By the time Li Singtan and Xie Ming reached Li Corporation, Xie Ming had already fallen asleep in the Li Singtans arms.

Li Singtan wanted to wake her up but did not have the heart to do so. He understood that she was under medication so it was normal for her to fall asleep like this.

" Sir we have arrived." the chauffeur said.

Li Singtan nodded his head.

Slowly getting down from the car, Li Singtan carried Xie Ming in his arms and entered the building.


Inside the office

The whole floor which was buzzing with different kind of noise suddenly fell silent at the sight of their boss.

Han Zihao came running towards Li Singtan and greeted him. When Han Zihao heard that his boss had arrived along with his lady boss, he quickly left everything that he was doing behind and rushed downstairs.

" Zihao go and prepare a pillow and blanket for your lady boss and bring it to my office." After saying this, Li Singtan stepped inside the elevator alone with Xie Ming.

As the door of the elevator closed, the employees surrounded Han Zihao and started firing him with different kind of questions.

" Mr Han that was lady boss right?"

"Mr Han what happened to her?"

" Mr Han Boss really loves lady boss a lot right?"

" Mr Han."

Han Zihao started filling dizzy after hearing so many question," Yes that was lady boss. Who else do you think will boss carry like that in front of everyone? She is his wife. So why won't boss lover her ? Alright now don't waste your time over this. Go suuuu suuuuu off you work."


Inside the office.

Li Singtan sat on the couch carrying Xie Ming in his arms.

Carefully resting her head on his shoulder, Li Singtan sighed.

Xie Ming frowned in her sleep and murmured," No I want blue candy."

Li Singtan smiled. Kissing her forehead, he said in a very low voice," Silly girl."

Soon Han Zihao came inside the office with a pillow and a blanket.

Placing the pillow on the couch, Li Singtan carefully placed her on the couch.

He then removed her shoes and covered her with the blanket.

Staring at his beautiful sleeping wife for while, he reluctantly got up from the couch and walked towards his desk.

" Sir your schedule for today." Han Zihao said.

" Continue." Li Singtan said.

" You have a meeting with the executive department. After that you have a lunch meeting the CEO of Duplex enterprise followed by a meeting with the finance department and then-"

" Cancel the lunch meeting. I will have lunch with my wife. Call him for the meeting in the office itself at 3 pm." Li Singtan said.

"Okay sir." Han Zihao said.

Getting up from his chair, Li Singtan fixed his coat and said," Ask someone trustworthy to come and sit inside with Ming while you and I attend the meeting."

Han Zihao nodded his head and rushed outside.

Walking towards the couch, Li Singtan sat near Xie Ming holding her hand.


After sometime Han Zihao entered the office along with a young employee.

" Mr Han why don't you find someone else?" The Young employee said nervously.

" Relax. You have to sit near our sleeping lady boss and continue doing your work." Han Zihao said.

" Boss." Han Zihao said.

Planting a kiss in Xie Ming's hand, Li Singtan got up and said," Is She the one?"

Han Zihao nodded his head.

Placing his hand on his pocket, Li Singtan said," Just sit beside her and do your work. If anything happens call me immediately. Make sure you don't make any noise. Let her sleep as much as she wants. If anyone tries to enter the office feel free to kick that person out."

The young employee nodded her head.

After making sure everything was fine, Li Singtan left along with Han Zihao.