After lunch Li Singtan asked Xie Ming to take some rest but Xie Ming refused saying," I am sleeping since morning. You continue with your meeting okay. Just pass me your laptop so I can play some games."

Li Singtan sighed and said," Okay. Tell me if you feel uncomfortable okay?"

Xie Ming nodded her head.

Passing her the laptop, Li Singtan said," Here do whatever you want to."

Taking the laptop, Xie Ming was about to say a something, when Han Zihao came inside and said," Sir that- Ehh actually."

" Zihao speak properly." Li Singtan shouted.

Han Zihao gulped and said," Sir Ms Rushi of Rushi entertainment is here to see you."

" Does she have an appointment?" Li Singtan aksed.

Han Zihao shook his head.

" You know what to do." Li Singtan said.

When Xie Ming heard a familiar name, she raised her eyebrows. She really wanted to see what kind of woman wanted to meet her husband so desperately.

Han Zihao was about to leave when Xie Ming stopped her," Mr assistant wait."

Turning towards Li Singtan she said," Why don't you meet her? Hear her out once."

" Bring her inside." Li Singtan said.

Han Zihao nodded his head. It was very rare for his boss to meet official people without any appointment. Xie Ming Really has a huge impact in Li Singtan.


Outside the office.

A woman dressed in a mini skirt and a deep neck crop top revealing her entire cleavage was sitting in the couch. The crop top was shorter than the normal once.

When Han Zihao came outside and saw a half naked woman sitting on the couch, he sighed. Many woman in the past use to come to meet his boss wearing provocative clothes but Li Singtan never even laid his eyes in them. Now that he was happily married with the love of his wife, would he even raise his eyes to look at her. ' Such a waste' Han Zihao thought.

" Send Ms Rushi inside. Boss will meet her." Han Zihao told one of the employee.

When the woman sitting on the couch heard this she smiled. She purposely came here without an appointment because she wanted to see whether Li Singtan would agree to meet her or not. And she was correct all men are the same. 'Who would resist a woman like her? No one would' she thought to herself.

She had always admired Li Singtans beauty. His handsome face, sexy body and cold personality is what she loved the most. When she heard that he got married, she did not mind because she did not mind being his mistress as it was common for rich people like Li Singtan having one. She tried her best to meet him in the past. That is why she had insisted on meeting the CEO of Global entertainment but when Li Quin showed up instead of Li Singtan she canceled the meeting. Not that she did not like Li Quin. Li Quin was equally handsome as Li Singtan but something about Li Singtan made him attractive. Something that Li Quin did not have.

" Miss Rushi please follow me inside." The employee said.

The woman got up. Taking her bag in her hand, she adjusted her top a bit. Making sure the her cleavage was visible enough to make anyone drool, she started walking. She was determined to drag Li Singtan into her bed tonight but little did she know that all her dreams would be shattered as soon as she enters the office.