Xie Ming blushed and lowered her head.

Mother Li laughed and said," Remember that your mom and dad are growing old. Don't make us wait for a very long time."

Xie Ming nodded her head.


After mother Li left, Xie Ming sat in the garden for a while thinking about Li Singtan.

When she thought about the time which they had spent together, she smiled.

' Mother is right. We are already married so what's the point holding ourselves back.' Xie Ming thought.

Getting up from the seat, she rushed towards her bedroom.


Inside the bedroom.

Looking at the watch, Xie Ming said," Okay it's just 10:30am now. I have lots of time."

Picking up her phone she first called Mike.

" Yo sister-in-law." Mike said.

" Mike are you at the hospital?" Xie Ming asked.

" Ya." Mike said.

" Cool. I'll come over within 15 mintues. I need to get my wounds checked and I also want to ask to few question. Oh also don't tell Singtan about this meeting. Bye." After saying this Xie Ming hung up the call.

Walking towards the wardrobe, she grabbed a plain T-shirt and jeans.

She had to make sure whether her body was now strong enough to do things with Li Singtan or not that is why she had to meet Mike. If she did not get herself checked first sure that Li Singtan will not touch her.

Quickly changing her clothes, Milne rushed out of the Mansion.



Exactly after 15 minutes, Xie Ming entered Mikes cabin.

As soon as Mike saw her, he smiled and said," Hey sister-in-law."

Xie Ming smiled back and said," I want you to quickly check me and tell me whether everything is okay or not."

Seeing Ming's excitement to get herself checked, Mike wondered what might've happened," Sister-in-law are you feeling any kind of discomfort, dizziness or anything else?"

Ming shook her head and said," No."

Mike raised his eyebrows and asked," Then why do you suddenly want to get yourself checked? Your husband had asked me to come over to the Li Mansion tomorrow."

Ming bit her lower lip and said," Tomorrow or today it's the same thing right? And look I made your work easier. You don't have to come all the way to the mansion."

Mike nodded his head," Okay. I'll quickly complete your checkup."


After half hour the reports of Xie Ming's test were in Mikes hand and he was looking at them.

" Everything seems fine. Your wound has completely healed.." Mike said.

Xie Ming scratched her forehead and asked," So I can do whatever I want?"

Mike nodded his head and said," Ya you can do whatever you want. You can eat whatever you want."

" That is not what I meant." Ming said.

" Then?" Mike asked.

Ming took few deep breaths and asked," Can I -I mean we. Can we-"

" Ohh sister-in-law you want to party with us. Ya cool I'll call Yutang over and then you can call Singtan and then we can-" Mike said.

" No that is not what I meant." Ming said.

When have her a blank look, she decided to be blunt and ask him.

" Can Singtan and I do things. Is my body strong enough to handle that thing?" Xie Ming asked.

Mike almost choked at her words. Coughing few times, he said," *cough* Ehh sister-in-law you can but you both can't be very rough."

Xie Ming's face has turned red by now. This was very embarrassing. She could only nod her head," Okay then I'll take my leave. Don't tell Singtan about this okay."

Mike nodded her head.

As he saw Xie Ming leave, Mike smiled and murmured," Singtan Bro is gonna have a lovely night today."