Yutang laughed and said," It is natural baby. Nobody taught me."

Yixi smiled and said," Don't praise yourself so much. Idiot."

" So How was shopping?" Yutang asked.

" It was fun. Your sister is very nice. I like her." Yixi said.

Before Yutang could ask anything the elevator door opened.

Grabbing Yixi's hand, Yutang pulled her outside and said," let's go to my office and continue."

Yixi laughed and asked," What do you mean by continue?"

" You know what I mean." Yutang said.


Inside Yutang's office.

As soon as they entered the office, Yutang pinned Yixi against the door.

Yixi giggled and said," You seem to be in a hurry Mr Boyfriend."

" What? I am just taking my dessert okay." Yutang said.

" You just had your dessert." Yixi said.

Tapping her nose, Yutang said," I want more."

Pushing him away, Yixi said," Let me see your office okay."

Scratching his neck, Yutang said," Yixi let's get married."

An Yixi laughed and said," Ya okay."

" I am serious baby." Yutang said.

Turning towards Yutang, Yixi asked," Seriously?"

Yutang nodded his head.

Pausing for a while, Yixi asked," Don't you think it's too early. I mean you don't even know me. We just started dating."

Pulling Yixi into his embrace, Yutang said," We know each other since college. What do you mean by early? I am sure that I love you and I want to spend my whole life with you. But if you still have your doubts then it's fine you can take your time."

Wrapping her arms around his neck, Yixi said," Silly. Who said that I have doubts? Even I am sure about this Yutang. I also want to get marry you. Like who doesn't want to marry a Rich chick like you?"

Yutang laughed.

Yixi stuck her tongue out and said," I want to take things a bit slow and moreover how can I accept such a bland proposal? No ring, no emotional speech, no flowers. Don't be so stingy Mr Yang. Don't forget that your friend gifted my best friend the worlds most unique wedding ring. My expectations are very high from you."

" So if I propose you with a ring, flower and an emotional speech you will accept my proposal?" Yutang asked.

" May be." Yixi said.

" Okay then. When I do that, you are not allowed to reject my proposal. I'll make you mine forever." Yutang said.

Ruining her hands on his hair, Yixi said," I am already yours."


Li Mansion

Ben was running in the garden, while Li Quin and Rose strolling around hand in hand.

" Did you see my red file?" Quin aksed.

Rose nodded her head and said," Ya it is inside the wardrobe, right drawer."

Li Quin grinned.

" Did you see my blue file?" Li Quin asked again.

" It is in the same place." Rose said.

Li Quin grinned even wider," Did you see my black tie?"

" You have many black ties Quin. Which one are you talking about?" Rose asked.

" The one with small white dots?" Quin said.

" All your ties are in the same place." Rose said.

Grinning even wider, Li Quin asked," Did you-"

" What is wrong with you Quin?" Rose asked.

Li Quin shook his head and said," Nothing."

Rose glared at him. When she saw Quin grinning like and idiot, she punched him in his chest and said," Stop making fun of me okay."

Li Quin frowned and said," I am not making fun of you. It's just that-"

Pausing for a while, Quin said," It feels so good. You know where all my things are. We are staying in the same room. I feel like I have a wife now. And it feels very nice. I cannot wait to make you my wife for real."

Rose smiled. After that night, Rose shifted to Quin's room permanently. She had also started taking care of his things.

Hooking her arms around his arm, Rose said," Quin let's get married."

Quin widened his eyes in shock and asked," What did you say?"

Rose laughed and said," Let's get married."

Li Quin jumped in excitement and said," Really? Are you serious? You are not joking right? Wait give me second I am feeling dizzy."

Rose chuckled at her would be husbands reaction.

" That means after I get married, I will be Bens official father?" Li Quin asked.

Rose nodded her head.

Pulling Rose into his embrace, Li Quin said," I love you Rose. I will try to be worlds best husband and father for you and Ben."

" You can be worlds best father because the tag of worlds best husband has been taken away by Brother Singtan." Rose said.

Li Quin laughed and said," I'll talk to brother about this okay. Let's collect our marriage certificate as soon as possible."

Li Quin wanted to take her to the Civil marriage Bureau right away and make her his wife but he knew that there were things that he had to take of. Like Bens identity. Quin knew that only his brother was capable of doing something about that.