Xie Ming did not know whether she should cry or laugh after hearing Chen Siquan's words.

" Did you leave your brains at home Mr Chen?" Xie Ming asked.

Letting out a laugh, she said," Whether I love Singtan or not that is none of your business and I really don't care what you think. All I care about is my husband and he knows whether I love him or not. So stop butting your nose into my matter. Let's forget what happened in the past. I have a husband whom I love and you also have a wife. We have no reason to cross each other's path. So please stay out of my way from now on."

" You are lying." Chen Siquan said.

Xie Ming sighed and said," For the last time Mr Chen I don't love you and I doubt whether I loved you in the past or was it just a infatuation because the way I feel when I am with Singtan, I never felt that way when I was with you."

Pausing for a while, Xie Ming said," I have made myself clear. Come out of your small delusionally shell and get a live."

Chen Siquan grabbed her hand and asked," Do you really love him?"

Slapping his hand away one more time, Xie Ming said," Keep hands away from me Mr Chen."

The blonde man who was sitting right beside them had already taken out his knife and was all ready to cut off Chen Siquan's fingers.

The other man who was sitting beside him stopped him saying," Don't act recklessly. Let's call boss and tell him about this. Also there is man over there clicking pictures. We have to inform boss."

The blonde man nodded. Taking his phone out of his pocket he dailed Li Singtans number.

" Boss there is a man outside clicking pictures of lady boss and that man. What should we do? Kill him or bring him to you?" The blonde man asked.

" Let it be. How is your lady boss?" Li Singtan asked.

" She is safe." The blonde man said.

" Is that man behaving?" Li Singtan asked.

" He has already touched lady boss twice." The blonde man said gritting his teeth.

" Cut his fingers off if he touches her one more time." Li Singtan said before hanging up the call.

Retrieving his hand back, Che Siquan said," Answer my question."

" Yes I love him and there is no doubt about that. And I don't love him because I have to. I love him because I want to." Xie Ming said.

" You love him because he is a capable man and he is rich. What if one day he is left with nothing? Will you still love him?" Chen Siquan asked.

Xie Ming smiled and said," As you said on your own Mr Chen my husband is a capable man. Whatever he is today is all because of his hard work. He is running such a huge company all by himself. This proves how capable he is. Money can be easily earned if a person works hard. And my husband knows how to work hard. Even if one day he is left with nothing, I am sure he will get everything back because of his hard work and persistence. Unlike you Mr Chen who has to rely on some other company for your profits and losses."

Chen Siquan stood there in daze after hearing her words.

" I hope all your delusions have been cleared. So I will take my leave." After saying that, Xie Ming got up from her seat. Tying her hair into a bun, she lifted the cartoon and said," Good bye Mr Chen I hope to never see you again."

After saying that, she turned around to leave.

Chen Siquan wanted to chase after her but when he saw those marks on her neck, he froze. He knew what they were. Curling his hands into a fist, he tried to control his anger. She had already started sleeping with a man who was still a stranger when she did not allow him to even touch her even after dating for three long years.

Chen Siquan laughed. Pointing towards her neck, Chen Siquan said," Is this the reason why you don't want to leave him? Is he that good in bed?"

Xie Ming raised her eyebrows and thought ' This man is really very disgusting.'

Smiling at him, Xie Ming said," He is amazing in bed. His stamina is top notch."

Chen Siquan smirked and said," You are saying this because he is the only man you have ever had. You should try it with me once. After that we will see whether you will say the same thing about your so called husband or not."

" My husband is enough for me. A simple touch from him makes me go crazy. My husband has the capability to satisfy me. So I don't have call my ex and ask him to sleep with me. Unlike you Mr Chen. Is my little sister not good enough for you? She was not very healthy when she was born and was a very sickly child. So I doubt if her stamina is that good. Feed her with green vegetables or may be with things that will help her increase her stamina." Xie Ming said.

After saying that, Xie Ming left.

Li Singtans men who had heard everything that their lady boss had just said were biting their lips in order to control their laughter.

" Lady Boss is amazing." The blonde man said.

" We have to tell this to boss. Did you record it?" The other man asked.

" Hell yeah I did." The blonde man said.



As Xie Ming came out of the cafe, she shoved the cartoon inside the bin. There no point keeping them.

Lui Songpa came rushing towards her and asked," Big sis are you okay?"

Xie Ming nodded her head and said," I am fine."

Examining her from head to toe when Lui Songpa saw there was nothing wrong, he breathed a sigh of relief.

Xie Ming knocked his forehead and said," I am fine okay. Come let's go I'll give you an ice-cream treat."