The young employee breathed a sigh of relief after they left.

Slowly walking towards the couch along with her laptop, she sat down and started doing her work. She made sure that her activities would not wake the lady boss up.


Yang Mansion.

" Brother can I go now?" Yang Ling asked.

Yutang rolled his eyes and said", This is the fifth time you are asking this Ling. Just wait for sometime. I'll let you know when you have to leave."

Yang Ling frowned and sat on the couch quietly.

Taking out her phone from the pocket, she smiled when she saw a text from him.

Him: Don't forget about tomorrow.

Ling: Yes I know. I won't be late this time.

Him: You told the same thing last time. But even if you are late, I don't really mind.

Ling: Okay. I'll see you tomorrow then.

Him: I am looking forward for tomorrow's meeting with you Miss Yang.

Yang Ling blushed after reading his last message. She had a feeling that something good was about to happen tomorrow. Placing her hand on her chest, she tried to calm her wildly beating heart.


Inside the meeting room.

The meeting had been going on since two hours.

All the representatives of the executive department were sweating out of nervousness.

This was the third proposal that Li Singtan had rejected in a single meeting.

His mood was very bad.

Han Zihao gulped in fear when he saw Li Singtans cold expression.

' This is going to be a long and tough meeting. Oh God please help us' Han Zihao thought.



The young employee was fully engrossed in her work when she heard Xie Ming groan.

Quickly closing her laptop, she rushed towards Xie Ming and noticed that she was sweating a lot and was murmuring something.

The young employee quickly guessed that Xie Ming might be having a really bad dream.

Shaking her shoulder, the young employee tried to wake her up but Xie Ming did kept on murmuring something which was not audible at all.

" No please don't. Don't do that. No." Xie Ming screamed.

The young employee tried to calm her down," Ma'am please calm down. Ma'am."

" No please don't." Ming shouted. Tears started flowing down her eyes.

The young employee panicked. She quickly got up and rushed out of the room.


The young employee was running towards the meeting room to call Li Singtan like a mad person.

Kicking the door of the meeting room, the young employee tried to catch her breath.

Li Singtan frowned when she saw her. He had roughly guessed that something might have happened to Xie Ming.

" B-Boss lady B-Boss. Crying. Bad dream." The young employee somehow managed to say few words which was enough for Li Singtan to understand what was exactly happening.

" I want the new proposals on my table by tomorrow. Meeting adjourned." After saying this Li Singtan rushed out of the room.


CEO's office

Li Singtan rushed towards Xie Ming and when he saw her pale face which was covered with tears and sweat, he felt a prick in his heart.

" Ming wake up." Li Singtan said while shaking her shoulder.

" No don't please don't." Xie Ming murmured.

Li Singtan panicked. Shaking her shoulder using more force, he said," Ming."

" Nooo." Xie Ming shouted and opened her eyes wide. When she saw Li Singtan sitting in front of her, tears started flowing down her cheeks.

" Singtan you are okay?" Ming asked before pouncing at him.

Wrapping his arms around her, Li Singtan said," Yes I am okay and I am right here. Calm down."

Xie Ming hugged him and tight and cried for a very long time.

She had a dream where she was inside a very dark room all by herself. Suddenly she saw Li Singtan coming towards her. She smiled at the sight of her handsome husband but her smile disappeared when she saw someone walking towards him from the back with a knife in his. This scene was like a déja vu for her. She tried to get up and save him but she couldn't move her legs and hands. She felt paralysed. She shouted Li Singtans name asking him to be carful but the man behind him suddenly pierced the knife into Li Singtans body. But he did not stop there. He continued stabbing him with the knife multiple times. Xie Ming was pleading and begging that man to stop but he didn't.

When she woke up and saw Li Singtan in front of him, she felt relieved as well as scared at the same time.

Kissing her crown, Li Singtan said," I am right here love don't worry."

After sometime, Xie Ming calmed down.

" Pass me some water." Li Singtan said

Han Zihao quickly poured a glass of water and gave it to his boss.

" Here drink this." Li Singtan said Xie Ming.

Xie Ming drank few sips from the glass and aksed," Are you really okay?"

Li Singtan smiled and said," Silly. What will happen to me? I am fine okay."

" Do you want to eat something? Are you hungry?" Li Singtan asked.

Xie Ming shook her head and rested her head on his shoulder.

Li Singtan sighed," You have to eat something It's is almost lunch time." Turning towards Han Zihao, he said," Order some healthy lunch for both of us."

" Okay Sir." Han Zihao said.

Turning towards the young employee, Li Singtan said," You did a great job. Thanks for taking care of her while I wasn't around."

The young employee smiled and said," Its not a big deal sir. Since you are there to take care of lady boss, I'll take my leave."

" Han Zihao triple her bonus for this month. You both can leave now." Li Singtan said.

The Young employee froze. Leaning towards Han Zihao, she asked," Mr Han did boss say triple?"

Han Zihao laugher and said," Yes Silly triple."

The young employee almost screamed in excitement but she quickly composed herself," Thankyou you so much boss."

Li Singtan nodded his head.