Xie Mansion

Xie Yufan was walking back and forth in the living room while Father Xie and uncle Chen were sitting in the couch observing him.

" Okay boy you have to stop moving like this because you are making your uncle feel dizzy." Uncle Chen said while holding his head.

Father Xie sighed and asked," What is it Yufan?"

Xie Yufan stopped and said," Actually I have this friend who met a girl at a party. After the party he dropped her home and they exchanged numbers. They have been frequently meeting and contacting each other almost everyday. Now my friend feels that he started developing feelings for her but he isn't sure if the girl feels the same. So what do you people think he should do? Should he tell her about his feelings or keep it all by himself?"

Father Xie raised his eyebrows and asked," Who is it Yufan?"

Xie Yufan shrugged his shoulders and asked," What are you talking about?"

Father Xie shook his head and said," Who is that girl?"

" Is she pretty?" Uncle Chen asked.

Xie Yufan smiled and said," Very pretty." He then widened his eyes in shock and said," What are you two talking about? I said my friend wants some advice not me. Hahah."

Father Xie chuckled and said," Well we both are old people. Why don't you ask your elder sister or your brother-in-law for some advice? You can even ask Yixi or Yutang."

Xie Yufan thought for a while and decided to call his sister.


Li Corporation.

Xie Ming had again fallen asleep in Li Singtans arms.

Placing her back on the couch again, Li Singtan took out his phone and dialed Mikes number.

" Yo." Mike said.

" She is having bad dreams." Li Singtan said.

Mike sighed and said," It is naturals to have bad dreams after traumatic incidents. Just give her sometime. She will be fine. Don't leave her alone and make sure their is someone who calm her down whenever she has one. Okay."

Li Singtan nodded his head and asked," What about the poison?"

" It is ready. It will delivered to you soon." Mike said.

" Bring it to the base." Li Singtan said Before hanging up the call.

After handing up the call, Li Singtan was bout to walk towards his desk when he heard Xie Ming's phone buzz inside her bad.

Afraid that it would wake her up, he opened her bag and took out the phone.

He was about to hang up the call but when he saw the caller ID, he decided to receive it.

" Sis I need an advice from you." Yufan said from the other side.

Li Singtan cleared his throat once and said," Your sister is sleeping right now and I don't want to disturb her sleep."

Xie Yufan nodded his head and asked," Brother-in-law how is sis now?"

" She is good." Li Singtan said. Pausing for a while Li Singtan aksed," What happened Yufan you want to ask something?"

" Ehh brother-in-law I need some advice from you." Yufan said.

" If it is business related feel free to ask but if it is something regarding love or relationship, I would advice you to call Yutang." Li Singtan said.

Xie Yufan nodded his head and said," Thanks brother-in-law. I will see you and sis soon."

" Okay." After saying that Li Singtan Jung up the call.

Placing the phone on the table, he walked towards his desk to complete some pending work.


Yang Mansion.

Yang Yutang got up and said," Okay Ling now you can go."

Yang Ling quickly got up and rushed towards the car.

Yutang stopped her and said," Slow down. Take care of your sister-in-law okay. Buy everything that you both want."

Yang Ling nodded her head and boarded the car.

Turning towards the chauffeur, Yutang said," Go to the An mansion and pick up Yixi first. After that take them to the shopping mall. After they finish shopping drop Ling home and bring Yixi to Yang enterprise."

The chauffeur nodded his head and said," Okay Sir."

After the car left, Yutang went inside the mansion.

Mothe Yang who was waiting for him said," Ling is meeting her sister-in-law today. When will I get an opportunity to meet my daughter-in-law?"

Yutang scratched his head and said," I am planning to bring her home for dinner this weekend."

Mother Yang got excited and said," That's great. I will have to prepare everything. Ahh I don't have much time left."

Yutang smiled and said," mom it's just a simple dinner."

" Simple? What do you mean by simple? My daughter-in-law is coming home for the first time and you are calling it simple? You go upstairs your father wants to talk to you and don't disturb me." Mother Yang said.

Yutang sighed and started walking towards his fathers study room.