When Diana entered Li Singtans office and saw his handsome face her eyes lit up but as soon as she saw a beautiful woman sitting beside him, her expression turned dark.

She knew who that woman was. She was Li Singtan's wife Xie Ming.

Diana's expectations shattered into million pieces when she saw Xie Ming.

" Sir Madam." The employee greeted.

When Xie Ming raised her head and saw a half naked woman standing on the door along with the employee, she raised her eyebrows. Xie Ming was so correct about this woman.

Xie Ming looked at Li Singtan. When she saw that her husband did not even glance at the half naked woman standing in front of him, she chuckled.

Li Singtan raised hai eyebrows and asked," Why are you laughing?"

Xie Ming shook her head and said," It's nothing. Go and finish this meeting fast."

Li Singtan got up. Looking at Diana once, he narrowed his eyes but chose not to say anything. Well this wasn't the first time that a woman came dressed like this in his office.

Walking towards his desk, he sat down on his chair.

Gesturing the employee to leave, Li Singtan started reading a document completely ignoring Diana.

Xie Ming inwardly praised her husband and started wondering whether he does this every time or was doing it because of her presence.

Walking towards the desk, Diana Rushi sat on a chair and said," Nice to meet you Mr Li."

Placing the documents back on the table, Li Singtan said in very cold tone," Next time don't forget to take an appointment. I don't attend people who just barge into my office like you. I was about to send you back but my wife insisted that I should meet to once. Unlike me, my wife is very kind. Please make sure that this doesn't happen next time."

Diana Rushi smiled. Turning towards Xie Ming she said," Then I should thank Ms Xie for giving me an opportunity to meet Mr Li Singtan."

Xie Ming smiled. Getting up from the couch, she said," Ms Rushi is quite humble. I just did I felt was right."

Walking towards the desk, Xie Ming sat on the chair beside Daina and said," By the way it's Mrs Li now and not Ms Xie."

Forcing a smile on her face, Diana said," Of course."

Getting up from the chair, Xie Ming said," Darling I think you should turn off the air condition or atleast increase the temperature."

" Are you feeling cold? Why didn't you tell me earlier? I could've turned it off long time ago." Li Singtans said picking up the remote in his hand ready to turn off the A/C.

" Oh no darling. It's for Ms Daina. She is wearing almost nothing. I bet she might be feeling cold." Xie Ming said with a smile on his face.

As soon as Li Singtan heard this, he placed the remote back and said," I would suggest you to wear something formal when you go for official meetings next time."

Xie Ming smirked," Well you both continue. I'll take my leave."

After saying this, Xie Ming gave Daina a stare and started walking towards the couch.

Quickly composing herself, Daina Rushi said," Well let's talk business now. I have come here discuss a proposal on behalf of Rushi entertainment."

" Ms Rushi if you aware this is Li Corporation. If you want to discuss something that is related to the entertainment field then I would suggest you to go to Global entertainment and discuss this with the Vice President." Li Singtan said.

Daina smiled and said," But if I am not wrong CEO of Global Entertainment is sitting in front of me. Why should I discuss this with the Vice President when I talk to the CEO straightaway."

Li Singtan got up and said," I am just the CEO for name sake. It is my brother who handles everything. I haven't stepped inside the Global Entertainment office since the last two years. Whether it is a proposal or choosing artist, Li Quin takes care of it. You are trying to convince a wrong person. Even if you hand over this proposal to me, it will end up in Li Quins hand. So it's better you save up your proposal speech for him. You can leave now."

Daina Rushi froze. Each and every word that Li Singtan said had a direct ' I am not interested in you or your body' written all over it.

Daina Rushi quickly control her emotions and said," Of course. It was nice meeting with you Mr Li." Turning towards Xie Ming, she forced a smile and said," It was nice meeting you too Ms- Mrs Li."

Xie Ming smiled back and said," I just realised that Mrs Li sounds so pleasing and wonderful when Ms Rushi says it. You should call me Mrs Li more often."

Though Daina wanted to choke Xie Ming to death, she still faked a smile and said," Sure I will."

" Please wear proper clothes when you will visit Global Entertainment. I don't want my little brother to see something like this." Li Singtan said in a very cold tone.

When Xie Ming heard her husbands blunt words, she burst into laughter.

Daina felt embarrassed and insulted at the same time. She had never thought that this would be the end result of the meeting. According to her plan, Li Singtan should have been above her by now.

Thinking where her plan went wrong, Daina Rushi left Li Corporation with a heart full of hatred for one person, Xie Ming.