Li Mansion.

As Li Singtan and the rest entered the Li Mansion, Xie Ming came rushing towards them.

Pulling Li Singtans sleeves, Xie Ming asked with teary eyes," Yufan is he okay?"

Wiping her tears away, Li Singtan sighed and said," He did not board the plane."

Xie Ming took a deep and murmured," Thank God." Before passing out against his chest.

Holding her properly, Li Singtan panicked," Ming this- Mike."

Mike who was standing beside him frowned and said," Bro don't panic okay. I think she passed out because she is stressed."

" How can you say that without checking?" Li Singtan shouted.

Mike frowned and said," I am a doctor okay. I am your saviour right now so stop yelling at me."

" Oh my God what happened to her?" Mother Li asked.

" She passed out." Mike said.

Father Xie sighed and said," I don't know what is happening today. We still don't know how Yufan is and now Ming-"

" Yufan did not board the plane father." Li Singtan said before picking up Ming in bridal style.

" What do you mean?" Father Xie asked.

" Yufan did not board the plane today so he is okay."

" But Where is he?" Uncle Chen asked.

Li Singtan sighed and said," That I don't know. I will find out where is he after Ming wakes up."

" Alright you take her up. Since we know that Yufan was not in that plane, we can relax." Mother Li said.

Li Singtan nodded his head and started walking upstairs but he did not forget to give Mike a meaningful stare.

Mike rolled his eyes and said," Alright now don't give me that look. I am coming."


Inside the bedroom.

Placing Xie Ming on the bed, Li Singtan covered her with the quilt.

" Step aside and let me check." Mike said.

After checking her nerves, Mike said," She is fine."

" Are you sure?" Li Singtan asked.

Mike did not say anything and rolled his eyes.

" Should we take her to the hospital?" Li Singtan asked.

Mike smiled and said," Singtan you've gone crazy. Why don't you go to the hospital and get your brains checked?"

" Call Anna or Rose from downstairs." Li Singtan said.

Mike stormed his feet on the ground and said," I am not your servant alright. I am your friend."

Li Singtan narrowed his eyes and said," Go fast and call one of them. Don't waste my time."

Mike rolled his eyes and said," You know how dominating you are Singtan."

Ignoring Mike, Li Singtan started tucking Xie Ming inside the quilt.

Mike sighed and left the room.



When Mike came down, Anna was standing near the stairs while Rose was feeding Ben.

Clearing this throat, Mike approached Anna," Ehh An."

When Anna heard a familiar tone and nickname, she turned.

" Li Singtan is calling you upstairs." Mike said before walking past her.

Anna smiled and went upstairs.


After entering Li Singtans room, Anna said,"Singtan you called me?"

Li Singtan nodded his head and said," Yes. Would you please stay with Ming for sometime?"

Anna smiled and nodded her head.

Li Singtan sighed and said," If anything happens call me straightaway okay? Even if she groans or anything happens, you call me alright?"

" She is going to Okay Singtan. Don't panic like this. Just go I'll take care of her."

Staring at his wife for a while, Li Singtan reluctantly left the room.


Living area.

" Chuang come let's have dinner together." Mother Li said.

Father Xie sighed and said," I don't feel like eating Meili."

Mother Li frowned and said," Now Stop this. We know that Yufan was not there in the plane. So what are you worried about? Wherever he is, he is safe alright. Now get up and eat something."

Uncle Chen nodded his head and said," Mrs Li is right. You don't have to worry."

" Father." Li Singtan said.

Father Xie stood up and asked," How is Ming?"

" She is okay. Why aren't you eating anything?" Li Singtan asked.

" I-"

" Listen to me Father. Since Yufan did not board the plane, that means he is fine. May be something happened in the last minute. May be their destination got changed or something like that. You don't have to worry. I believe that Yufan will call you as soon as possible." Li Singtan said.

" I just hope that he is fine." Father Xie said.

Li Singtan smiled and said," Trust me father. Yufan is fine. Now let's eat shall we?"

Father Xie nodded his head.