father Si asked.

Anna smirked and said," So you finally remember that you have a daughter."

Father Si frowned," Is this the way you talk to your father?"

The woman standing beside him, placed her hand on his chest and said," Darling calm down. Let me talk to our daughter."

" Anna come here my dear daughter. Let mom give you a hug." The woman said.

The nanny standing beside Anna nodded her head and said," Go Anna."

Anna thought for a while and started walking towards her.

The woman suddenly pulled Anna harshly towards her purposely piercing her nails into her skin.

Anna hissed in pain.

Retreating her hand back, the woman said," I am so sorry baby I did not-"

The nanny stormed forwards and said," You did this on purpose."

Seeing Anna's bleeding hand, the nanny panicked and rushed inside to fetch the first aid box.

The woman suddenly pounced into father Si's embrace and said," Darling I did not do it purposely. I am huhuhuhu."

Wrapping his arms around the woman's waist, Father Si said," It's alright don't cry. It's just a small injury. You don't have to worry."

Anna sighed in disbelief. She kept on staring at her father with teary eyes who was busy coaxing the vixen who had purposely hurt his precious daughter.

Soon the nanny arrived with the first aid box and started cleaning Anna's wound.

Father Si did not even glance at the wound and said coldy," I just came here to inform you that your marriage with my business partners son has been confirmed. You both will get married next year two moths after you turn 18. I believe your studies here will be over by then. You will move back to country Z with me."

Anna laughed and said," And who said that I want to marry him?"

" I am not asking you Anna I am informing you." Father Si left along with his new wife after informing Anna about her marriage.

After father Si left, Anna asked her nanny," Are all father's like him?"

The nanny did not say anything and kept in treating her wound.


Next day Anna told Mike everything that had happened but off course she did not tell him about her arranged marriage.

Cupping her face with both his hands, Mike said," Babe don't worry I am with you . You don't have to feel scared of that woman anymore. I'll always stay by your side and I'll never let anyone hurt you."

Anna nodded her head and pounced in his embrace.

Mike ruffled her hair and said," Silly girl. I am here with you so why are you crying? I will always love and cherish you Anna. I am yours and you are mine forever."