Xie Ming patted his head and said," You did a great job."

Lui Songpa happily grinned and said," Big sis as I did a great job, Can I get two scoops of ice cream?"

Xie Ming laughed and said," I'll give you three scoops okay."

Lui Songpa clapped his hand together excitedly and said," Okay okay let's go."

" Wait for a moment." Xie Ming said.

Walking towards the woman, Xie Ming smiled and said," Let my chauffeur take you home."

The woman smiled and said," Thankyou so much for your help but it's fine I'll just take a cab."

Taking off the coat, she handed it back to Lui Songpa and said," I will never forget this favour of yours little guy. Thank you."

" You should wear the coat. Your dress is-" Lui Songpa said.

Wrapping the coat around her once again, the woman said," Actually I just arrived at country S few hours ago. My luggage got misplaced in the airport."

" Oh so you are new to this country?" Xie Ming asked.

The woman smiled and said," Not new. I used to stay here few years back."

" You don't have anything to wear I suppose so what will you do now?" Xie Ming asked.

The woman thought for a while and said," I guess I will have to buy something to wear. Hey do you know where I can exchange my American dollars in here?"

The chauffeur cleared his throat and said," There is one ten blocks away."

The woman smiled and said," Cool. I'll take my leave then. I'll never forget this favour of yours. Thankyou so much."

Looking at the woman, Xie Ming was her that she wasn't an ordinary one. She was wearing branded clothes and was also wearing a pair of diamond earrings, a necklace and a bracelet. Something inside Xie Ming was telling her that this woman was important.

Smiling at her, Xie Ming said," Why don't you accompany me to my place? You can wear my clothes and then check in to a hotel later."

The woman smiled and said," I want to trouble you. I can manage by myself."

Xie Ming placed her hand on the woman's shoulder and said," Neither your clothes are appropriate nor the time. It's not safe you know. And moreover you don't even have money right now. I mean you have money but I wonder if the money exchange shop will be open at this hour. So it will appropriately if you accompany me to my place."

" Are you sure?" the woman asked.

Xie Ming smiled and pulled her towards the car.

" Big sister my ice cream." Lui Songpa said.

Xie Ming stuck her tongue out and said," Oh I forgot."

Turning towards the woman, Xie Ming said," Ehhh can I know you name?"

The woman chuckled and said," My name is Anna."

Xie Ming and said," My name is Ming. So Anna do you want to have ice cream?"

Anna smiled and said," Yeah sure."

Xie Ming nodded her head and said," You both stay here okay. Songpa and I will get ice cream for everyone." Turning towards the chauffeur, Xie Ming asked," Which flavour?"

Before the chauffeur could say anything, Lui Songpa shouted," He said he will also have red flavoured ice cream."

The chauffeur widened his eyes in shock," When did-"

" Okay now enough talking. Let's go big sister." Lui Songpa said.

" Anna which flavour do you want to have?" Xie Ming asked.

Anna smiled and said," Blueberry."

" Okay wait for a while." Xie Ming said before entering the parlour along with Lui Songpa.



Yufan and Ling were strolling in the park hand in hand.

" Let's sit for a while." Yufan said.

Ling nodded her head.

Pulling her towards a bench, Yufan took out his handkerchief and wiped the bench first.

Ling giggled and said," You don't have to do that."

Xie Yufan smiled and said," What? I don't want my girlfriend to sit on something that is dirty okay. Look how nice your boyfriend is."

Pulling his cheeks with both her hand, Ling smiled and said," Yes Yes my boyfriend is the best."

Yufan chuckled and said," And you are the best girlfriend in the world."

Wrapping her hand around his arm, Ling rested her head on his shoulder.

Yufan sighed and said," Ling I am going in a business trip day after tomorrow."

Ling lifted her head and asked," How many days?"

Ruining his hands through her hair, Yufan said," I am not sure about that. It can take a week or even a month."

Ling took a deep breath and nodded her head," Okay."

Cupping her face with both his hands, Yufan said," Ling I know it has just been a month since we started dating but I have fallen head over heels for you. You are a very important part of my life now and I cannot imagine my life without you."

Pausing for a while, Yufan continued," When I think about my future and see you as my wife. I want to live my whole life with you. Give you everything that you want. I want to give you a loving family."

Ling closed her eyes in order to control her tears which were ready to fall down her cheeks.

Kissing her on her forehead, Xie Yufan said," I am working hard for us. I am the only son of my father so all the responsibility lies on my shoulder. My father wants to make me the CEO of our company as soon as possible but the board of directors want me prove myself first, which is correct. I have been working hard since so many months and finally I have got the right opportunity to prove myself. If I catch this deal, no one will ever again question my capabilities. My father is also growing old. I want to set him free from all the responsibilities. I want him to live a peaceful life. He has worked really very hard my sisters and me. I want him to enjoy his life now."

Kneeling on the ground, Yufan said," I am also doing this for us. For our future. I want to become a capable man for you and for my family. So Miss Ling will you wait for me until I come back?"