Yixi chuckled and said," Now imagine how will that boy feel about you when Ling tells him this? Forget about that but imagine how Ling must have felt when you told her this? And what's with this sending her back to college kind of a blackmail? What are you? A kid?"

Yutang laughed and said," Okay fine I am sorry. I'll never do that again."

" Go and say this to your sister." Yixi said.

" I'll talk to her tomorrow." Yutang said.

Cupping his face with both her hands, Yixi said," I know you feel a lot more responsible towards her after your parents left but that doesn't mean you will start controlling her life. She is young. Let her live her life properly. Don't restrict her too much."

Kissing her hand, Yutang said," Okay I'll listen to you."

" And?" Yixi asked.

" I'll not force Ling to leave that boy. I will meet him once. But if I feel that he doesn't deserve my sister then I will force Ling to leave him." Yutang said.

Yixi chuckled and said," We will meet him together and trust your sisters choice."

" Hmmm." Yutang said.

Fixing his tie, Yixi said in a seductive voice," So Mr Boyfriend are you tired? Can you do stuffs?"

Yutang picked Yixi up in his arms and started walking towards the bed.

Yixi giggled and said," Lock the door first."

Placing her on the bed, Yutang locked the door and then pinned her down.

He then started kissing her fiercely on her lips.

After kissing for a long time, Yutang broke the kiss when both of them were almost breathless.

" Yixi do you want do it?" Yutang asked.

Yixi smiled and asked," Do you want to do it?"

Yutang raised his eyebrows," What do you think?"

Yixi rolled her eyes and started unbuttoning his shirt.

Yutang grabbed her hand and said," I am gonna make you mine today."

Yixi laughed and said," I am already yours."

Soon soft moans and groans echoed throughout the room.


Li Mansion.

It was past 1 am but Mike was tossing and turning in his bed.

After trying very hard to fall asleep, Mike gave up and decided to take a walk in the garden.

When he came out of his room, he saw Anna coming out of her room as well.

" Where are you going?" Mike asked.

" Ehh I am feeling sleepy so-"

Mike smiled and said," Let's go to the garden for a walk."

Anna hesitated for a while and nodded her head.



Anna and Mike were strolling in the garden without talking to each other.

Both of them wanted to start a conversation but stopped themselves.

Suddenly Mike laughed.

Anna frowned and asked," Why are you laughing?"

" We were so close 8 years ago and now we can't even start a conversation. Life is so strange." Mike said.

Anna smiled and nodded her head," Life was so good back then. No worries, no tension and no-" the word misunderstanding got stuck in her throat. She wanted to voice it out but couldn't.

" Yeah you are right." Mike said.

Pausing for a while, Mike asked," How did you suddenly became a doctor?"

Anna smiled and said," I don't know."

" I thought you would join your family's business." Mike said

" I was never interested in that stupid business anyway." Anna said.

Mike chuckled and said," How did your father even allow you to become a doctor?"

Anna did not say anything.

Standing still for a while, Anna said," It's getting late. I should go inside."

Mike suddenly grabbed her hand and said," An if you are given another chance, will you chose your husband over me again? Will you abandon our love our relationship again to be his wife? Will you-"

Anna froze. Tears started flowing down her cheeks. She was about to turn back and tell him that she is not married, when she heard his laughter.

" Off course you will. What kind of a question is that? When you did it once without any hesitation, you can do you again." Mike said.

Anna smirked. Wiping her tears away, Anna said," You are right."

After saying that Anna left.

Mike's heart ached when he heard her reply.

Staring at her back, Mike closed his eyes and thought about the time when she left.