After leaving the mansion, Chen Siquan headed towards Chen Enterprise.

He was about to reach Chen Enterprise when his phone rang.

Chen Siquan frowned when he saw the caller ID.

" What do you want Simon?" Chen Siquan asked.

" Ahh Mr Chen I was expecting a good evening or at least a high from your side." Simon said. Pausing for a while, Simon said," Anyway. I want you to come to my mansion now. I have to discuss something with you." After saying that Simon hung up the call.

Chen Siquan slammed the phone on his seat. He hated when Simon ordered him like this.

Turning the car over Chen Siquan reluctantly drove towards Simon's villa.


Simon's Villa.

After 20 minutes, Chen Siquan arrived at Simon's villa.

When Chen Siquan entered the villa, Simon was waiting for him in the living area.

" Mr Chen I was waiting for you. What took you so long?" Simon said with a wide smile on his face.

Sitting in the sofa next to Simon, Chen Siquan asked," Just tell me what do you want?"

Simon chuckled and said," I want you to do something for me."

Chen Siquan narrowed his eyes in suspicion. Judging by Simon's facial expression, Siquan was sure that he was upto no good.

" What?" Chen Siquan asked.

" I want you to contact your Mrs Li." Simon said.

Chen Siquan laughed and asked," Why?"

" Because I want you to meet her tomorrow." Simon said.

" And What made you think that she will agree to meet me after everything that has happened?" Chen Siquan asked.

Simon smiled and said," Love Mr Chen love. Whatever you did was very heartless but love is something that doesn't allow a person to think straight. And love will force Mrs Li to come and meet you."

Chen Siquan almost choked at Simon's logic.

" What you don't believe me? Try calling her tomorrow for a meeting and I am sure she will not reject it." Simon said.

" And What good reason should I use?" Chen Siquan asked.

Tapping his finger in his cheek, Simon asked," I believe Mr Chen still has the gifts that Mrs Li gave you while you both were dating?"

Chen Siquan nodded his head. Yes he still had each and every gift that Xie Ming had given him. He had kept it safe.

" Ahh very well. Call her up and tell her that you want to return everything that she has given you."Simon said.

Chen Siquan frowned," This is such a stupid idea. This is not gonna work."

Simon smiled and said," Are you worried about my plan or worried about losing your precious gifts?"

" It's nothing like that. I am a married man and I have a wife and I love her." Chen Siquan said.

Simon chuckled and said," You sure do." Pausing for a while, Simon continued," Anyway I don't care about who you love or not. I just want you to call Mrs Li in a cafe and handover the gifts to her. I also want you trick the camera. You have to something which will appear intimate in the camera. You are understanding what I am trying to say right?"

" What? You want me to pounce upon her in public?" Chen Siquan aksed.

Simon laughed and said," I know you want to do that but you've to control yourself okay Mr Chen. Don't forget you are a married man."

Chen Siquan rolled hai eyes and said," Your plan is going to fail."

" Tsk Tsk don't jinx my plan like that. Don't worry the success rate of this plan is quite high." Simon said.

" What if she tells Li Singtan about this meeting?" Chen Siquan asked.

Simon laughed and said," Which wife will tell her husband that she will be meeting her- ummm what should I call you? You cannot be called as her ex-boyfriend. Ahhh how about ex-would be husband? You like it? I love it. I don't think Mrs Li is that dumb and besides do you think that they really share any kind of special bond? They are just husband and wife for show. You think Mr Chen How deeply Ms Ming loved you couple of months back. Do you think that a person can love another person again in such a short period of time? That is impossible."

Chen Siquan raised it eyebrows after hearing Simon's words. Simon's words somehow made his heart warm up.

Simon smiled and asked," So you are with me in this?"

" Do I have a choice." Chen Siquan said before leaving the mansion.

Simon smirked when he saw Chen Siquan leaving.

Simon was planning to use some camera tricks and click some intimate photos of Chen Siquan and Ming and send it to Li Singtan.

His main motive was to create some misunderstanding between Ming and Singtan

Simon was sure that this plan would work. He was sure that Ming would never tell Singtan that she is going to meet Chen Siquan.

He was sure that Ming would meet Chen Siquan secretly and Simon wanted to use this golden opportunity to sow some seeds of misunderstanding between the Li couple.

Little did he know that he was underestimating Li Singtans and Xie Ming's relationship. Their relationship was much more stronger than he thought.