Yang Mansion

Yang Yutang was about to leave when he saw his sister coming out of her room.

Walking towards her, Yutang asked," Where are you going?"

" Going out with a friend." Ling said.

" Is this the same friend with whom you are going out practically everyday?" Yutang asked.

Ling puffed her cheeks and said," Bro Stop being nosy okay."

" Tell me who is that friend now otherwise I'll freeze your cards." Yutang threatened.

Ling narrowed her eyes and said," Even dad never threatened me like this."

" Oh is that so. But I am not dad so I can threaten you." Yutang said.

Ling pouted her lips and said," You were not like before. You have become very strict."

Yutang sighed. Yes indeed that was true. After mother and father Yang left, Ling was under his care. So he had become more possessive and protective towards her.

" Fine go but come back fast." Yutang said.

Giving a peck on her brothers cheek, Ling rushed out of the mansion.


Outside the mansion.

When Ling came outside, Yufan was waiting for her in the same place where he usually did.

After Ling accepted Yufan's proposal, they started spending more time together.

After finishing his work at Xie Enterprise, Yufan used to come a pick up Ling from her place and they either watched a movie together or had dinner together.

Things were going great between them.

When Yufan saw Ling coming towards him, he quickly got down from his car and pulled her towards him.

Kissing her hand, he said," You look beautiful."

Ling giggled and said," You say this everyday."

Tucking a strand of hair behind her ear, Yufan said," You look beautiful everyday. It's not my fault."

Hitting him on his chest, Ling blushed and said," Stop flirting with me. I am already your girlfriend okay."

" What? Is there a rule stating that I cannot flirt with my girlfriend?" Yufan asked.

Ling laughed and said," So Mr Boyfriend where are you taking me tonight?"

" Where do you want to go?" Yufan asked.

" Anywhere is fine." Ling said.

Yufan thought for a while and said," Let's stroll around tonight and later I will take you out for dinner."

Ling smiled and nodded her head.



A luxurious car stopped in front of RoseHood cafe which was almost packed with people.

Quickly getting down from the passenger seat, Lui Songpa opened the car door for Xie Ming.

Getting down from the car, Xie Ming frowned when she saw the whole cafe stuffed with people.

" Didn't Li Singtan book the whole cafe tonight?" Xie Ming asked.

Lui Songpa nodded his head and said," Yes big sister."

" Then these people?" Xie Ming asked.

Lui Songpa giggled and said," Oh these are all our men."

Pointing towards a blonde hair man, he said," That is John."

Shifting towards a black man, he said," He is Carl and he-"

" Okay I understood." Xie Ming.

Walking inside the cafe, Xie Ming murmured," Mr Li and his tricks."

Xie Ming knew that Li Singtan would never allow her to meet Chen Siquan all by herself. When he told her that Lui Songpa would accompany her, Xie Ming understood his intention and immediately agreed. But who knew Mr Jealous Li wouldn't be satisfied with just sending Lui Songpa with her.

Li Singtan actually stuffed the whole cafe with his men dresses in casual wear.

If someone who saw them from outside would never believe that they were gangsters who were armed.


Inside the cafe.

As Xie Ming entered the cafe, Chen Siquan who was sitting in a corner table raised his hand.

Without giving him any kind of reaction, Xie Ming walked toward table and said," Tell me what you want to say and make it fast."

Pulling a chair for her, Chen Siquan said," Sit down first."

Pulling out a chair for herself, Xie Ming ignored him and said," I have a husband who is waiting for me so please make it fast."

Chen Siquan sighed. Passing her a cartoon, he said," This-"

Before that box could even touch Xie Ming, a pair of hands grabbed it.

Lifting his head up when Chen Siquan saw a man, he frowned and asked," Who are you?"

Lui Songpa sighed and said," Tsk Tsk such a clean man."

" What?" Chen Siquan asked.

Lui Songpa smirked. Since Chen Siquan did not recognise him, Lui Songpa was sure that Siquan has no ties with the underworld otherwise someone who is involved in the underworld would never fail to recognise him.

" I have to check the boss before big sister touches it." Lui Songpa said.

Chen Siquan frowned and asked," Who are you?"

" I am someone who can break all your bones within a second." Lui Songpa said.

" Songpa Stop." Xie Ming said.

Lui Songpa lowered his head and said," But big sister-"

" It's fine. You can go outside and wait for me." Xie Ming said.

Looking at Xie Ming with puppy eyes, Lui Songpa said," I cannot leave you alone."

Xie Ming chuckled and said," I am going to be alright. If something happens I will call for you Okay?"

Lui Songpa nodded his head and left.

Turning towards Chen Siquan, Xie Ming said," If that's all, I am gonna leave."

Grabbing Xie Ming's hand, Chen Siquan said," Ming let's talk for a while."

Slapping his hands away, Xie Ming said," Mr Chen I suggest you to keep your hands to yourself."

Scanning around the room, Xie Ming could see Li Singtans men staring at Chen Siquan like a tiger glares at its prey. She knew that I wrong move from Chen Siquan and he is gone.

Not that she cared but she did not want people to blame Li Singtan for harming Chen Siquan.

" What I did back then was wrong." Chen Siquan said.

Xie Ming smiled and asked," Oh so you were wrong?"

Chen Siquan nodded his head and said," I want to apologise to you."

Xie Ming smirked and said," Mr Chen is indeed very kind but I am not interested in your apology."

" Can't you forgive me?" Chen Siquan asked.

" I have forgiven you long time back. If not for your rejection, how would have I met Li Singtan? So I am thankful for what you did." Xie Ming said.

Che Siquan felt a prick in his heart after hearing her words.

" Does he treat you well?" Che Siquan asked.

Xie Ming smiled and said," Yes."

Curling his hand into a fist, Chen Siquan asked," Are you happy with him?"

" I have never been so happy in my entire life ." Xie Ming said.

Chen Siquan frowned and asked," Do you love him?"

Xie Ming smiled and said," Yes I do."

Chen Siquan laughed and said," Who are you lying Ming? You are not lying me you are lying yourself. Remember that."

Xie Ming raised her eyesbrows and asked," What do you mean?"

Chen Siquan smiled and said," You don't love him. You are just pretending to love him because you still love me."

Xie Ming almost choked at his words.

" You just want to get over me or may be you just want to show me that you are happy without me. That's why you are pretending all this." Chen Siquan said.