When Yumi came outside, she frowned when she did not see anyone.

Turning towards the crew member, she asked, \"Who were you talking about?\"

Pointing towards a particular direction, the crew member added, \"He is waiting for you there.\"

\"Geezzz what is this? Some kind of mystery man?\" Jasper asked.

Walking towards the direction, Yumi froze when she saw a very familiar back.

Jasper raised his eyebrows when Yumi suddenly stopped walking. Tapping her shoulder, he asked, \"Wooohh girl what happened? Did you see a ghost?\"

Without saying anything, Yumi slowly made her way towards the man.

She wished it was him but at the same time she wished it wasn't him. She was dying to see him but at the same time she didn't want to see him. Yumi was feeling so complicated and confused.

Stopping right before the man who had claimed to be her 'Old friend' Yumi gulped in nervousness.

After taking a deep breath, Yumi murmured, \"Z-Zixin.\"

Turning back, the man pursed his lips and tightened his grip around the bouquet he was holding.

Zixin was wearing a dark brown suit paired with a white shirt. His greenish-blue eyes, sharp features and perfect jawline could make any woman drool all over him. His handsome face was topped up by his perfect firm body.

Holding a bouquet of roses in his hand, Zixin kept on looking at Yumi, his Yumi.

She was still as beautiful as the last time he had seen her in person. In fact, she had become more beautiful and alluring. Those picture and magazine cut outs that he had carefully kept inside a folder surely did not do any justice to his woman. She was much more beautiful and alluring than everyone claimed her to be.

Yumi's mind went blank when she saw Zixin, her Zixin. She never expected to see him ever again. But now that he was right in front of her, she wanted to hug him tightly and cry everything out. He wanted to thrash him and beat him black and blue for making her wait for so long but she couldn't. She couldn't even move her pinky. She felt lost and muddleheaded.

Her arms and limbs felt weak and all she could feel were tears running down her cheeks.

Biting her lower lip, Yumi lowered her head and started sobbing.

Tossing the bouquet aside, Zixin lifted her chin and wiped her tears away before caressing her cheeks. \"I am late right?\"

Placing her hand on his wrist, Yumi nodded her head. Yes, he was late, so late that she almost gave up.

\"I have hurt you a lot right?\" Zixin asked.

Yumi sobbed harder and nodded her head.

Cupping her face, Zixin asked, \"You hate me right?\"

When Yumi nodded her head, Zixin teared up and shook his head. \"Please don't hate me, I don't want you to hate me.\"

Pouncing into his embrace, Yumi buried her head into his chest before bursting into tears.

Hitting him on his chest, Yumi shouted, \"What took you so long?\"

Letting her hit him, Zixin tightened his grip around her waist and said, \"I am sorry.\"

Fisting both her hands, Yumi started hitting his chest repeatedly shouting, \"I hate you Zixin, I hate you.\"

Wrapping her arms around him, Yumi hugged him tightly before bursting into tears.

All the crew members had already gathered around the couple who had just reconciled.

They were murmuring and whispering amongst themselves trying to figure out who the handsome man was.

\"You all did not check the news? He Mo Zixin, the CEO of Mo corporation who just shifted their head office to country S. It's all over the Internet.\" One of the crew members said before taking out his phone and showing his colleagues the most trending news.

\"Ahh no wonder he looks so familiar.\"

\"Ohh so Ms Yumi and Mo Zixin have a thing together?\"

\"Ahhh this is huge, they look so cute together.\"

\"But how? This is unbelievable.\"

\"Lol did you forget who Ms Yumi is? She is the elder miss of the Li family. I am surprised that they already know each other.\"

Yumi frowned when an iron-like smell engulfed her nostrils. Pulling away, she widened her eyes in shock when he saw Zixin's t-shirt covered in fresh blood.

\"This-\" Yumi panicked. His shirt was dripping with fresh blood.

Just then Zian and Yushen arrived.

Yushen widened his eyes in shock when he saw Zixin and Yumi together. \"Ahhhh brother Zixin is really back.\"

\"Zixin this-\" Looking at the blood which was splattered all over her palm, Yumi panicked even more.

Zian frowned when he saw her sister's horrified expression.

Smacking the over excited Yushen on his head, he rushed towards them.

Rubbing his head, Yushen followed his brother behind.

Holding his wrist, Zixin frowned when he saw blood all over her face palm and that is when he realised that his wound had reopened.

\"Brother Zian, Zixin is bleeding.\" Yumi panicked and shouted.

\"It's no-\" stopping midway, Zixin grabbed Yumi's arms and nodded his head, \"Yes, it's painful. Very painful.\"

\"Yushen give me your handkerchief.\" Yumi asked.

\"I did not bring one.\"

Passing Yumi his handkerchief, Jasper said, \"Here take mine.\"

Snatching the handkerchief from Jaspers hand, Yumi pressed it against his chest. \"Brother Zian we have to take him to the hospital.\"

Frowning at his friend who was now completely leaning against his little sister, who was already worried and was panicking, Zian narrowed his eyes. He knew that maybe Zixin's wound had reopened but he wasn't as serious as he was acting.

\"Brother Zian what are you staring at? We have to go.\" Yumi shouted.

Burying his head on her neck, Zixin murmured, \"My car.\"

\"Your car? Where are the keys?\" Yumi asked.

\"Pocket.\" Zixin murmured.

After checking his pockets, Yumi took out his car keys and gave it to Yushen. \"Bring Zixin's car.\"

\"Let me help you.\" Zian said before helping Zixin walk to the car.

\"Stop overacting, you are scaring her.\" Zian whispered.