\"I am sure Ben will squeeze some time out from his busy schedule for us, right Ben?\" Philip asked.

Looking at Clara, Ben nodded his head. \"Sure, anything for you guys.\"

Just then Clara excused herself and left the room.

After sometime, Ben gulped down the whole content of his glass and followed Clara.

Stopping him, Sam asked, \"Where are you going?\"

\"Washroom.\" Ben answered before walking out of the room.

Sam sighed and helplessly shook his head.


Inside the ladies washroom.

Clara was wiping her hands when Ben barged into the washroom.

Clara widened her eyes in shock and asked, \"Ben what are you doing here? It's a ladies washroom.\"

\"I know.\" Ben answered before walking towards her.

Clara gulped in nervousness and took a step back. \"Ben I-\"

Wrapping his arms around her waist, Ben pulled her into his embrace and took a deep breath.

Pressing her hand on his chest, Clara asked, \"What are you-\"

\"Just for a while please.\" Ben pleaded.

Clara sighed before sliding her hands to his back and hugging him back. Burying her head on his chest, she closed her eyes. When tears started running down her cheeks, she tightened her grip around him.

\"Why does it have to be like this? Why?\" Ben asked.

Clutching on his shirt, Clara sobbed harder. \"I am sorry.\"

Her sobs were like a dagger plunged into his heart. The more she cried in front of him, the more vulnerable he felt.

Pulling away, Ben wiped her tears away and cupped her face. \"We can still fix everything. We can go somewhere else and start a new life. No one will know where we are and-\"

Cutting him off, Clara grabbed his collar and said, \"I am married Ben, I am married.\" before burying her face in his chest.

Pain. Pain was the only thing Ben was feeling. The pain of losing the woman he loved to someone else.

\"That marriage has no meaning Clara. That man hasn't touched you even once after you got married to him.\"

When Clara did not say anything, Ben cupped her face and caressed her cheek. \"Clara, you are just meant for me, okay? I am incomplete without you. You are incomplete without me too.\"

Clara shook her head and said, \"No Ben this is wrong. What happened that night was wrong and this is also wrong. We shouldn't be here, I shouldn't be here.\"

\"Wrong? You think that was wrong? Whatever happened that night was heartfelt. Something that you and I always wanted to share. That was the most wonderful time I have ever shared with you Clara. That wasn't wrong and even you know that. You were supposed to be mine. You were supposed to be my wife, my life partner not-\"

Cutting him off, Clara shook her head. \"You also know that it was wrong Ben. It shouldn't have happened. It only happened because we were drunk.\"

Placing her hand on his cheek, Clara murmured, \"I am married Ben, it's already over. You have to get over this. I am no more the woman you used to love. I am someone's wife now.\"

Keeping quiet for quite some time, Beth grabbed her hand and placed it on his chest. \"Look into my eyes and tell me that you don't love me anymore. Tell me that you are really happy in this marriage. Tell me that you are happy with Philip.\"

When Clara retrieved her hand back, Ben mockingly smirked and left.

Covering her mouth, Clara started sobbing harder. She never wanted them to end this way. She always wanted to spend the rest of life with the man she loves, but fate and destiny had different plans for her.

Clara Lafit was the adopted daughter of the Lafit family. Clara was adopted when she was eight when Munray and Helena Lafit couldn't conceive one. The Lafit family treated her really very well until Helena Lafit gave birth to a son.

Though they started treating her unfairly, Munray and Helena still gave Clara the best education and for that Clara had always been grateful to them.

She met and started Ben when they were in college. Things were going smoothly until the Lafit family fixed her marriage with Philip Norway. She protested at first but after when her adopted mother tried to commit suicide and when her adopted father pressured her to return back the favour and told her how she was indebited to the Lafit family, Clara reluctantly agreed.

She knew she was a coward for not fighting for her love but she had no other choice. The pressure from the Lafit family was too much for her to handle.

After rinsing her face with cold water, Clara calmed herself down before walking out of the washroom.


Inside the room.

Looking around, Clara frowned when she did not see Ben.

\"Hey, what took you so long?\" Philip asked.

Clara was about to say something when he added, \"Alright, come on in the food just arrived.\"

\"Hey Clara did you see Ben?\" Flora asked.

When Clara shook her head, Flora fronwed, \"Well, that is strange. Where did he go?\"

\"Maybe he had something important to do.\" Sam said.


Li mansion.

Next day.


\"Big bro open the door.\" Yushen shouted.


\"Big bro.\" Yushen yelled.

Zian fronwed and quickly opened the door. \"What the hell Yushen, it's Saturday for God's sake.\"

Showing Zian his phone, Yushen asked, \"Now what? What do we do?\"

Zian frowned when he read the article that Yushen showed him.

\"Where is Yumi?\" Zian asked.

\"She left early in the morning for her shoot.\" Yushen said.

\"Damn, go get the car ready. I'll be there in five.\"

Yushen nodded his head and rushed downstairs.

Just then Zian's phone buzzed.

\"Dude, did you see that news? Damn how? Did you know about it?\" Liang asked.

\"I don't know Liang, I am looking for Yumi first. I have to tell her this first. She is going to kill me if I don't tell her everything now. I'll talk to you later okay?\" After hanging up the call, Zian grabbed a towel and rushed towards the washroom.


Yumi's shooting venue.

\"Ahh goddess Yumi is really looking like a princess.\"Jasper said before placing his hand on her shoulder.

Fixing her hair, Yumi smiled. \"Not gonna work Jas, I am not going to even think about it.\"

Jasper sighed and puffed his cheeks. \"Oh c'mon babe, it's just a date. And do you even know how lucky you are? I am actually begging you to be my date. It's usually girls who do that to me.\"

\"I don't wanna be lucky and besides-\"

\"Madam there is someone waiting for you outside.\" The crew member said.

Yumi fronwed and asked, \"Who is it?\"

\"He says he is an old friend of yours.\"

\"Old friend? Are you sure he is looking for me?\" Yumi asked.

The staff member nodded her head. \"Yes madam.\"

\"Old friend huh? Who is it? Your boyfriend?\" Jasper asked.

Clutching his chest, he added, \"Ahhh I will be heartbroken if he is your boyfriend.\"

\"You talk too much Jas, stop bugging me.\" Yumi smacked his arm before walking away.

\"Hey, at least tell me that you'll think about it.\" Jasper shouted before rushing after her.