After having lunch with Yixi, Ming went home.

She quickly go ready, stuffed her bag with the the things Yixi helped her buy and rushed downstairs.

When Mother Li saw her rushing outside, she asked," Honey where are you rushing to?"

Ming smiled and said," I am taking my husband out in a date today."

Mother Li smiled and said," Alright have fun."


Li Corporation.

" Ma'am we have arrived." The chauffeur said.

Xie Ming smiled and said," Thank you so much. You can go back now."

Getting out of the car, Xie Ming took few deep breaths to calm herself down and then entered the building.


Inside Li Corporation.

When she entered the building, she noticed that the forever noisy building was quiet and empty.

A guard who was standing near the entrance greeted Ming and said," Good evening lady boss."

Xie Ming smiled and said," Good evening. Why is the office empty?"

" Each and every employee is in the meeting room." The guard said.

" Ohh is the meeting important?" Xie Ming asked.

The guard shook his head and said," This meeting usually happens when boss is in a very bad mood."

" How long does it usually last?" Xie Ming asked.

" It's already been two hours. The meeting usually ends when boss vents all his anger over the employees." The guard said.

" Which floor?" Xie Ming asked.

" The 8th floor." The guard said.

Without saying anything, Xie Ming headed towards the elevator.


8th floor.

As soon as Xie Ming stepped out of the elevator, she could hear someone shouting over the microphone.

Taking out her cell phone, Xie Ming called Han Zihao," Mr assistant would you please come out of the meeting room. I am waiting outside."

Han Zihao who was sweating and shivering out of fear but when heard that his lady boss was outside, he breathed a sigh of relief.

Li Singtan was giving a really hard time to each and everyone since morning. To worsen that, the executive department submitted a wrong proposal. Li Singtan was fuming in anger since then.

Even Han Zihao could not escape his wrath.

Li Singtan immediate called for an emergency meeting and was scolding the employees since a very wrong time and showed no sign of stopping.

Han Zihao knew that only one person could soothe Li Singtans anger and that person was Xie Ming.

Han Zihao quickly escaped outside to find his saviour, his lady boss.


Outside the meeting room.

" Mr Assistant I am here'." Xie Ming said waving her hands.

Han Zihao came running towards her and said," lady boss you are here thank god. Please lady boss save us. Only you can save us."

Seeing Han Zihao pleading like that, Xie Ming could imagine how angry Li Singtan was at this very moment.

" Where is he?" Xie Ming asked.

" Inside." Han Zihao said.

Without saying anything Xie Ming pushed the door and entered the meeting room.


Inside the room.

Xie Ming started walking towards the stage where Li Singtan was standing holding a microphone in his hand ignoring the stares of so many people.

" I am not liking the way the company is running. I am very-" Li Singtan stopped talking when he saw a fimilar figure walking towards him.

Xie Ming smiled when she saw her husband staring at her.

Li Singtan all time angry face became very soft and gentle at the sight of his beautiful wife.

" Who is she?" An employee asked his co-worker.

" You don't know her? She is our lady boss." The CO-worker said.

" May be she will save us today." The employee said.

Placing the microphone on the table, Li Singtan rushed down towards his wife.

" What are you doing here?" Singtan asked.

Wrapping her arms around his arms, Xie Ming said," I am here to kidnap my husband."

Li Singtan chuckled and said," Oh so you want to kidnap me?"

Pulling him towards the stage, Xie Ming picked up the microphone and said," Hey. I am here to kidnap your boss for the day. I hope you all won't mind. And please don't make my handsome husband angry. He will grow old faster like this."

Everyone burst into laughter.

Taking the microphone from her hand, Li Singtan said," Han Zihao will take care of the rest. You all can go back now."


Grabbing Li Singtans hand, Ming pulled him outside the meeting room and said," Let's go fast."

Li Singtan laughed and said," Whats the hurry?"

" I am taking you out on a date Mr Li." Xie Ming said.

Li Singtans eyes sparkled when he heard the word 'Date'.

"You don't want to be late for your first date with me right?" Xie Ming asked.