Li Corporation

As expected, when Li Singtan entered his office, Han Zihao handed him a yellow envelope saying that it was delivered by an unknown source.

Taking the envelope from him, Li Singtan sat on his chair and started opening it.

The envelope contained various photos of Chen Siquan and Xie Ming. In many photos Chen Siquan was seen holding his precious wife's hand and in some they looked every intimate.

Though Li Singtan knew this was a trap, he still couldn't help but feel jealous.

The thought about Chen Siquan holding Xie Ming's hand was killing him from inside.

Passing the envelope to Han Zihao, Li Singtan said," Take it away."

Han Zihao nodded his head.

Taking the envelope from his hand, Han Zihao rushed outside.

Leaning against his chair, Li Singtan closed his eyes to control is overwhelming emotions. Though he knew his wife would never leave him from some other man but he couldn't help but feel insecure.

" Boss Zechan and Songpa are here." Han Zihao said.

" Why are they here?" Li Singtan asked.

Han Zihao shook his head and said," They said that it's important."

" Send them in." Li Singtan said.

Zechan specially Songpa never visited Li Corporation until it's very important.

" Boss Boss." Lui Songpa rushed towards Li Singtan excitedly.

Zechan tried to stop him by saying," Songpa don't act like a kid."

Lui Songpa rolled his eyes and said," I am talking to Boss not you."

" Sit down both of you." Li Singtan said.

Placing a tab in front of Li Singtan, Zechan said," We did not want to disturb you but I thought you should see this."

" What is it?" Li Singtan asked.

" Yesterday at the cafe, our men recorded everything that happened between lady boss and Mr Chen. The video is inside the tab." Zechan said with a smile on his face.

Li Singtan shook his head and said," I don't want to see it. I trust my wife. So take it away."

Zechan chuckled and said," Oh no Boss. I am not asking you to see it because there is something wrong in this video. I want you to see it because it's amazing. Our men have gone crazy after watching this. They couldn't stop praising lady boss after that. So I want you to see it as well."

Li Singtan raised his eyebrows and asked," What is there in the video?"

" Well Boss you have see it on your own if you wanna know." Zechan said.

" Songpa What is there in the video? You were also present yesterday right?" Li Singtan asked.

Lui Songpa who was busy spinning a paper holder, shook his head and said," Boss I don't know. Yesterday I was standing outside the cafe."

" Why outside?" Li Singtan asked.

"Ahh I was about to break that irritating Mr Chen's head so lady boss asked me to stay outside." Lui Songpa said.

Li Singtan narrowed his eyes when he saw Lui Songpa's injures knuckles.

" How did this happen?" Li Singtan asked.

Zechan shook his head and said," He came back like this yesterday. I told him to apply some medicine but he refused."

" Take him to the hospital and ask Mike to treat his wound." Li Singtan said.

Lui Songpa shook his head and said," No boss I want to go the hospital."

Li Singtan sighed and said," You have to treat your wound okay. So be obedient and listen to Zechan."

" Okay Boss then we will take our leave." Zechan said.

Li Singtan nodded his head.


After everyone left, Li Singtan thought for a while and opened the tab.

Taking a deep breath, Li Singtan started the video.