Brushing his hands on her hair, Li Singtan said," Fine you can go and meet him."

Xie Ming laughed and said," I am not going today."

" Huh?"

" I'll go tomorrow." Xie Ming said.

Li Singtan shook his head and said," No meet him today and finish it off. I don't want that man to ruin my tomorrow too."

Xie Ming smiled and asked," Are you sure Mr Li?"

" Yes. But you have to promise me that you will come back to me?" Li Singtan said.

Xie Mung laughed and said," As if I can run away from you."

" You can call him at Red hood cafe. I guess can I spare a table for him." Li Singtan said.

Xie Ming laughed and said," I'll just message him."

" Ya whatever." Li Singtan said.

Picking up her phone from the bed, Xie Ming was about to message Chen Siquan when she noticed Li Singtans gloomy expression.

Passing her phone to Li Singtan, she chuckled," Here why don't you type it for me."

Grabbing the phone from Xie Ming's hand, Li Singtan quickly typed something and the tossed the phone back on the bed.

" Don't text him ever again." Li Singtan said.

Cupping his face, Xie Ming said," You look cute when you are jealous Mr Li."

Lifting her up in his arms, Li Singtan said," Let's go home. I cannot wait any longer."


Chen Mansion.

Chen Siquan was having his lunch along with his family members when he received a message from Xie Ming saying: ROSE HOOD CAFE, 6 PM.

Chen Siquan smiled after reading the message.

Xie Yurin who was sitting beside him raised his eyebrows and asked," Siquan why are you smiling?"

Chen Siquan cleared his throat and said," It's nothing."

" We are going for a part tonight. So why don't you take Yurin out for dinner?" Father Chen said.

" That is a nice idea. We did not have dinner outside since a really long time." Xie Yurin said excitedly.

Placing his chopstick down, Chen Siquan said," I have an important meeting tonight. So I won't be able to take you out tonight."

" Your meetings are never scheduled at night." Xie Yurin said.

" Go out with your friends if you want to. I am done eating." After saying this Che Siquan left the dinner area.

Xie Yurin tightened her grip around the chopstick.

" Don't mind him dear. Siquan is just a bit stressed these days." Mother Chen said.

Giving her a weak smile, Xie Yuring nodded her head.


Inside the bedroom.

Chen Siquan was taking out something from a big suitcase when Xie Yurin entered the room.

The suitcase was stuffed with cards, dried roses, some boxes and many other things.

Picking up a card from the suitcase, Xie Yurin asked," What are these?"

Snatching the card back, Chen Siquan said," It's nothing."

" Are these the gifts that elder sister gave you when you both were dating?" Xie Yurin asked.

Chen Siquan did not say anything and started stuffing everything inside a carton.

" I am asking to something Siquan." Xie Yurin shouted.

Chen Siquan frowned and said," It's none of your business so stay out of it alright."

" I am your wife. How is this not my business?" Xie Yurin shouted.

No answer.

Grabbing his hand, Xie Yurin said," Talk to me Siquan."

Jerking her hand away, Chen Siquan said," Did you talk to me before taking those contraceptive pills? Did you?"

" l-l..."

" No you didn't. If you can take decisions for yourself without consulting me then even I can do that." Chen Siquan said.

Lifting the box in his arms, Chen Siquan left the room leaving the miserable Xie Yurin behind.

After Chen Siquan left, Xie Yurin collapsed on the floor and cried to her heart content.

Wiping her tears away, Xie Yurin grabbed her phone and called Chen Siquan's assistant.

" Yes Madam." The assistant said.

" Does Siquan has any meeting tonight?" Xie Yurin asked.

" No Madam. Sir had asked me to clear his schedule for today because he had to meet someone important." The assistant said.

Xie Yurin heart skipped a beat when she heard that. ' Someone important. Is it Elder sister' she thought.

" Do you know where the meeting is?" Xie Yurin asked.

" I am sorry madam but I have no idea about that." The assistant said.

" Okay. Don't tell Siquan that I had called." After saying the Yurin hung up the call.

After handing up the call, Yurin thought for a while and dailed one more number.

" Yes dear." The man from the other side said.

" I want a favour from you." Yurin said.

The man chuckled and said," I am always ready to help you. But you know what to do."

" I am not having sex with you." Xie Yurin said.

"Just accompany for the night and we will see." The man said.

" I want you to trail my husband tonight and tell me his whereabouts." Xie Yurin said.

The man laughed and said," I'll send the car to fetch you tomorrow night."

" Okay." Xie Yurin said before hanging up the call.