After going through Yufan's presentation, Li Singtan closed the laptop and asked," Did someone help you with this?"

Yufan shook his head and said," No brother-in-law."

Li Singtan raised his eyebrows and asked," So you made this all by yourself?"

Yufan nodded his head and asked," Why brother-in-law? It is not good right? Please tell me which are the places that I have work on."

Li Singtan smiled and said," It's flawless."

Patting Yufans head, Li Singtan said," No one will doubt your capabilities after seeing this presentation."

" Really?" Yufan asked.

Li Singtan smiled and nodded his head.

Yufan cheekily smiled and said," Since you have approved it I don't have to worry about anything."

" Yufan the business industry is very ugly. There will be things that you will have to face in the future. You cannot always stay honest and stick to your principles. You also have to use your tricks and always stay alert. You have to keep an eye on each and everyone whether he is your enemy or your friend. You are still young and there are many things you haven't seen. Since you have chosen this path you will have to prepare yourself." Li Singtan said.

Yufan nodded his head," I understand brother-in-law."

" Your father is a wonderful business man. So everyone will naturally have a very high expectation from you and I truly believe that you will live up to their expectations and your name will shine in the business world." Li Singtan said with a smile on his face.

Yufan smiled and hugged Li Singtan," Thank brother-in-law."

Patting his back, Li Singtan asked," What time are you flying tomorrow?"

" 7:45 pm." Yufan said.

" Which place?" Li Singtan asked.

" Country M." Yufan said.

Li Singtan frowned and said," Country M is not a safe place. You have to be careful."

Yufan nodded his head and said," Yeah I know. The first meeting is in country M. After that we have to fly to US for the other meetings."

" Okay. Call me immediately if you face any problem." Li Singtan said.

" Okay. Brother-in-law I will take my leave now." Yufan said.

" What? You are leaving? Stay here till dinner." Xie Ming said.

Yufan scratched his forehead and said," Ehhh sister I have plans tonight."

" But-"

" Ming let him go. He is going away for quite sometime so may be there are other people whom he wants to meet." Li Singtan said.

Xie Ming sighed and said," Okay But you have come here as soon as you come back."

Yufan nodded his head and left.


Meanwhile, a black Mercedes stopped in front of the Li Mansion.

Pushing the car door, Mike got down of the car buttoning his suit.

With a very gloomy expression, Mike entered the Li Mansion.

Without looking here and there, Mike started walking towards Anna's room.

Kicking the door with full force, Mike dashesd inside the room.

Anna who was applying medicine on her wound jumped in fear.

" What are you doing here?" Anna asked.

Mike gritted his teeth and asked," Why didn't you tell me?"

" Tell you what?" Anna asked.

" About the incident that happened yesterday." Mike shouted.

Anna smiled and said," As far as I remember yesterday's incident had nothing to do with you. So why would I tell you?"

" You were even stopping Ming continuously when she wanted to tell us about it. What the fu*k is your problem Anna? Why do you keep hiding things from me?" Mike shouted.

" It was small incident Mike. Don't create a scene." Anna said.

" Small? You think that was small? You almost got raped by them you idiot woman and you think it was small?" Mike yelled.

Pausing for a while, Mike asked," And where the fuck is that foolish husband of yours? Why did he leave you alone like this? Are his brains even working? How can he leave a woman in a new place like this? How-"

" Stop it. Who said that this is a new place? Don't forget that I have stayed in country S for many years so this place is not new for me. And Whether my husband has brains or not is none of your business. And moreover if I would've told you about yesterday, I doubt whether you would've believed me or not." Anna shouted.

Pausing for a while, Anna said," Yesterday Songpa saved me from those men. If not him someone else would. It was a crowded place. Nothing would've happened to me."

Mike frowned and was about to say something when he heard her laugh.

Anna laughed and said," When nothing happened to me when you threw me out of your place in the middle of the night back then, what made you think that something would've happened to me yesterday in that crowded place?"