Dinning area.

" Singtan why are you not eating?" Mother Li asked.

Li Singtan scratched his forehead and said," I'll eat after sometime."

Stuffing a dumpling into his mouth, Yutang said," Mom can't you see Mr Newly wed husband wants to eat with his newly wed wife."

Mike chuckled and said," She is not waking up anytime soon bro. It's better you eat something."

Li Singtan frowned and asked," What do you mean by she is not waking up anytime soon? Didn't you say that she is fine?"

Mike rolled his eyes and said," Obviously she is fine. What I actually mean is, we don't know when Ming will wake up. So you should eat something."

" It's fine." Li Singtan said.

" Alright now boys stop teasing Singtan and eat your meal. If he wants to eat with his wife then let him wait for her." Mother Li said.


After having their dinner, Father Xie and uncle Chen were getting ready to leave.

" Father let the driver drop you home." Li Singtan said.

" Singtan I'll drop uncle Xie and Chen home. Don't worry." Yutang said.

Mike stepped forward and said," Yutang drop me off too I-"

Grabbing Mike's arm, Li Singtan said," Where do you think you are going? You have to stay here tonight."

Mike frowned and asked," Why?"

" What is Ming needs you? I cannot take any risk so you have stay here tonight." Li Singtan said.

Mike sighed," Alright alright I'll stay if you transfer 10 million into my bank account right now."

Yutang rolled his eyes and sadid," Don't be so stingy Mike. You are asking 10 million from your friend. Ptfff I did not expect this from you."

" But-"

" Did you forget who your friend is? Your friend is the Li Singtan. Even if he stops working from tomorrow, his 50 generation can still lead a luxurious life without working. Our friend is such a rich man and you are asking only ten million?You are disrespecting him. Add one or two zero's more." Yutang said.

Mike grinned and said," Ahhh Yutang is right. I should-"

Mike stopped talking when he saw Anna coming down from the stairs.

Diverting his gaze, Mike cleared his throat and said," Ahem Ahem Okay let's not joke now. I'll stay."

Yutang frowned and said," Mike you are no more fun."

After saying that, Yutang left along with Father Xie and uncle Chen.

When Li Singtan saw Anna, he asked," Ming-"

" Rose is with her." Anna said.

Li Singtan nodded his head and said," Okay. I'll go and stay with her."

After saying that Li Singtan rushed upwards.

Anna chuckled when she saw Li Singtan's silhouette disappear in the dark passage upstairs.

Mike smiled and asked," What are you laughing at?"

Anna laughed and asked," Do you think he is really our childhood friend Li Singtan?"

Mike chuckled and said," Yeah I know. He has changed."

" Ming is really very lucky. Lucky to have a husband like Singtan who loves her so much." Anna said.

Ming frowned and asked," Why your husband doesn't love you?"

Anna froze. Not knowing how to answer Mike's question she rushed towards the kitchen.

Mike grabbed her hand and said," An wait."

" What is it?" Anna asked.

Hesitating for a while, Mike asked again," Is your husband good to you?"

Anna smiled and said," Which husband isn't good to his wife?"

Mike mockingly smiled and said," Oh yes I am sorry for asking such a useless question. Obviously he has to be good otherwise why would you chose him over me. Why would you give up our relationship and marry him right?"

Anna felt a prick in her heart.

If it was 8 years back, Anna would've started crying right in front of him. But after living all by herself in an unknown country among new people, dealing with all the hardships of life for so many years Anna had learnt how to stay strong.

Jerking her hand away, Anna entered the kitchen.

Mike smirked and sat on the couch beside him.


Yang Mansion.

When Yutang entered the Yang mansion, he saw a tiny figure sleeping in the couch curled up like a ball.

Yutang sighed. Lifting Ling in his arms, he started walking towards her room.

Snuggling against his chest, Ling slowly opened her eyes," Brother Yufan."

Yutang frowned and said," You are still worried about that silly boyfriend of yours?"

Ling shook his head and said," Don't call him silly. He is very cute."

Placing her on the bed, Yutang asked," Since when is this gong on?"

" I'll tell you everything. But first tell me whether he is okay or not." Ling asked.

Yutang sighed and said," I don't know whether that boy is alive or not but he did not board the plane."

" If he did not board the plane then where did he go?" Ling asked.

" How would I know? Since he did not board the plane that means he is fine. So don't worry." Yutang said before sitting on the edge of the bed.

" But-"

" Now tell me since when is this going on?" Yutang asked.

Ling lowered her head and said," Since a month."