" I am the weird cap guy."

" Hmmmm."

Li Singtan did not say anything after that. Tightening he grip around her, he kissed her forehead.

After few seconds, Xie Ming opened her eyes and lifted her head and asked," What did you just say?"

" Ehh. I said I am the weird cap guy." Li Singtan said.

Xie Ming laughed and asked," You are joking right?" Hitting him on his chest, Xie Ming said," You still have the strength to fool around and crack jokes. I am tired Mr Li."

Li Singtan did not say anything.

Lifting her head once again, Ming said," How can you even think that I will believe you? There is not way you are that weird cap guy. Though I had never seen his face, I am sure that he must be damn ugly. And just look at you. My husband is so handsome. No no that is not possible. You are not that weird cap guy."

Li Singtan: =__=

" And moreover that weird cap guy was weird and you are not weird at all." Xie Ming said.

Li Singtan did not say anything. He could only sigh.

He regretted not showing his handsome face back in college. Xie Ming thought he was ugly back in college. Li Singtan cursed himself inwardly for keeping a low profile.

When he started feeling Xie Ming steady breath on his chest, Singtan slowly closed his eyes.


While the Li couple were spending the most initimate moment of their life, things were different in Chen Mansion.

Chen Siquan was walking to and fro in the room while Xie Yurin was sitting in the bed crying.

" I am sorry Siquan. I thought I was not ready." Xie Yurin said in between her sobs.

Chen Siquan on the other hand was fuming in anger. Today when he opened Xie Yurins cupboard in order to find some files, he found a bunch of birth control pills in the drawer. When he confronted Yurin with those pills, his wife told him that she had been taking those pills since a very long time because she wanted to still become a model and bearing a child now would harm her career.

" You should've atleast discussed this with me." Chen Siquan roared.

Xie Yurin cried and said," I know and I am sorry. I know I was wrong. I shouldn't have done this. But you know how much I want to become a model."

" Is it necessary? Why do you want to become a model? Don't I give you enough money to spend?" Chen Siquan asked.

" It's not about money." Xie Yurin said.

Chen Siquan slammed his hands on the table and said," Then why? Do you want other men to see you in half naked clothes. Am I not enough for you?"

" Siquan What nonsense are you talking about?" Xie Yurin shouted.

" Look at your sister. She also wanted to become a model. With her body and her beauty she could've become an international model but she left everything for the sake of her family. She sacrificed her career because you wanted to become a model. Can't you be like her? Can't you also sacrifice your dreams and focus on our family? Was taking those contraceptives necessary? You know how badly I want to have a child but you did not consider my feelings. Look at your sister. She is the wife of one of the most successful man in the country. What is there that she cannot have? Being a model is just a piece of cake for her but she still chose to stay at home and take care of Singtans family. Learn something from your elder sister."

Yurin cried and asked," Are you comparing me with elder sister?"

Chen Siquan laughed and said," What is there to compare? Ming is far more better than you in every aspect. I was just blind not to notice this."

After saying this Chen Siquan dashed out of the room leaving a pitiful crying Xie Yurin behind. This was the third time, Chen Siquan has compared her to Xie Ming in the same month.

Xie Yuring wanted to strangle Xie Ming to death. Her hatred for Ming was increasing day by day.