Zian smacked Yushen's forehead and frowned, \"Which world are you in? Didn't you hear what I said? I said the meeting is with the executive department. They are preparing a presentation on-\"

Cutting Zian off, Yushen vigorously nodded his head, \"Don't worry big bro, I got this.\"

Zian raised his eyebrows and asked, \"Okay so what is going on?\"

Yushen shrugged his shoulders and vigorously shook his head. \"Nothing bro.\"

Staring at him for quite some time, Zian added, \"Hmm, just take care of everything and don't bother me.\"


Inside the room.

Grabbing her hand, Zixin took a deep breath. \"I know there are many things that you want to ask me and I also know that I messed everything up but I swear, for all the years we have been apart, there isn't a single day when I do not think about you. I missed you alot but no matter what I couldn't come back. There were many things I had to deal with first and I didn't want to drag you there with me. I didn't want to risk your life Yumi because you are the most important person in my life. I can lose my life but not you.\"

When Yumi did not say anything, Zixin panicked. \"I know I have wronged you and you can punish me for that but please don't give up on us, please.\"

Keeping quiet for quite some time, Yumi got up and asked, \"Did you eat anything?\"

When Zixin shook his head, Yumi walked out of the room.

After Yumi left, Zixin frowned. He was expecting her to fire him up with different kinds of questions but she was way too calm and quiet than he had expected her to be.

Why was she acting so strangely? Did she already give up on them? Or did she not want him anymore? Was he really very late?

Zixin frowned and vigorously shook his head. How could that be? She was so concerned and anxious for him a while ago. It was clear that she still cared about him.


Mian's cabin.

\"Wait what?\" Mian asked.

Zian gulped in nervousness and vigorously nodded his head. \"Yes tonight, I'll fetch you from your place at 7.\"

\"Where are we going?\" Mian asked.

\"It's a bit far from here.\"

\"Ahh so we are not coming back?\" Mian asked.

When Zian vigorously nodded his head, Mian smiled. Walking towards him, Mian asked, \"What are you planning to do?\"

Zian scratched his forehead and said, \"Hmm you'll have to wait for that.\"

\"Alright, I'll be ready by 7.\"


Li Corporation.

Meeting room.

Sitting inside the meeting room a little ahead of time, Yushen was tapping his fingers on the table impatiently waiting for the executive department members' arrival.

Just then, Yushen's assistant Saisha entered the room.

\"Where are the employees?\" Yushen asked.

\"Sir the meeting will start in 15 minutes.\" Saisha informed.

Yushen frowned and glanced at his watch. How could he wait for another 15 minutes to see her? He had been wanting to see her and was also dying to know her name but he also didn't want to seem desperate.

\"Go ask them to come for the meeting now.\" Yushen ordered.

Saisha nodded her head and left.

After sometime, the employee started entering the meeting room and politely greeted Yushen.

Looking around, Yushen frowned when he did not see the particular someone he wanted to.

Thinking that it was a waste coming to the office during a weekend and how he had wasted his time, Yushen's expression turned sour.

\"Sir can we start?\" Saisha asked.

\"Ehhh boss, actually the one who is supposed to give the presentation is not her yet so-\"

Cutting the employee off, Saisha lashed, \"Who is it? Doesn't that person know that no one is allowed to be late for a meeting?\"

The employee lowered her head and was about to say something when Yushen said, \"Start the meeting now or else I'll adjourn the meeting. Whoever it is, don't let that person to enter the meeting room.\"

The employees gave each other a look wondering who would step forward and give a presentation on something they were not prepared for especially when their boss was in a very sour mood.

Just then someone barged into the meeting room.

\"I am so sorry I-\" Placing her hands on her chest, the woman panted heavily.

Saisha frowned and shouted, \"You are late, you cannot enter the meeting room now.\"

Trying very hard to catch a breath, the woman mumbled, \"That...traffic....late...elevator....packed.....water.\"

Grabbing his bottle of water, Yushen got up and started walking towards her.

Passing her the water, Yushen said, \"Here drink this, take it easy.\"

Gulping down the whole content at once, the woman breathed a sigh of relief.

Yushen smiled and asked, \"Better?\"

The woman nodded her head and smiled. \"Thank you so much boss actually I was stuck in traffic and then the elevator was packed so I had to take the stairs and-\"

Cutting her off, Yushen said, \"It's alright, take your seat.\"

The woman smiled and nodded her head before walking towards her seat.

Yushen excitedly clapped his hands together and took a deep breath. His mood immediately brightened up after seeing her. Now all he had to do is find out her name.

Walking towards his seat, Yushen chuckled when he saw her arranging everything in a hurry.

\"There is no need to rush, take your time.\" Yushen added.

\"Boss I am almost done just-\"

\"No worries, take as much time as you want. No one is running away or is in a hurry.\"

Other employees: +_+

Wasn't boss asking them to hurry a few minutes ago? What happened now? Is the boss having mood swings?

After seeing the bright smile on Yushen's face, everyone started feeling less burdened and pressured.

After arranging everything, the woman got up. \"I am ready boss.\"

\"Are you sure? You can take more time if you want to.\" Yushen asked.

The woman shook her head and said, \"I think I am ready.\"