Mike smiled and said," Yes An I hate myself for not hating you."

Anna smiled back and said," You are still the same."

" Nothing is the same. Neither you nor me." Mike said.

" I know." Anna said.

Getting up from the bed, Anna said," I should go."

" An do you want to talk about what happened back then?" Mike said.

Anna let out a laugh and said," What's the point talking about it now?"

Mike smirked and said," You are right. Why would you want to talk about it when you are happily married."

Without saying anything further, Anna left.

Standing in front of the window, Mike sighed.


Meanwhile downstairs.

" Yes childhood sweethearts." Li Singtan said.

" I want to know everything." Ming said.

" What do you want to know?" Anna asked.

Ming gulped and said," Ehh I wanted to know about everything that Singtan did today."

Anna giggled and said," Seems like Singtan has someone who can control him now."

Li Singtan smiled and said," Yeah. I am a wife slave."

" Look at you bro. Tsk tsk you are admitting that you are wife slave in front of everyone. What a pity." Li Quin said.

Pinching him on his waist, Rose said," What's wrong in being a wife slave? Besides aren't you also a wife slave?"

Li Quin cheekily smiled and said," Yes Yes even I am a slave. Your slave."

" Look at you people. Just because my Yixi is not here don't bully me okay. And stop openly feeding us with dog food."

Anna laughed and said," So Mr Yang also has a girlfriend now."

" Yeah An. Mr Yang has a beautiful girlfriend now." Yutang said.

Anna smiled and said," I would love to meet her."

Clapping her hands together, Ming said," Anna let's go out tomorrow. You, me Rose and Yixi."

" Okay sounds great." Anna said.

" Ehh big sister I don't think so I will be able to make it. I have an important show to attend tomorrow." Rose said.

" Okay no problem. You can join us some other day." Ming said.

" I'll call Yixi and tell her about tomorrow." Ming said.

Yutang puffed his cheeks and said," Don't take my girlfriend away from me for a long time."

Rolling her eyes at him, Ming said," She is my best friend first and then your girlfriend."

After talking for quite sometime, Yutang and Mike left.


Passing Anna a set of comfortable night wear, Ming said," Here you can wear this. If you need anything else just call me Okay?"

Anna smiled and said," Thankyou Ming. Thankyou for everything."

Ming laughed and said," Hey you don't have to thank me for every little thing. Besides you are Singtan's friend so you are very important to me as well."

Anna chuckled and said," I am also your friend now."

" Yeah right." Ming said.

" I should go now otherwise your friend will start grumbling like an old man." Ming said.

" I'll see you tomorrow then." Anna said.

" Yeah okay goodnight."

" Goodnight."


Inside the room.

As Xie Ming entered the room, Li Singtan was nowhere to be found.

" Honey?" Xie Ming said.

No answer.

" Singtan?"

No answer.

Placing both her hands in her waist, Xie Ming said," Where did he go?"

Suddenly a warm pair of hands hugged her from behind.

Feeling a very familiar touch and scent, Xie Ming leaned back and asked," Where were you?"

" I was talking to Mike." Singtan said.

" Okay." Ming said.

" We are going to the hospital day after tomorrow for your routine checkup." Singtan said.

Ming frowned and said," I just had one yesterday."

" I want you to do it again." Singtan said.

Understanding his concern, Ming did not argue with him," Okay."

Pulling him into the bed, Xie Ming sat on his lap and asked," Will you tell me something about Mike and Anna?"

" Your husband is sitting right next to you and you want to talk about some other man?" Li Singtan said.

Xie Ming *_*

" You took advantage of me last night. Don't you think that now it is my turn to take advantage of you?" Li Singtan asked.

Without waiting for her reply, Li Singtan started lifting her night wear up.

Slapping his hand away, Xie Ming said," Stop this. First tell me something about them after that I'll think about it."

Li Singtan groaned and said," Alright I'll tell you everything that I know if you give me a kiss."

" You won't even get a peck if you don't tell me everything right now." Ming said.

" Kiss first." Li Singtan said.

Getting up from his lap, Xie Ming started walking towards the door," Forget it sooner or later Anna will tell me everything. Since you don't want to say anything, I am going to sleep with Anna tonight. You can stay all by yourself."

Before Xie Ming could take two strides, Li Singtan pulled her back and said," I am not letting you go. How can you be so cruel? I feel scared sleeping alone."

Xie Ming rolled her eyes and said," So tell me fast."

Li Singtan sighed and said," Anna is our childhood friend. We are friends since kindergarten. Mike and Anna had this thing since we were kids. Mike liked Anna since a really long time. When we were in high school, Mike told Anna about his feelings and they both became couples. Everything was great but suddenly 7 years ago Mike told us that Anna got married and after that we never saw her again until today. Two years later even Mike left the country."

" But who told Mike that Anna got married?" Ming asked.

" I don't know." Li Singtan said.

Ming frowned and asked," You never asked him?"

Li Singtan shook his head.

Hitting him on his shoulder, Ming said," What kind of friend are you?"

Grabbing both her hands, Singtan said," I told you everything that I know." Pinning her down on the bed, Li Singtan said," Ming I want you."

" But Singtan Anna is not ma- hmmmmm." Before Ming could finish her sentence, Li Singtan crashed his lips on hers.

Swallowing the words that she wanted to say, Xie Ming wrapped her hands around his neck and started returning his kiss.

While Ming and Singtan were enjoying themselves, things were different in the Chen Mansion.