" A month?" Yutang shouted.

Ling nodded her head.

" What? And you are telling me now? Why did you hide it from me?" Yutang asked.

" I thought you will scold me." Ling said.

Yutang frowned and said," Yes off course I will scold you. You are too young to have a boyfriend."

" I am twenty years old." Ling said.

" You just turned twenty last month Ling." Yutang said.

" But-"

" No buts. You are breaking up with that boyfriend of yours. I don't want to hear anything else. Concentrate in your studies. Your exams will start after a month so you have to fly back soon." Yutang said

Ling shook her head and said," No I am not breaking up with him."

Yutang narrowed his eyes and said," You are going to argue with your brother because of him now?"

" No brother. I cannot break up with him. I'll study hard for the exams I swear. I'll score very good marks." Ling said.

" Don't argue with me now. If don't leave him I'll send you back to college and register you as a regular student over there." After saying that Yutang stormed out of the room leaving a pitiful crying Ling behind.


After Yutang left, Ling quickly took out her phone and called her saviour.

" Sister-in-law." Ling said.

Yixi quickly got up from her bed and asked," Ling what happened? Is everything fine? Why are you crying?"

Sobbing for a while, Ling told Yixi everything that Yutang has said.

" Your Brother is too much. How can he even say something like that?" Yixi shouted angrily.

" Sister-in-law I don't know what to do. I cannot leave him but brother."

" Okay Ling calm down. I'll come and teach your brother a good lesson. You stay calm alright." Yixi said before hanging up the call.


Thinking for quite sometime, Yixi dialed Yutangs number.

" Yes baby." Yutang said from the other side.

Yixi took a deep breath and said," Yutang my brother said that if I don't break up with you today, he will send me saw from this country and will not talk me either. I love my brother a lot so I am breaking up with you. Don't call me from now on. Bye."

Yutang widened his eyes in shock and said," Wait what-"

Before Yutang could ask anything Yixi had already disconnected the call.

When Yutang tried calling her again, her phone was off.

" Fu*k." Yutang cursed himself.

Grabbing his car key, Yutang rushed outside.


An Mansion

When Yutang arrived at the An Mansion it was already past twelve.

When the butler saw Yutang standing in the entrance, he quickly rushed towards him," Mr Yang."

" Where is Yixi?" Yutang asked.

" Young Madam is upstairs in her room." The butler.

Yutang nodded his head and rushed upstairs.


When he entered the room, Yixi was lying on the bed reading a book.

" Yixi." Yutang said.

Lifting her head up, Yixi said," Oh you are here."

Yutang frowned and asked," How can you sit like this? Aren't you worried about us? And what is wrong with your brother? Has he gone crazy."

Yixi shook her head and said," No he is completely fine."

" Fine? You call this fine? He is trying to break your healthy relationship by using his blood power. This is wrong. I won't let this happen." Yutang shouted.

Closing the book, Yixi got down from the bed and said," So you think he is wrong?"

" Obviously he is wrong. How can someone do something like?" Yutang yelled.

Walking towards Yutang, Yixi said," So if my brother is wrong then even you are wrong."

" How can I-" Yutang paused when he realised something

Hooking her hands around his neck, Yixi said," Listen to me Mr Yang my brother is not stupid like you. He not is bossy like you either. He is a sensible man who knows what is good and what is right. He never forced me to do anything unlike you."

Pausing for a while Yixi continued," How can you ask Ling to leave her boyfriend just because you don't want her to have one? Seriously is my boyfriend that stupid and hard hearted?

Yutang lowered his head and said," But she is too young to have one."

Yixi chuckled and said," She is 20 Yutang."

" I don't like that boy." Yutang said.

" Have you even seen him?" Yixi asked.

Yutang shook his head.

Yixi raised her eyebrows and asked," Then how do you know whether he is good or bad?"

Yutang did not say anything and wrapped his arms around her neck and pulled her closer," I was feeling so scared when you told me that you wanted to break this relationship. Don't do this again please."

" Stop being a jerk then. You cannot force Ling to leave someone she likes because of your stubbornness. She has the right to chose her boyfriend alright. You cannot take away that right from her just because you are her big brother. Do you have any idea how she must be feeling right now? She loves you a lot Yutang and you know that. She wants your support and encouragement."

Yutang sighed.

Yixi took a deep breath and continued," How did you feel when I told you that my brother asked me to break up with you?"

" I wanted to kick his ass." Yutang said.