The video lasted for almost ten minutes and Li Singtan did not blink even once until the screen turned black.

After watching the video, Li Singtan stood there in daze.

'I love Singtan'

' I love him because I want to'

' He is amazing in bed'

' His touch makes me go crazy'

These were the only words that were lingering inside his head.

Placing his hand on his chest, he tried to control his emotions.

Li Singtan had never expected Xie Ming to be so bold. His wife sounded so confident and proud when she was saying those words to her ex-fianc.

The fact that made Li Singtan more excited and delighted was that, Xie Ming denied having any kind of feelings for Chen Siquan on his face and even told him that she never loved him.

A cheeky smiled plastered across face.

He could feel rabbits and butterflies fighting inside his stomach.

Li Singtan took several deep breaths to control his excitement but even after trying very hard he could not stop himself from smiling.

Each breath that he was taking had XEI MING'S written on it.

" Boss we have to ate-" Han Zihao who had just entered the office widened his eyes in shock when he saw Li Singtan smiling and blushing like a teenager.

Taking few steps towards him, Han Zihao gulped and asked," Boss are you okay?"

Smiling cheekily, Li Singtan placed his hand on his stomach and started rubbing it," Han Zihao I am feeling- I don't know how to express my feelings."

" Boss are you feeling hungry?" Han Zihao asked.

Yes, Li Singtan was feeling hungry. But he was not craving for food, he was craving for his wife. He could not wait to see his wife and eat her up.

Getting up up his chair, Li Singtan grabbed his coat and rushed towards Han Zihao and said," Zihao you are a great man why don't you take a day off today?"

Han Zihao •_•

" B-Boss are you okay?" Han Zihao asked.

" Ya I am fine." Li Singtan said.

" Boss I don't need a day off." Han Zihao said.

Li Singtan smiled and said," Ehh don't you have a wife? Go home and spend some time with her."

Pausing for a while, Li Singtan said," Do something give a day off to everyone."

" What?" Han Zihao shouted.

" Ya give a day off to everyone today." Li Singtan said.

" Sir should I call Mr Mike for you?" Han Zihao said.

Ruffling Han Zihao's hair, Li Singtan laughed and said," No need of that because I am leaving now."

Han Zihao •_•

Without waiting for Han Zihao's reply, Li Singtan rushed outside.

" What is wrong with him?" Han Zihao murmured to himself.


Li Mansion.

Anna, Rose and Ming were sitting in the garden waiting for Yixi.

" So Rose when did you and Quin get married?" Anna asked.

" A month ago." Rose said.

" That's good." Anna said.

Rose chuckled and said," I feel that married life is much better. What do you think?"

Without saying anything Anna gave her a weak smile.

" What do you think big sister?" Rose askedXie Ming.

No answer.

" Big Sister?"

No answer.

Placing her hand on Ming's shoulder, Anna said," Ming Rose is calling you."

Coming back from her daze, Xie Ming said," Yeah What were you saying?"

Rose chuckled and asked," What are you thinking?"

Ming sighed and said," I regret sending Singtan to office like that. He so badly wanted to stay and I-"

Anna giggled and said," So after sending him away Mrs Li is regretting it."

" Yeah you can say that. I shouldn't have done that." Xie Ming said.

" You can take lunch for big brother." Rose said.

Xie Ming smiled and said," Ehh Yes I can do that."

Anna laughed and said," I guess you don't have to go anywhere now."

" What do you mean?" Ming asked.

Pointing towards the entrance, Anna chuckled and said," Your hubby is back."

Turning towards the entrance, Xie Ming widened her eyes in shock when she saw Li Singtan rushing towards them like a mad man." Singtan you- Aahhhhh"

Before Xie Ming could finish her sentence, Li Singtan had already lifted her up in his arms and had started spinning her around.

Anna and Rose started laughing while Xie Ming started hitting his shoulder.

" Let me down Singtan." Xie Ming said.

Li Singtan did not buzz and kept on spinning her.

Xie Ming chuckled and said," Stop I am feeling dizzy."

When even Li Singtan also started feeling a bit dizzy, he stopped and placed down.

As soon as Xie Ming's feet touched the ground, Li Singtan attacked her lips.

Closing her eyes, Xie Ming wrapped her hands around his neck and started returning his kiss.

" You guys will you stop this. We know you people love each other but you can't openly feed us with dog food like this. Get a room alright." Anna said.

Rose giggled.

Li Singtan finally pulled back. Stroking her lips with his thumb, Li Singtan said," I love you."

Xie Ming smiled and asked," What are you doing here?"

Anna rolled her eyes and said," Can't you see? Mr Li was missing his wife so badly that he abandoned his office and rushed home."

Rose got up from her seat and said," After seeing you guys, I am missing my husband too. So I will go and look for him."

After saying that Rose left.

Lifting Xie Ming up in bridal style, Li Singtan said," I am taking my wife away for sometime."

Xie Ming giggled and said," An wait for me alright. I'll be back in a minute."

Li Singtan frowned and said," Minute? What do you mean by a minute? It will definitely last more than that."

Anna rolled her eyes and said," Stop it both of you and go away from here."


After Xie Ming and Li Singtan left, Anna got up from her seat and started walking towards the fountain.

Crossing her hands together, Anna sighed.Closing her eyes, she took a deep breath and murmured," Mike I miss you."