Yutang smiled and said," That is great An. We should hang out more often from now on."

Nodding his head, Li Singtan said," Yes there is a lot that we have to catch up. Right Mike?"

Mike did not say anything.

Anna smiled and said," Ya sure."

" Alright now everyone let's eat." Mother Li said.

Xie Ming was about to sit near Anna when Li Singtan suddenly grabbed her waist and said," Where do you think you are going?"

Xie Ming frowned and asked," What are you doing?"

" Ming don't you think you have ignored me enough today? After taking advantage of me last night this is how you want to treat me?" Li Singtan said.

Xie Ming *_*

" You are my wife so you have to sit beside me." Li Singtan said.

" But Anna-"

" Don't worry about her. She is familiar with everyone here." Li Singtan said.

Xie Ming sighed and sat beside him.

When Mike walked inside the dinning area, there was an empty seat beside Anna.

" Yutang why don't you go and sit there" Mike said.

Yutang shook his head and said," Sorry bro I want to sit beside Mother."

Mike rolled his eyes and said," What are you a baby."

" Yes a big baby." Yutang said.

Slowly walking towards Anna, Mike pulled out the chair beside her and sat down.

Ignoring his presence, Anna kept in serving food for herself.

" Someone is ignoring me." Li Quin said.

Raising her head when Anna saw Quin, she smiled and said," Ahh Quin you've become so big and handsome. I am so sorry I did not notice you."

Li Quin smiled and said," Well I know I am handsome."

" Stop praising yourself." Rose said.

" She-" Anna asked.

Putting his hand on Roses shoulder, Quin said," Anna sis she is my wife Rose."

" You got married? Oh my God that is great." Anna exclaimed excitedly.

Li Quin chuckled and said," Not only am I married, I also have a son."

" Oh my God Where is he?" Anna said.

Rose smiled and said," He has gone out with grandma and grandpa."

" Ahhh I guess I missed my chance to meet him." Anna said.

Mother Li frowned and asked," Why? Aren't you staying here?"

Anna shook her head and said," No Yamyam I'll leave after dinner."

" Where are you going to stay?" Li Singtan asked.

" I'll check in to a hotel." Anna said.

" Hotel? Why will you stay in a hotel when you have such a big house? You can stay here." Mother Li said.

" Yamyam I don't want you trouble everyone. I will start looking for a suitable place for me to stay. As soon as I get one, I'll shift." Anna said.

" Then stay with us until you get one." Rose said.

" I-"

" Ya Anna you should stay with us. You don't want today's incident to repeat right? You are safe with us here." Ming said.

" What incident?" Mike asked.

" That-"

" Ming it's fine." Anna said.

Mike frowned. This is the second time Anna had stopped Ming from saying something.

Turning towards Anna, Mike was about to ask her something when his eyes feel on the bright reddish purple marks on her shoulder which looked very fresh. It seemed like as if someone had forcefully scratched her.

Mike narrowed his eyes and decided to ask her about it later.


After dinner.

Mother Li and Father Li went upstairs while others gathered in the living room.

Mike tried very hard to ignore the reddish purple mark on Anna's shoulder. But at last he couldn't control himself and asked," How did this happen?"

" It's nothing." Anna said.

Mike laughed and said," Yeah right it's nothing. It has turned purple and it's nothing. Are you really a doctor? Oh right I am sorry you are a gynaecologist."

Anna narrowed her eyes and said," It's none of my business."

Grabbing her hand, Mike got up and said," Sister-in-law Where is the first air box?"

" It's inside my room. First drawer." Ming said.

Mike nodded his head and started walking upstairs along with Anna.

After they left, Ming turned towards Singtan and asked," What's going one between the two of them?"

" They have a great history together." Yutang said.

" And What is it?" Rose asked.

" They are childhood sweethearts." Yutang said.

" Childhood sweethearts?" Ming asked.


Inside the room

After entering the room, Mike pushed Anna on the bed and started looking for the first aid box.

" You don't have to do this." Anna said coldly.

" Shut up." Mike said.

Taking the first aid box out, Mike said," I don't want to help you but the doctor inside me will not allow me to leave you like this without treating your wound." Pausing for a while, Mike mockingly smiled and said," Or do you expect your dear husband to come here and apply medicine on your wound?"

Anna smiled back and said," If it would have been him, I would've been happier."

Mike tighten his grip on the first aid box and said," So much love."

After opening the first aid box, Mike started cleaning her wound and said," You have to clean it everyday. Since it is in your shoulder, you can ask your dear husband to do it."

After applying an ointment on it, Mike said," By the way does he know about the little activity that we had just few days before your wedding?"

Anna froze.

Mike smirked and said," Why don't you try telling him about our sweet night and how I took away his wife's virginity just before his wedding? I wonder how he will react to that."

Anna smiled and asked," You really hate me don't you?"