A month later

Many things happened during that time.

When Li Corporation published a statement clarifying the relationship between Li Quin, Rose and Ben, the public reacted positively. When Li Quin published his statement, the netizens were totally on his side.

On the very next day, Rose and Quin collected their marriage certificate. Ben was official registered under the Li family and was given another name, Li Jin.

When Li Quin saw Ben's birth certificate, he noticed that no name was mentioned under the fathers name. After noticing that, Li Quin immediately applied for a new birth certificate for Ben which had his name under the father names option.

When Li Quin handed Rose the new birth certificate, her eyes teared up. She was grateful to God for sending Li Quin into her life.


Chen Enterprise was also rising up again. The price of their shares were also improving.

While signing the contract, Simon asked Chen Siquan to keep his identity a secret. Simon would help Chen Enterprise with all kinds of funds that they needed but in return Chen Siquan should agree to whatever Simon says.

Chen Siquan was reluctant to agree but for the sake of Chen Enterprise, he has no choice left so he ended up joining hands with him.


Father Yang and mother Yang as said left for their long vacation leaving everything begin for Yutang to handle.

As Yutang said he brought Yixi home. Mother Yang and father Yang liked her a lot.

After meeting Yixi, Mother Yang felt more relieved. Handing the matters regarding the household to Yixi, she left her house with light shoulders.

From that day onwards Yixi visited Yang Mansion regularly.



Li Mansion.

Xie Ming had recovered quiet well. Her wounds were completely healed.

She had been spending most of her time in Li Singtans office than in the mansion.

She insisted on staying at the mansion but Li Singtan firmly denied her leaving no room for negotiations.

Finally today after giving him almost 50 kisses , he let her stay in the mansion.


In the garden.

Xie Ming was sitting on a chair watching the maid water the plants.

" Ming How are you feeling today?" Mother Li asked.

Xie Ming smiled and said," I am feeling so refreshed. Staying in Singtans office for the whole day was so boring."

Sitting on a chair beside, Xie Ming Mother Li asked," How are things going on between you and Singtan?"

Xie Ming smiled.

" Seeing this bright smile on your face and will assume that things are okay." Mother Li said.

Placing her hand on Ming's shoulder, Mother Li said," Ming you are my daughter-in-law but I consider you as my own daughter. There is no difference between you, Rose, Singtan and Quin. I love each and everyone of you equally. As a mother I will like to talk to you about something that is really very important."

Xie Ming turned towards mother Li and said," you can tell me whatever you want mom. I will always listen to you."

Holding her hand, Mother Li said," It's about your relationship with Singtan." Pausing for a while, she continued," I know I shouldn't interfere in your matters but I can't help myself. So tell me Ming why do you think that Singtan married you?"

Xie Ming blinked twice and said," At that time he told me that he wanted to take revenge from The Chen's."

Mother Li smiled and did not say anything.

Thinking for a while, Xie Ming widened his eyes in shock and said," He was lying at that time. I mean why would he need me in order to get revenge from the Chen's."

" Yes. He was lying. That wasn't the real reason why he married you." Mother Li said.

" Then What was the reason mom?" Xie Ming asked.

" Singtan loved to since many years Ming but he never had the guts to tell you. All of us knew about this that is why we were very happy when we heard that Singtan had finally married you." Mother Li.

Xie Ming froze and thought ' Many years? When they met at the cliff wasn't it the first time?'

" When he heard that you were getting married with that Chen guy, my son was lost. He did not come home for many days and devoted his entire time in his work. He did not eat or drink properly." Mother Li said.

" Mother I don't remember meeting Singtan before." Xie Ming said.

" When and how he feel in love with you, I will suggest you to wait for Singtan to tell you." Mother Li said. Pausing for a while Mother Li continued," In life it is very difficult to find someone who loves you a lot. Who is willing to wait for you and Ming you are lucky to find one. I have seen with my own eyes how much my son loves you."

Xie Ming did not say anything as she was trying to compose herself.

"Why do you think everything in Li Singtans place was either your favourite or something you prefer? Even the colour of Li Singtans room is something that you like. Whether it is a bedside lamp or a small hand towel. Li Singtan bought everything according to your preference." Mother Li said.

Now when thought about the things that she had noticed back in the other mansion, everything that Mother Li said made sense. Xie Ming was shocked to an extent that she did not know what should she do now.

" He has waited for you since so many years Ming so how long should he still wait to make you his forever?" Mother Li said.

Understanding what Mother Li wanted to say, Xie Ming's face turned red.

" It's not that I am trying to interfere. I just want the best for you both. You both love each other so what is holding you back from taking the next step?" Mother Li asked.

Getting up from her seat, Mother Li said," Think about what mother told you today and take things further according to your wish. Don't mention about our small talk to Singtan just keep it a secret. Also don't force him to tell you everything. Just let it be. I am sure he will tell you everything about this when he feels it is the right time. Also give me grandchild as soon as possible."