Wrapping her arms around his, Ming smiled and chuckled, "I cannot believe they all have become so big. I mean just look at them? I feel so proud when I see them."

"You should feel more proud of me and not them. If not for my hard work and persistence, they wouldn't even be here. So feel proud of only me okay?" Singtan shamelessly uttered in a very serious tone.

Ming sighed and helplessly shook her head. She indeed had the most shameless husband in the whole world.

"Mom, look big brother is bullying me again." With no one left to complain, Yushen decided to try his luck on his beautiful mommy who would definitely help him.

Placing her hand in her waist, Ming frowned, "Zian why are you bullying your younger brother?"

Zian shook his head and tried to defend himself from the false accusation, "No mom I didn't, in fact he is the one who is bullying Qiang."

"Yushen why are you bullying your younger sister?" Ming accused Yushen.

Yushen vigorously shook his head and tried to act pitiful. "No no mom I didn't. I was just telling her not to wear such short dresses because other men will stare at her. In fact yesterday I saw a few people near the cafe passing comments while seeing those photos and-"

Cutting Yushen off, Zian snapped, "Who were they? Did you see their face? Ahh never mind just tell me which cafe it was and I will-"

"Okay now that is enough." Singtan butted in shutting his two over-protective sons.

"What is there to get so hyped up for? Our Qiang is so pretty and beautiful that everyone is forced to talk about her." Yumi proudly exclaimed.

"Ahh of course you will say that Yumi because you are no less. You almost gave me a heart attack back then and even now you haven't stopped." Massaging his temples, Zian frowned while thinking about the hype that Yumi's entry in the modeling and entertainment industry had created. Zian had a very hard time digesting the fact that his little sisters bikini photographs had been published in the summer collection calendar and he almost had a heart attack when he saw those photographs being used to advertise a summer resort on big advertising screens inside the mall and some very busy places.

Yumi helplessly shook her head and sighed, "That is our profession brother Zian and we have to do things like that."

" Yeah and it's nothing wrong. It's just that we have to wear a little less." Bringing her two fingers together, Qiang added, "A little less."

" That is bullshit and-"

"Language Yushen," Yumi and Zian unanimously corrected their little brother.

" Okay now that is enough, you people are really very noisy. Yumi and Qiang are doing nothing wrong. It's their profession and something that they like so stop demotivating your sisters and support them. And Zian and Yushen, I don't know from where you both got this overprotective and possessive attitude from-"


Ming, who almost choked after hearing Singtan's words couldn't help but cough vigorously. Who was he kidding? They obviously got this trait from their father.

" Are you fine honey?" After patting and rubbing her back for a few seconds, Singtan rushed inside to fetch a glass of water for her.

After taking a few sips when Ming stopped coughing, Singtan continued, "Ya so I don't know where you got that trait from but you cannot control what your sisters want to do. We never stopped all four of you from doing anything. We always supported you and always will. And Yumi and Qiang if you both ever don't feel like working, just leave everything and stay at home."

"Tch dad you are very biased towards your daughters. If they stay at home who is going to feed them? We?" Yushen asked curiously.

" Then who? Why do you think I appoint you as the Vice President and Zian as the CEO? It's because you both can work your asses off and we can enjoy our lives." Singtan shamelessly declared.

"Dad you-"

" Okay now let's not have this conversation anymore. Zian, Yushen stopped bothering your sisters. Yumi and Qiang do whatever you want to and if you need any help, you can approach your brothers. Let's go down from breakfast now, your grandparents are waiting for us." Not leaving any room for further discussion, Ming forced everyone down for breakfast.



" There you all are, we were waiting for you." Mother Li said before gesturing everyone to sit down.

"Good morning grandma, grandpa," everyone said unanimously.

Mother Li smiled and nodded her head, "Eat fast otherwise the food will turn cold."

"How are the things in the company?" Father Li asked Zian.

Zian smiled and nodded his head, "Everything is running smooth grandpa and when I face any problem, dad is there to help me."

"And I am there too." Yushen proudly exclaimed.

Turning towards Yumi who was pouring a glass of juice for her, mother Li asked, "Yumi, why are you dressed so well early in the morning? Are you going somewhere?"

Shoving a piece of bread in her mouth, Yumi nodded her head, "Yes grandma, actually Mian is coming here and-"


Placing her hand on her chin, Qiang dramatically asked, "Big brother Zian are you okay?"

" Ahhh hhaaa Qiang you are still so dumb, how can big brother be okay when sister Mian is coming? He is not even dressed properly today and look at his hair, so messy Tch. Sister Mian will surely run away if she sees him like this." Yushen let out a dramatic sigh and helplessly shook his head.

Looking at his perfectly ironed custom made suit and touching his hair which he remembered setting well, Zian frowned and quickly got up before rushing towards his room.

After Zian left, Yushen clutched onto his stomach and started laughing really very hard. "Hahahahah did you see that? Hahah he always falls for this."

Slapping Yushens cheeks, Yumi murmured, "You are a naughty boy and you deserve a slap."

Yushen grinned and wrapped his arms around Yumi's shoulder, "Don't worry big sister when you find a perfect man for yourself, you will also get this honour of being teased by Li Yushen the great."

Giving her little brother a weak smile, Yumi excused herself and left.

Smacking Yushens head, Qiang murmured, "You call me stupid but you are more stupid than the world's most dumbest man."

" Yushen how many times have I told you not to tease your elder sister like that? Will you ever listen to me? You-"

Placing his hand on Ming's shoulder, Singtan interrupted her, "It's alright honey, he did not do that purposely."