Anna's heart skipped several beats when she saw him.

Quickly composing himself, Mike took few steps towards Anna.

Standing in front of her, Mike gave her a mocking smile and said," Ah miss Anna it has been a long time."

Anna smiled at him and said," Yeah it has really been a long time."

" I wonder how your husband is?" Mike asked.

Ming frowned and said," But Anna is-" but before Ming could finish her sentence, Anna caught her hand indicating her not to say anything.

Smiling at Mike, Anna said," He is great and probably treats me very well."

Mike narrowed his eyes. Curling his hand into a fist, Mike said," Good for you."

Seeing the tensed atmosphere, Yutang said," Alright, let's go inside and then talk."

Li Singtan nodded his head and said," Yes we should go inside."

Pulling Ming towards him, Li Singtan started walking inside.

Xie Ming slapped his hand away and said," You all go inside. I will take Anna upstairs first."

" Why upstairs?" Yutang asked.

" Ehh. Something happened when-" Xie Ming said.

" What happened? Are you okay?" Li Singtan asked.

Ming frowned and said," Nothing happened to me. It's Anna."

Mike raised his eyebrows and asked," What happened to you?"

Ignoring his question, Anna turned towards Ming and said," I think I should leave. You all should head inside."

Ming shook her head and said," No you have to stay for dinner and you have to change your clothes too."

" It's fine. Can you please tell Songpa that I will send his coat tomorrow?" Anna said.

" Why are you wearing Songpa's coat?" Li Singtan asked.

" Actually some men-"

Stopping Ming from speaking further, Anna said," It's not a big deal. I should go."

" Tsk Tsk stubborn as always." Mike commented.

Rolling her eyes at Mike, Ming said," Anna I insist please."

Anna sighed and said," Okay."

Pulling Anna towards her, Xie Ming took her inside the mansion leaving her husband behind.

" She is still the same." Li Singtan said.

Patting Mikes shoulder, Yutang said," Both of you are the same for us. Why don't you try to talk to her?"

Mike laughed and said," What do you expect me to talk to a happily married woman?"

" Okay now forget it. Since she is back now, I know things are gonna be awkward but we cannot forget that she is also our friend. Leave all these things for now and let's go inside." Li Singtan said.


Inside the room.

Passing a sleeveless dress to Anna, Ming asked," Why did you lie to them?"

Anna sighed and said," I'll tell you everything Ming but not today Okay."

Ming nodded her head and said," Take your time okay and don't forget that I will always be there for you."

Anna smiled at her and entered the washroom.


Dinning area.

Mother Li and Rose were busy setting the table while Father Li, Li Singtan, Mike, Yutang and Quin were busy chatting.

When Xie Ming and Anna came downstairs.

Mother Li smiled at Ming and said," My daughter bought a friend along with her tonight."

Standing in front of Mother Li, Anna cheekily smiled at her.

Staring at Anna for a while, Mother Li asked," You look so familiar. Have we met before child?"

Anna smiled at mother Li and said," I guess my Yamyam failed to recognise me."

Pouting her lips, Anna complained," Have I become so ugly?"

Mother Li gasped and shouted," Anna."

Pouncing into Mother Li's embrace, Anna cried and said," I missed you."

Patting her back, Mother Li said," I missed you too child. But I am angry with you why did you leave all of a sudden back then without informing anyone?"

Mike laughed and said," Because she was in a hurry to get married to her so called fiancé."

Ignoring his words, Anna said," I am sorry Yamyam I will never leave again."

" You are going to stay in country S from now?" Mother Li asked.

Anna giggled and said," Yes I am not going back."