In a dark lane, a woman was standing in front of a bar.

A luxurious car stopped in front of her.

A middle aged man stepped out of the car and said," Ms Xie Please board the car."

Taking a deep breath, Xie Yurin nodded her head and boarded the car.



Yufan laughed and asked," What do we do now?"

Picking up a potato fry from the plate, Ling placed it inside her mouth and said," It's not so bad."

Yufan sighed and said," I am so sorry."

Ling chuckled and said," What are you sorry for? Are you sorry for the food?" Pointing towards her swollen lips, she continued," Or you are sorry for this?"

Yufan laughed and said," Both."

Grabbing her hand, Yufan said," Let's go and eat somewhere else. Where do you wanna go?"

Ling thought for a while and said," There is a very good Ramen place that I know. You wanna try?"

Yufan nodded his head and said," Okay let's go."

Intertwining their hands, the couple left the resort.


After enjoying their meal, Yufan dropped Ling home.

" When are you flying tomorrow?" Ling asked.

" 7:45 pm." Yufan said.

" Which place?"

" Country M."

Ling sighed and said," Okay then. Have a safe journey. I-I should go now."

Without waiting for his reply, Ling got off the car and rushed towards the mansion.

Yufan quickly got down of the car and shouted," Ling wait."

Rushing towards her, Yufan hugged her from behind and said," I will miss you."

" I will miss you too." Ling said.

Turning towards him, Ling said," I will wait for you Yufan. You will call me whenever you have time right?"

Yufan nodded his head.

" Call me as soon as you land okay?" Ling said.

" Okay." Yufan said.

Wiping her tears away, Yufan laughed and said," Hey why are you crying? I am just going for a business trip alright. I will come back as soon as possible. Don't worry."

Hugging him tightly, Ling nodded her head.

Kissing her forehead, Yufan said," Now go inside. I'll call you after I reach home."

Ling nodded her head and reluctantly entered the mansion.


Li Mansion.

" Anna Yixi is a bit busy today so she won't be able to join us." Ming said.

Anna chuckled and said," May be she is busy with Mr Yang."

Ming laughed and said," May be. You want to go out or-"

" No let's just stay at home and talk." Anna said.

Ming nodded her head in agreement and said," Let's go to my bedroom and talk."

" What about your husband?" Anna asked.

" He has gone somewhere with father and I don't think so he will come back anytime soon." Ming said.

" Okay cool then. Let's go."


Inside the room.

" So What do want to talk about?" Ming asked.

Anna thought for a while and said," You say."

Ming hesitated for a while and asked," Do you want to talk about Mike?"

Anna sighed and said," What do you want to know?"

" Everyone thinks that you are married but you are not. So why don't to clear this misunderstanding?" Ming asked.

Anna laughed and said," There is no point clearing anything now. Let them think whatever they want to. I don't really care."

" But Anna they think you are married but you are not. Isn't this a big thing. Even Mike thinks that you are married. Don't you think you should atleast tell him the truth?"

Anna smiled and asked," Who told you about us?"

" Yutang told me that you both ate childhood sweethearts." Ming said.

Anna laughed and said," Yeah we were childhood sweethearts. Mike was my first boyfriend, first love and first everything."

" Then what happened?" Ming asked.

Anna took a deep breath and said," Many things happened and we broke up."

Ming placed her hand on Anna's shoulder and said," Anna I think that you should talk to Mike about this and try to solve everything. See Singtan told me little bit about you two but I feel that there are a many things that you are hiding." Pausing for a while, she continued," Voice everything out. I know you still have feeling for Mike and so does he. You need to have a proper conversation with him and clear everything."

Anna smiled and said," There is no point talking about it now. It's too late."

" But-"

" Please Ming I don't want to talk about it." Anna said.

Ming sighed and said," Okay but remember something you aren't alone now. You can share everything with me."

Anna smiled and nodded her head.


Next day, Yufan was busy preparing for his upcoming meetings so he couldn't receive any calls nor could he call anyone.

Ling tried calling him many times but he did not receive it.

Later in the evening when Yufan was on his way to the airport, he took out his phone from his bag.

He widened his eyes in shock when he saw several missed calls from Xie Ming, Father Xie and Ling.

After calling father Xie and Xie Ming first, Xie Yufan called Ling.

" He-"

Before Yufan could say anything, Ling started yelling from the other side," What the hell is wrong with you Yufan? I have been calling you since morning but-. Do you know how anxious and worried I was? I was feeling so scared. Do you even care about me?"

" I am so sorry baby. I was busy preparing for the meetings so. I am sorry please don't scold me like this. I am leaving today." Yufan said.

Ling sighed and said," Where are you now?"

" I am about to reach the airport."

" Hmmm go safe and call me as soon as you land." Ling said.

" Okay. I love you." Yufan said.

" I love you too."

After hanging up the call, Yufan received a call from his assistant.

After talking to his assistant for a while, he placed the phone inside his bag.


The peaceful night of country S was disturbed by a terrifying news.

The plane travelling from Country S to Country M crashed shortly after taking off.

There were 60 people on board. Out of which 50 were passengers and 10 were flight attendants.

Each and everyone present in the flight were pronounced dead.