Ice-cream parlour.

" Songpa which flavour do you want to have?" Xie Ming asked.

Staring at the different flavour, Lui Songpa asked," Do they have any red colour flavoured ice-cream?"

Xie Ming frowned and asked," Why red?"

Lui Songpa clapped his hands together and said," Big sister I love red colour."

Xie Ming laughed and said," Okay then I'll order a red velvet ice-cream for you and chocolate for myself. Songpa go and ask the chauffeur what flavour he likes."

Lui Songpa nodded his head and said," Okay big sister."

When Lui Songpa stepped out of the parlour, the chauffeur was standing outside," Lady Boss is asking which flavour would you like to have."

The chauffeur thought for a while and said," Vanilla flavour would be fine."

"I don't like vanilla. Choose something else." Lui Songpa said.

The chauffeur frowned and said," What do you mean by you don't like it? I am the one who will eat it so it has to something that I like."

Lui Songpa narrowed his eyes and was about to say something when he heard someone scream.

The chauffeur and Lui Songpa turned around and saw a group of men bullying a woman.

Lui Songpa smirked and said," You go inside and bring Lady Boss outside."

" Where are you going?" The chauffeur asked.

Cracking his knuckles, Lui Songpa said," No wonder why my hands were itching today."

The chauffeur gulped in fear. He was aware about how Lui Songpa actually was. Fearing that he would go overboard, the chauffeur caught his hand and said," You shouldn't go."

Giving him a deadly stare, Lui Songpa said," Let go."

The chauffeur shook his head and said," No. You cannot go overboard."

Lui Songpa narrowed his eyes and said," I don't want to harm you so please stay out of this and let go."

The chauffeur did not buzz and said," Lady Boss is inside don't cause a scene in front of her."

" What happened?" Xie Ming asked.

The chauffeur let go Songpa's hand and said," Lady Boss this-"

Xie Ming narrowed her eyes. Pointing towards the group of men, she asked," What is happening there?"

Lui Songpa cheekily smiled and said," Big sister can I go and help that woman?"

" Why do you ask? Just go and help her." Xie Ming pushing him forward.

The chauffeur tried to stop Songpa again and said," Lady Boss it would be nice if I go and help that woman. If you send Songpa then-"

Before he could finish his sentence, Lui Songpa jerked his hand away and ran towards the crowd.

Xie Ming raised her eyebrows and asked," Why? Is there something wrong with Songpa?"

" You don't know him lady boss. He is dangerous. When he goes wild no one can stop him." the chauffeur said.


Meanwhile, not very far from the ice-cream parlour, a beautiful woman similar to Xie Ming's age was surrounded by a group of ten to eleven men.

" Give me the bag." A man said.

Holding the bag tightly, the woman said," i don't have anything inside this bag. If you want money then I can withdraw it from the ATM but I can't give this bag to you."

The man laughed and said," Do you think we are fools?"

Placing a hand on her shoulder, the second man said," Forget about the money and bag. Just look at this chick. I want to taste her."

Slapping his hand away, the woman said," Don't you dare touch me."

The second man smirked. Grabbing the sleeve of her dress, the man pulled it down with a great force.


" Ahhhh." Holding her torn sleeve the woman shouted.

Catching her other sleeve the man was ready to do the same with it, when a big hand landed in his shoulder.

" Stop before it's too late." A cold voice said.

The man jerked is hand away and said," Who the fuck are you to stop me? Do you want a good be-"


Before the man could finish his sentence, he was lying on the floor in an unconscious state.

" Tsk Tsk so weak." Lui Songpa said with a smirk.

Taking off his coat, Lui Songpa placed it on the woman's shoulder. Pointing towards Xie Ming and the chauffeur, he said," Go and stand beside my big sister."

The woman nodded her head and quickly rushed towards Xie Ming.

Xie Ming placed her hand on the woman's shoulder and asked," Are you okay?"

The woman smiled and nodded her head.

The chauffeur patted on Xie Ming's shoulder and said in a panic stricken voice," Miss you should stop Songpa other wise he is going to kill them."

Xie Ming frowned and when her gaze landed on Lui Songpa, she widened her eyes in shock.

All the men were current lying on the ground groaning in pain while Songpa was kicking one off them furiously.

" Songpa Stop." Xie Ming shouted.

Ignoring Xie Ming's order, Lui Songpa kept on hitting them.

Rushing towards him, Xie Ming caught his arm and said," Are you planning to kill them? I said stop."

Irritated by the sudden voice asking him to stop, Lui Songpa turned his head.

Xie Ming gulped in fear when she saw his fiery eyes. The childish and cheeky Lui Songpa was no where to be seen at the current moment.

Xie Ming subconscious took a step back.

On the other hand when Lui Songpa saw his big sister standing behind him, his cheeky self took over his fiery self once again.

When Xie Ming noticed the fierceness his eyes slowly dissipating, she patted his shoulder and asked," Are you alright?"

Lui Songpa cheekily smiled and said," Yes Yes big sister I am alright. Come let's go and have out ice-cream."

Pointing towards the half dead men lying in the ground, Xie Ming asked," But they-"

Lui Songpa chuckled and said," They are not dead. I just broke their bones. They will survive."

Xie Ming gulped and said," We should hand over them to the police."

Lui Songpa chuckled and said," No need big sis. They have learnt their lesson. From today onwards they will think twice even before touching their own wife."