It was almost 2pm when the finally woke up from their deep sleep.

Li Singtan was surprised when he saw Xie Ming was sleeping next to him.

Xie Ming legs were intangled to his. She had wrapped her arms around his waist as if she was scared that she would fall and she had also buried her face on his neck. Her sleeping posture clearly indicated that she had forcefully fit herself in the small couch along with Li Singtan.

Li Singtan smiled and kissed her forehead but his smile froze when the thought about Chen Siquan popped inside his head.

Taking out his phone from his pocket, Li Singtan called Han Zihao once again.

" Yes Boss." Han Zihao said.

" I want you to book the entire Red hood cafe for two days." Li Singtan said.

" Okay Boss. Anything else?" Han Zihao asked.

" Where are the clothes?" Li Singtan asked.

" One of our men is already standing outside the resort with the clothes." Han Zihao said.

" Ask him knock at the door." Li Singtan said before hanging up the call.

After hanging up the call, Li Singtan smiled and said," Let's see what you will do now Mr Chen."


After few minutes Xie Ming also woke up.

Li Singtan smiled at her and said," It's past lunch time Ming. Wake up."

Snuggling against his chest, Xie Ming said," It's all your fault."

Li Singtan laughed and said," We have to go home. Wake up and get dressed."

" Hmmmm."

" Ming."

" Hmmmm."

" Do you have to go somewhere today?" Li Singtan asked.

Lifting her head up, Xie Ming asked," Why? You want to take me out somewhere?"

" Just asking." Li Singtan said.

Xie Ming nodded her head and said," Yes I have to go out for sometime."

Li Singtans heart skipped a beat," Who are meeting?"

Xie Ming remained silent for a while and asked," Will you be angry if I say that I am going to meet Che Siquan tonight?"

Li Singtan did not say anything. Getting up from the couch he lifted Xie Ming in his arms and said," I make sure that you don't meet him tonight."

" Singtan What are you-"


Before Xie Ming could complete her sentence, Li Singtan threw her in the bed and then pinned her down.

He then started attacking her lips like a hungry monster. He started biting and sucking her all over her body.

" Singtan stop." Xie Ming shouted.

Turning deaf to whatever she was saying, Li Singtan continued.

Pushing him away, Xie Ming shouted," I said STOP."

Finally coming back to his senses, Li Singtan composed his emotions and got down off her.

" What is wrong with you?" Xie Ming asked.

" Nothing." Li Singtan said.

Xie Ming wanted to say something but a knock at the door interrupted her.

" You can go freshen up." After saying that Li Singtan started walking towrds the door.

Xie Ming felt that Li Singtans behaviour was a bit strange.

She got down from the bed to chase after him but hissed in pain. Not only her back but her body was feeling sore.

Sitting back on the bed, Xie Ming started rubbing her waist to ease the pain.

" Singta-" Xie Ming stopped when she heard her buzz.

Picking it up, she said with a very cold tone," What do you want now?"

" The address that I had sent to earlier has been changed." Chen Siquan said.

Xie Ming frowned and asked," What address?"

" I had messaged you the address yesterday night. Didn't you see it?" Chen Siquan asked.

" Off-course I didn't." Xie Ming said.

" But I had sent it. Anyway I will be sending you a new address now. The previous one I don't What happened but someone booked the whole cafe for two consecutive days." Chen Siquan said.

" Don't call me again. Just send me the address." Xie Ming said before hanging up the call.

Staring at her phone for a while, Xie Ming decided to check whether she had received any message from Chen Siquan or not.

She widened her eyes in shock when she realised that someone had already seen the message before her.

" He knows." Xie Ming murmured to herself.