After leaving the hospital, Xie Ming called Yixi and told her that she will pick her up from her place in ten minutes.

Yixi tried to ask her why but Xie Ming told her that she will tell her everything once she meets her.


Outside An mansion.

As Yixi boarded the car, she said," Now tell me."

Xie Ming got her lip and said," Actually I have decided to plan a surprise for Singtan today and I need your help."

Yixi smiled and asked," Is it just a simple surprise or-?"

Ming nodded her head and said," I want to take things forward with him today."

Yixi almost jumped in excitement and said," Oh my God Ming. Finally ohh boohoo I am so happy. And what is taking things further just say that you want to make loveeee with your husband."

Xie Ming laughed and said," Ya you can say that." Grabbing Yixi's hand, Xie Ming said," I need your help to plan everything Yixi. I don't know anything."

Yixi smirked and said," Don't worry girl you have got the right person."

Turning towards the chauffeur, Yixi said," Shopping mall please."

The chauffeur nodded his head and started the engine.


Shopping mall.

". Yixi why are we here?" Ming asked.

Yixi smiled and said," We are going buy something sexy for you."

" What do you mean?" Ming asked.

" Girl you are taking the initiative right? So you have seduce your husband and for that you we will have to first buy you a sexy lingerie and a pair of sexy undergarment." Yixi said.

Ming shook her head and said," Is that necessary?"

" Pttff Yeah it is." Yixi said.

Pointing towards a store, Yixi said," We will get everywhere right here."

Ming nodded her head and followed Yixi.


Inside the store.

As soon as Ming and Yixi entered the store, a female attendant came forward and greeted them," Good morning Ms An."

Turning towards Xie Ming, she said," Mrs Li."

Xie Ming smiled at her.

" Flora show us some sexy lingerie." Yixi said.

" Yes ma'am please follow me." The female attendant said.


As flora started showing them different kinds of lingerie, Ming started feeling nervous. Beads of sweat started appearing on her forehead.

" Ming this- hahahah." Yixi laughed when she saw Ming's nervous face.

" Seriously you haven't done anything yet and you are already nervous?" Yixi asked.

" I don't know what to do." Ming said.

" This wouldn't have happened if you would've watched some porn along with us when we were at college." Yixi said.

Ming rolled her eyes.

Yixi laughed and said," Don't worry. Mr Li will handle everything. You just have to wear something like this and go in front of him. He will do the rest. Men are pro in these kind of things."

" Flora show us something else." Yixi said.

" I guess I have something that will suit Mrs Li a lot. Just give me a minute." Flora said.

Ming and Yixi nodded their head.

Few minutes later, Flora came out of The storeroom holding a black transparent lingerie.

"This comes with a pair of red undergarments. It's is like a robe. You have wear the undergarments from inside and wear this form outside." Flora said handing the lingerie to Yixi.

" Ming this looks simple and sexy at the same time. And moreover this will save time. Mr Li has to just undo the robe and BAM you are naked in front of him." Yixi said.

Ming flicked Yixi's forehead and said," You are acting quite bold right now. Just wait until it's your turn."

Yixi giggled and said," It's not coming anytime soon. Mr Yang has to wait a lot."

Passing the lingerie back to Flora, Yixi said," We will take this."

" Okay ma'am please let me know your measurements." Flora said.


After buying the lingerie, Yixi dragged Ming into the parlour.

"You have get your waxing done and also a hair spa and body spa." Yixi said.

" Is the necessary?" Ming asked.

" Darling it's your first night with Mr Li. You don't want to give him a bad experience do you?"

Ming shook her head.


After coming out of the parlour, Yixi said," I have made all the arrangements. There is friend of mine who owns a resort. That resort is quite famous among couples. It is quite big and has a section which is known as ' Lover's point'. Privacy rooms are available in that particular area. I have booked the best one for you and have asked them to decorate it well. Don't worry everything is set. I'll send you the address. You just have to get Mr Li there and enjoy."

Ming hugged Yixi and said," Thankyou so much."

Yixi laughed and said," I want to have lunch with my virgin best friend for the last time."

Ming giggled and said," Okay let's go I'll treat you."