After feeding Xie Ming, Li Singtan quickly changed into his home clothes and hopped inside the bed to accompany his wife.

Xie Ming buried her face on his neck.

Li Singtan could sense that something was wrong," What is it?"

Xie Ming placed her head in his chest and said," Don't you feel that I very weak? You are such a strong person. But look at me. I am so weak that I cannot even protect myself."

Li Singtan chuckled and said," Silly. Who said that you are weak? Didn't you protect me from the attacker the other day? Would a weak person ever do that?"

" But-" Xie Ming said.

Running his hands on her hair, Li Singtan said," Hey Listen to me okay. You are not weak and even if you are I am here to protect you. I will never let anything happen to you."

Xie Ming nodded her head. She really get that she was quite weak in this aspect. The Xie Family was not involved in those kind of activities so all of this was something that was very new for her.

Lifting her head up, Xie Ming asked," Singtan do you how to use a gun?"

Li Singtan laughed and said," Ya. Why do you ask?"

Xie Ming smiled and said," Will you teach me how to use one?"

Li Singtan almost choked after hearing that his fragile wife wanted to learn how to use a gun.

Li Singtan shook his head and said," No."

Xie Ming frowned and asked," Why?"

Lifting her soft and little hands up, Li Singtan said," I don't think your little hands can handle that."

Retracting her hand back, she said," First they are not little. Second you teach me or I'll find someone else."

Li Singtan shook his head," You are never holding a gun Ming."

Xie Ming laughed and said," Okay you don't have to teach me. I'll find someone else. May be someone who is better than you and more handsome than you."

Li Singtan lifted his eyebrows but before he could say anything, Xie Ming added," While teaching me he will have to touch my arms and then hand. He will also have to hug me from back and he will-"

" Okay now stop." Li Singtan interrupted her.

" Okay. So you teach me or I'll find someone else. Choice is yours."

" Okay fine I'll teach you." Li Singtan said. How could he let some other man touch his wife? That is never going to happen. Li Singtan would break his arms and legs before he would even touch Xie Ming's hair.

" Now sleep." Li Singtan said.

Xie Ming cheekily smiled. Placing her head on his chest she slowly closed her eyes.

Li Singtan kissed her on her forehead and said," Goodnight and I love you."

Xie Ming lifted her head up. Giving Li Singtan a quick peck on his lips, Xie Ming said," I love you more."

Li Singtan smiled and said," I'll let you off with this for now on but once Mike says that your wounds are completely healed and your body is strong enough to do things, you are showing to suffer."

Xie Ming playfully hit his shoulder and said," Shameless."

Li Singtan laughed and said," Only for you baby."