\"Stop overacting, you are scaring her.\" Zian whispered.

\"What? It's seriously bleeding.\" Zixin defended himself.

Zian sighed and helplessly shook his head.

Yumi panicked even more when she saw the amount of blood soaked in the handkerchief. She didn't know how it had happened but she just hoped that Zixin would be okay. She didn't want to lose him again.

There were many questions she wanted to ask him but right now she couldn't think of anything else but his blood stained shirt.

Rushing towards Zian's car, Yumi pulled the back door and helped Zian place Zixin inside. She then rushed to the other side and sat down.


Inside the car.

\"Yumi.\" Zixin murmured.

With his head resting on her shoulder, Yumi was still pressing the handkerchief in his chest. \"Yes, I am right here.\"

\"Y-you don't hate me right?\" Zixin asked.

Yumi, who was already crying, vigorously shook her head. \"No, I don't.

\"Hmm, now can I die in peace.\" Zixin murmured.

Grabbing his arm, Yumi vigorously shook her head. \"No no don't say that, please.\"

When Yumi started sobbing harder, Zixin quickly lifted his head up and widened his eyes in shock.

Cupping her face, Zixin started coaxing her. \"Hey hey I am alright okay? See? Nothing has happened. I am all fine, please don't cry.\"

Zian gritted his teeth and shouted, \"I told you not to overact.\"

Looking at Zixin, Yumi placed her hand on his cheek. \"Y-you are okay?\"

Zixin vigorously shook his head and said, \"Yes, I am absolutely okay and nothing happened okay!\"

Looking at his chest, Yumi asked, \"Then this?\"

\"My wound reopened but it's normal.\" Zixin explained.

\"Reopened? But how? How did you get hurt?\" Yumi asked.

Cupping his face, Zixin explained, \"I'll tell you everything but don't care anymore okay?\"

\"How can you say that you are okay when you are losing so much blood?\" Yumi asked.

Without waiting for his reply, Yumi asked Zian to drive faster.



Outside the Emergency room.

Pacing back and forth in the corridor outside the emergency room, Yumi was getting anxious and impatient.

\"Stop it Yumi, you are making me feel dizzy.\" Linyang massaged her temples and complained.

\"But how did this happen? I mean when did he come back?\" Linyang asked.

\"Didn't you see the news?\" Huang asked before passing him his phone.

Linyang widened his eyes in shock after reading the news. \"Wait what? When did this happen? When did he shift the head office here?\"

\"Even I don't know.\" Huang said.

Just then Mian came out of the room. When she saw Yumi's anxious expression, she sighed.

\"It's nothing to get worried about okay? His wounds reopened so we had to stitch them again.\"

\"Is it something serious?\" Yumi asked.

\"I just smacked his forehead for being so careless. Though the wounds are not that deep, it's still dangerous. He was supposed to take proper rest but he didn't and also over exerted his body which resulted in the opening of the wounds.\" Mian explained.

\"Can I meet him?\" Yumi asked.

\"We are shifting to the room soon.\"



With a bandage wrapped around his chest, Zixin awkwardly smiled at his friends. \"Hey guys, long time no see.\"

\"Dude, do you know how lucky you are that this is a hospital and you are a patient right now?\" Liang asked.

\"That is true, you are indeed very lucky otherwise my fist and your eye.\" Huang said.

Linyang narrowed her eyes and gritted her teeth. \"I'll surely thrash you after you are okay.\"

Yumi, who had been standing in a corner quietly took a deep breath and started walking towards him.

Sitting down beside him, she lightly touched the scars of different shape and size which were scattered all over his shoulder, chest and stomach.

\"How?\" Yumi asked. Those scars were like a stab on her chest. After seeing them, she could vaguely guess what he might've been through all these years.

Grabbing her hand, Zixin kissed her knuckles and smiled. \"It doesn't hurt.\"

\"Zixin you have to take lots and lots of rest. Your wounds are not so deep but you cannot ignore them either. They will take some time to heal but you will be okay.\" Mian instructed.

\"It's fine, I'll-.\".

Cutting Zixin off, Yumi said, \"He will rest, I'll make sure that he does.\"

\"Yumi I-\"

Glaring at him, Yumi fronwed. \"Keep quiet. I said you will rest means you will rest. I'll stay with you here.\"

\"What about your shoot?\" Zixin asked.

\"Shoot is not important Zi, you are.\" Yumi shouted.

\"Woooohhhh Zixin bro, your car is lit. The engine is like water and don't get me started with the body.\" Yushen excitedly squealed.

Zixin chuckled and said, \"Keep it if you like it.\"

Yushen widened his eyes in shock and asked, \"Really I can? Then what will you drive?\"

Looking at Yumi, Zixin smiled. \"I'll buy a new one according to my woman's choice.\"

\"Dude what woman? Did you even propose to her again?\" Huang asked.

\"Yeah and how are you planning to compensate for that?\" Linyang asked.

\"And yes, we still need to thrash you for making our Yumi cry.\" Liang added.

\"Alright for now let him rest, we can come back later.\" Zian said.

Everyone nodded their heads and left, leaving Yumi and Zixin behind.



\"Attend a meeting for me today.\" Zian said.

Yushen frowned and vigorously shook his head, \"Big bro, it's weekend.\"

\"I am taking your Mian out today so I am a bit busy so you will have to attend the meeting.\" Zian declared leaving no room for negotiation.

How could he attend a meeting today? It was a big day for him today as he was going to propose to Mian. He was nervous, anxious and worried.

Yushen frowned and snapped, \"You always bully me like this.\"

When Zian gave him a threatening look, Yushen sighed. \"Fine, which department?\"

\"The execution department.\" Zian said.

Yushen raised his eyebrows and asked, \"What did you say big bro? Which department?\"