When Yutang entered the study room, Father Yang was sitting on his chair reading some document.

" Father you wanted to meet me?" Yutang asked.

Father Yang nodded his head and said," Take a seat." Pausing for a while he said," Yutang you are handling the company quite well. I don't think that you need my assistance anymore."

Yutang widened his eyes in shock and said," I still need you."

Father Yang smile and said," Don't try to hold me back by making that face. Your mother and I have decided to go on a long vacation. It's been a while since I have taken her to one. Since now that my son is capable to handle everything, I can enjoy my retirement."

" Father what if I need your advice or help?" Yutang asked.

" You won't need one. I have faith in you and I am going away forever. We'll come back every now and then before we leave for our next destination. If you need any advice while I am gone, you can go to the Li mansion. I am sure Zhehan will be able to help you better than me." Father Yang said.

Yang Yutang sighed," Okay Dad."

" Your mother wanted to travel all over the world. That was her wish. Before she died I could only take her to few of her favourite places. I still regret-" Father Yang closed his eyes I order to control his overwhelming emotion.

" You tried your best to save mother. Don't blame yourself Father." Yutang said.

Father Yang smiled and said," I know you really miss your mother and it is still hard for you to accept the new one."

Yutang shook his head and said," No it's not like that. There is no difference between her and my mother. She treats me well."

Father Yang sighed and said," I know she does and that is is reason why I chose her. After your mom died, I just wanted to give you a Mother and was never looking for a wife. I wanted someone who would treat you as her own. After I met Liza( present Mother Yang) I made everything clear before taking things further. I told her about your mother and how much I love her. I even told her that no one can replace her in my heart. After knowing everything she still agreed to marry me." Pausing for a while, Father Yang said," She told me that she doesn't want another child as she already has you. She was scared that you would feel insecure and left out if she gives birth to another child. She had two abortions. When she was pregnant with Ling she wanted to go for an abortion again but when the doctor said that it will be very dangerous for her I did not allow her to risk her life. That is how Ling was born."

Yutang froze when he heard this.

" Don't tell Liza that I told you this. She told me never to mention this in front of you. She really loves you Yutang. I know she can never take the place of your mother but atleast you can give her a place after your mother." Father Yang said, patting Yutang's shoulder.

For few minutes neither Father Yang nor Yutang spoke.

Sensing the seriousness of their last conversation, Father Yang clapped his hands together and asked excitedly," So when will I get a chance to meet my daughter in law?"

Yutang smiled and said," I am bringing her home this weekend."

Father Yang nodded his head and said," Get married soon and give me a grandchild."

Yutang shook his head and said," You won't be getting a grandchild anytime soon."

Father Yang frowned and said," The sooner you give me one the shorter my vacation will be."

Yutang chuckled and said," Your tricks are not going to work on me old man."

" Who are you calling old? I am still fresh and young." Father Yang said.

Yutang laughed and said," Ya right."


After talking for a while with Father Yang, Yutang came downstairs looking for Mother Yang.

" Where is my mom?" Yutang aksed a maid who was cleaning the living area.

" Madam is in the kitchen Young master." The maid said.

Walking towards the kitchen, when Yutang saw mother Yang taking out freshly baked hazelnut cookies from the oven.

Mother Yang smiled when she saw Yutabg standing in the door," What are you standing there for? Come inside. I've baked your favourite hazelnut cookies."

Yutang took a deep breath. Rushing towards mother Yang he gave her a tight hug.

Hugging him back, Mother Yang asked," What happened Yutang? Did your father bully you?"

" I love you mom." Yutang said.

Mother Yang felt her heart warm up. Her eyes started welling up. Closing her eyes in order to control her overwhelming emotion, Mother Yang said," I love you too son."

Wiping her tears away, Mother Yang picked up a cookie and shoved it inside Yutangs mouth and asked," How is it?"

Chewing the cookie in his mouth, Yutang said," Delicious as always."