Li Quin decides to talk to Li Singtan about his marriage because he was very confident that Li Singtan would help him get out of this complicated situation.

Hoping inside his car, Li Quin drove himself to Li Corporation.


Li Corporation.

Getting out of the car when Li Quin entered the building, each and every employee greeted him.

Li Quin visited Li Corporation only when he needed something from his big bro.

Neither Li Singtan nor Li Quin interfered in the business that they handled.

Li Quin was also a very capable business man. Running a business in the entertainment world is not easy but Li Quin handled it very well. Under his guidance, Global entertainment was one of the top agencies in the entertainment field. All top and famous actors, models, singers and dancers belonged to Global entertainment. But Li Quin still felt that he was lacking in some areas unlike his brother who was perfect. So before taking some important decision he would first consult Li Singtan.


When Li Quin stepped out of the elevator, Han Zihao came running towards him and said," Mr Li."

Li Quin rolled his eyes and said," Stop it Zihao Bro. How many times do I have to tell you to call me by my name."

Scratching his forehead, Han Zihao said," I forgot."

" Where is big bro?" Li Quin asked.

" Boss is inside the office with lady boss." Han Zihao said.

" Oh cool." Li Quin said.


Inside the office.

When Li Quin entered the office, Xie Ming was sitting on the couch while Li Singtan was busy reading some documents.

" Sister-in-law." Li Quin said.

Xie Ming smiled and asked," Is Rose with you?"

Li Quin shook his head and said," No I am alone."

" What do you want Quin?" Li Singtan asked.

" What? I cannot visit my brother without any reason." Li Quin said.

Li Singtan raised his eyebrows. Walking towards the couch, he sat beside Xie Ming and said," Okay since you have seen me now, you can leave."

Xie Ming pinched Li Singtan and said," Stop." Turning towards Quin, she said," Quin come and sit with us."

Li Quin smiled at his sister-in-law. Sitting on the coach, Li Quin said," Rose and I have decided to get married."

Xie Ming clapped her hands together and said," Ahh that's great."

" You want me to help you with the matter regarding Ben." Li Singtan said.

Li Quin nodded his head.

Li Singtan smiled and said," If you want my help, you know what to do."

Li Quin frowned," Big bro we are adults now. You are already married and I also have a son. Do we still have to do that?"

Li Singtan nodded his head.

" What are you both talking about?" Xie Ming asked.

Pointing towards Xie Ming, Li Quin said," Even sister-in-law is present. Nono I cannot do that."

" You can do it in front of my wife." Li Singtan said.

" Will you both tell me what are you talking about." Xie Ming said.

Li Quin frowned and said," When we were small there was something that I had to do if I wanted something from big bro."

" What is that something?" Xie Ming asked.

Li Quin frowned, going down on his knees, he lowered his head and said," God Singtan please help me with the matter regarding Ben and Rose. I know only Singtan the great hero and solve this. Please help this servant of yours."

Xie Ming burst into laughter.

Li Quin got up and said," See How sister-in-law is laughing."

Li Singtan who was trying very hard to control his laughter said," This wasn't satisfactory but since who made my wife laugh, I will help you out."

Li Quin rolled his eyes and asked," What should I do?"

Straightening his back, Li Singtan said," I have already added Ben's name under the Li family. So he is already an official Li." Pausing for a while he continued," I have a plan."

Li Quin's eyes lit up.

" We will publish a statement saying that you and Rose had an affair few years back but you both broke up because of some misunderstanding. After your breakup, Rose left country S and gave birth to your son without your knowledge." Pausing for a while, Li Singtan continued," We will also say that you met Rose few days before the banquet and that is the time when she told you about your son. After clearing everything between you both, now you and Rose have decided to get married and give your son a complete family."

Li Quin nodded his head in agreement.

Xie Ming also nodded her head and said," In order to add some weightage to this statement, Quin can publish another statement from his side saying that he wants to make up for all the years when he was not there with Rose and his son. He is thankful to God for bringing his love Rose and his beloved son back to his life. He will always cherish them and will try his best to become a good husband and father."

" Do what your sister-in-law is saying. Now get out." Li Singtan said.

Getting up from the couch, Li Quin said," Thanks Brother I will wait for your statement. I will also keep mine ready."

" Meet you at home Quin." Xie Ming said.

Li Quin nodded his head and left.