Li Singtan shook his head.

Xie Ming giggled and pushed him inside the car.

Giving the address to the chauffeur, Xie Ming asked," How far is this place?"

" It's a one hour drive ma'am." The chauffeur said.

" Then you go home. Singtan will drive." Xie Ming.

When the chauffeur saw his boss nod his head in agreement, he lowered his head and stepped out of the car.

As soon as the chauffeur left, Xie Ming fixed Li Singtans tie and said in a low bit seductive voice," Mr Li are you ready for your first date with your wife?"

Li Singtan smiled and said," What are you up to Mrs Li?"

" You will get to know once we reach there." Xie Ming said.

Getting out of the car, Li Singtan moved towards the drivers seat while Xie Ming moved towards the passenger seat.

When Li Singtan saw the address, he raised his eyebrows. When he looked at Xie Ming, he noticed that there was something different about her. Li Singtan couldn't figure out what but he had a strong feeling that she was up to something.

" Stop staring at me and drive." Xie Ming said.

Li Singtan chuckled and said," Yes Madam."


After driving for almost and hour, they arrived at the destination.

Xie Ming got down from the car first followed by Li Singtan.

" Mr and Mrs Li welcome to our resort." A male attendant greeted them.

Xie Ming smiled and nodded her head.

" Please follow me." The male attendant said.

Xie Ming grabbed Li Singtans hand and said," You are going to love this place."


After walking for a while they arrived outside a cottage kind of a place.

" This is the privacy room that has been booked under your name. Enjoy your night." The male attendant said before leaving.

Xie Ming looked at Li Singtan and noticed that he was staring at her.

Xie Ming smiled. Hooking her arms around his neck, she said," Mr Li are you ready for the date?"

Li Singtan smiled and said," Are we staying here for the whole night?"

Xie Ming did not say anything and opened the door.


Inside the room.

The whole room was decorated with red roses and balloons.

There was a huge bed in the centre which was also decorated with red roses and the lights were very dim.

When Ming saw Singtan busy scanning the room, she hugged him from behind and asked," Do you like it?"

Pulling her towards his chest, Li Singtan said," I love it."

" Wait for sometime. You will like it even more after that." Ming said before picking up her and rushing towards the washroom.


Inside the washroom.

Xie Ming took out the lingerie from her bag and placed it on the slab.

Looking at herself at the mirror, Xie Ming said," Okay Ming you can do this."

Quickly taking off her clothes she quickly wore the red undergarments and the transparent lingerie.

Checking herself out in mirror, Ming took few deep breaths to calm herself down.

Walking towards the door, she murmured," Why are you feeling nervous? He is your husband and you love him."

Xie Ming sighed for the last time and opened the door.


Li Singtan was sitting on the couch when he heard the bathroom door open.

Trying towards the door, when Li Singtan saw Xie Ming, he got up from the couch with his mouth wide open. He couldn't believe what he was seeing.

His wife was standing in front of him wearing something that made her look very sexy and seductive.

He could see her milky white slim waist and her long slender leg.

He was disappointed when he saw some red thing that was covering her breast. He wanted to move forward and rip that red thing off but he controlled his feelings.

When Xie Ming saw him staring at her, she started moving towards him.

Yixi had taught her few things that could turn a man on. Xie Ming decided to try them but little did she know that her look was enough for Li Singtan to get a hard on.


Wrapping her arms around his neck, Xie Ming tiptoed and sucked his earlobe and said in a seductive voice," like what you see Mr Li?"

Li Singtan gulped and said," Ming this-"

Before Li Singtan could finish his sentence, Xie Ming moved towards his neck and started sucking it.

Li Singtan groaned and said," Ming I think you should stop otherwise I won't be able to control myself."

Xie Ming stopped. Moving towards his lips, she said," Then who is asking you to control yourself. Let's just go with the flow okay."

Before Li Singtan could say anything Xie Ming crashed her lips with his and started sucking his lower lip.

Xie Ming was not an experienced kisser and was quite sloppy.

Wrapping her legs around his waist, Li Singtan picked up and deepened the kiss.

A moan escaped from Xie Ming's mouth when he bit her lower lip.

Moving towards her neck, when Li Singtan started sucking her neck, Xie Ming arched backwards and said," Oh God."

Slowly walking towards the bed, Li Singtan placed on the soft bed and continued sucking her all over her neck.

Looking into her eyes, Li Singtan said," Ming I don't thing so we should do this."

" You don't wanna do it with me?" Xie Ming aksed.

Cupping her face, Li Singtan said," It's not like that. I want to have you right now but your wounds. I cannot risk your health for my unnecessary pleasure."

Xie Ming giggled and said," I am healthy now. My wounds have completely healed so you don't have to hold yourself back okay?"

Li Singtan kissed her forehead and asked," Are you sure about this?"

" I want to be one with you Singtan. Make me yours forever." Xie Ming said.