\"What happened?\" Mian asked.

Kissing her on her forehead, Zian got down from the bed. \"I'll have to go somewhere, I'll see you tomorrow okay?\"

Mian nodded her head and said, \"Okay but is it an emergency? Something serious?\"

\"Don't worry, it's nothing like that. I'll see you later.\"

Grabbing his arm, Mian stopped him. \"Call me when you arrive home.\"

\"Hmm don't worry, I will.\"


Li base.

\"But how is this possible? How did they enter our area so easily? Why weren't we informed?\" Liang massaged his forehead and frowned.

Thinking for quite some time, Ashton asked, \"Brother Liang, are you sure that you don't know who they are?\"

Liang vigorously shook his head and answered, \"No I don't. In fact I don't even remember anyone telling me about letting foreign people in. You know how many security checks they have to pass to get in right? And it's not that easy.\"

They had just received news that a huge bunch of people had entered country S and were setting up their clan without seeking anyone's permission. They had actually managed to pass their radars and clear all the security checks which was very strange. Neither Liang, Zian or Huang were informed about it.

\"Let's wait for Guang to get the reports and then we can act accordingly.\" Huang suggested.

\"Where is Jinhai?\" Liang asked.

\"He has an important meeting so he will come after attending that.\" Ashton said.

Just then Zian arrived and asked, \"What happened? Did you get the reports yet?\"

Liang shook his head and sighed. \"Not yet.\"

\"Damn what is taking so long?\" Huang cursed.

\"Imagine someone actually tried to cross our boundaries.\" Liang mockingly chuckled.

Ashton chuckled and helplessly shook his head, \"I hope they have a good reason for doing this.

Just then Guang arrived along with a blue folder in her hands.

\"What took you so long, man?\" Ashton asked.

Loosening his tie, Guang took a deep breath. \"I had a really important meeting and I couldn't cancel it.\"

\"Oh by the way, how is the company doing?\" Ashton asked.

Lui Guang had started a new company a couple of years ago. Though it was just a start up, it was doing exceptionally well. Unlike his father, he wasn't fully immersed in the underworld. Though he had a few qualities like Songpa but he was a little less scarier than him.

\"It's doing pretty good man actually-\"

\"Okay boys business talks later, tell us about the reports first.\" Huang asked.

Guang nodded his head and started feeding them with details. \"They didn't enter without permission so I don't think so they are intruders.\"

Zian fronwed and asked, \"What do you mean?\"

\"Uncle Zechan and dad personally escorted them in. I had a talk with dad on the way, he told me that it was uncle Singtan who gave them the permission.\" Guang added.

\"Uncle Singtan? But who are they?\" Liang asked.

Guang shrugged his shoulders and shoulders and answered, \"Dad said he can not reveal anything.\"

Zian pursed his lips and frowned. He wondered who they were and why his dad let them in so easily.

\"Since it's uncle Singtan's orders, we don't have to worry about anything. Let's go home and sleep.\" Liang breathed a sigh of relief and crashed on the couch. The initial panic, anxiety and anger that he was feeling had vanished.

\"Zi, do you know anything about this?\" Huang asked.

Zian shook his head and frowned. \"No, dad did not tell me anything.\"

\"Maybe it is something important or people uncle is well acquainted to.\" Ashton reasoned out.

Thinking for quite some time, Zian took a deep breath. \"Alright, let's not bug over it then. Dad has a reason for everything.\"

That was true, Singtan never did anything without a reason. He always analysed everything before taking a move.


Li mansion.

Yumi was busy packing her bag as she had to leave for shoot tomorrow and wouldn't be coming back for a couple of days.

Glancing at her phone from time to time, Yumi contemplated for a while before picking up her phone and calling Zixin. She had been trying him for three days now but Zixin's phone was either not reachable or switched off.

Calling him one more time, Yumi frowned when the call did not go through once again.

Tossing her phone aside, Yumi buried her face on the pillow and sighed.

She was tired of trying to get over him that now she didn't want to try at all.

Her dad was right, when the right come she will find her Mr Right. How badly she wanted Zixin to be her Mr Right but-

Yumi groaned in frustration and covered her face with the other pillow. She was fed up with everything that was going on and she desperately needed a break.


Uptown club.

Inside a private room.

Staring at the woman sitting right across him, Ben tightened his grip around the glass he was holding and his blood boiled when he saw the man sitting right beside her.

Clara pursed her lips and looked away when she noticed Ben staring at her. His gaze was making her uncomfortable and giddy.

\"Hey Philip, how's everything going?\" Sam asked before kicking his brother under the table.

Philip smiled and said, \"It's awesome bro.\"

Philip Norway, Clara's husband was also a businessman and the only son and sole heir of his family. He was also the CEO of Norway Enterprise.

\"Hey you two, isn't your wedding anniversary around the corner? What are you both planning to do?\" Flora asked.

Clara pursed her lips and balled her into a fist before looking at Ben who was now continuously shoving food inside his mouth, pretending not to hear anything.

\"We haven't thought about it yet, right hun?\" Philip asked Clara.

Giving him a weak smile, Clara nodded her head.

\"Ahhh plan it fast and tell us so that I can squeeze some time out of Sam's schedule and remember, even Ben is a very busy man.\" Flora explained.