Outside An mansion.

Yang Ling stepped out from the car when she saw An Yixi coming towards her.

Yixi smiled and said," You must me Ling right?"

Yang Ling chuckled and said," Sister-in-law."

Giving her a hug, Yixi said," It's good to see you. I couldn't meet you during the banquet as you left early."

Ling smiled and said," You are very beautiful sister-in-law. No wonder Bro is head over heels crazy for you."

Yixi chuckled. Pinching her cheeks, Yixi said," Even you are very beautiful. Okay now let's go and shop to our heart content."

Ling nodded her head and boarded the car along with Yixi.


Yang Yutang had just arrived at Yang enterprise when he received a call from Yufan.

" You finally got time to call me." Yutang said.

Yufan laughed and said," Bro I actually need an advice from you."

Yutang raised his eyebrows and said," And here I thought my little brother called me because he was missing me. Okay so tell me what is it?"

Clearing his throat once, Yufan said," There is girl whom I like but I am not sure if she feels the same for me. I planning to confess her tomorrow but I am scared. What should I do bro? Should I tell her or not?"

Yutang grinned and said," Ohh ho. You actually made a very wise decision. I am a Cupid." Pausing for a while, he said," See Yufan when you feel something for someone, you should tell that person immediately. You shouldn't care whether that person will accept you or reject you. Just say what your heart feels and let fate decide."

" Are you sure bro?" Yufan aksed.

" I loved Yixi since college but I never had the guts to tell her that. I was afraid of her rejection. Finally when I had the guts to confess, I came to know that even she felt the same for me. I regret wasting so many years. Even Singtan loved your sister since so many years but he never told her that. So they ended up wasting so many years and-" Yutang was about to continue when Yufan interrupted him," Brother-in-law loved sister since years? What are you saying bro? Didn't they just meet?"

Yutang slapped his forehead and said," I mean heheh. Just forget what I said before and go and confess your feelings to that girl okay?"

" Thanks bro. I'll do as you said." Yufan said.

" Let me know her answer okay?" Yutang said.

" Sure." Yufan said before hanging up the call.

Yutang smiled and murmured," Kids are growing up."