Next morning when Xie Ming woke up, Li Singtan was nowhere to be seen.

Rubbing her eyes, she slowly got down from the bed. But as soon as she tried to move, she hissed in pain.

Li Singtan who has just entered the room with a tray in his hand, quickly ran towards her and said," What are you trying to do?"

Placing the tray on the bed, Li Singtan lifted Xie Ming up and placed her back on the bed.

" I thought you left." Xie Ming said.

Li Singtan smiled and said," Didn't you tell me that you wanted to accompany me today so how can leave without taking you with me?"

Xie Ming chuckled and said," I was planning to punish me if you had really left me alone."

" How?" Li Singtan said.

Wrapping her arms around his neck Xie Ming said," There are various ways to punish you."

" Ehh excuse me. There is a single person standing in your door." Mike shouted.

" Step our for a bit." Li Singtan said.

" You can't chase a doctor out." Mike said.

Giving Mike a fierce look, Li Singtan said," Out."

Mike rolled his eyes and said," Don't give me that look. Fine I'll be standing outside. Call me once you are done."

As soon as Mike left the room.

Li Singtan started fixing Xie Ming's clothes.

Xie Ming giggled and said," Like seriously. He is my doctor. He operated me few days ago."

Li Singtan did not say anything and kept in fixing her clothes. Assuring that her appearance was good enough for some other man to see, he called Mike inside.

After checking Xie Ming thoroughly, Mike said", Everything seems good. You just have to rest for a few days."

" Your wound hurts when she tries to get up or walk." Li Singtan said.

Mike glared at Li Singtan and said," That happens because your wife is weak. You have to feed her well and stop draining her energy by performing vigorous activities."

Xie Ming lowered her head and blushed hard. She wanted to dig a hole and hide under it. Li Singtans friends were equally shameless as him.

" Jealous?"Li Singtan asked.

Mike rolled his eyes and said," What jealous?"

Li Singtan smiled and said," You know what I mean."

Mike frowned and said," Just because I am single that doesn't mean you can bully me like this okay."

Li Singtan shook his head and said," If you don't wanna get bullied, why don't you get yourself a girlfriend?"

Mike remained silent for a while. Picking up his things he left the room without saying a word.

" What happened to him?" Xie Ming asked Li Singtan.

" Its a long story." Li Singtan said.

" Cut it short then." Xie Ming said.

Li Singtan sighed and said," I'll tell you afterwards. Now hurry up. Eat your breakfast and get ready."

Xie Ming nodded her head and started eating.


While Xie Ming was eating her breakfast, Li Singtan took out her clothes and shoes.

Placing them on the bed, Li Singtan said," Here you can wear these."

Xie Ming nodded her head and said," Can you please ask a maid to come over?"

" Why maid?" Li Singtan asked.

" She can help me change." Xie Ming.

Li Singtan chuckled and said," Why do you need a maid when you have a husband?"