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 \"Ya what is that?\" Yumi asked before moving towards Mian to check it out.

Covering her neck, Mian widened her eyes in  shock and shook her head. \"Ahh no it's nothing.\"

Mike frowned and asked, \"It's nothing? Come here and show dada what it is? Did some kind of an insect bite you?\"

Glaring at Zian, Mian slowly pinched his waist. How could he just stay quiet and not help her out?

Zian winced in pain and rubbed his waist before turning towards Mian who was glaring at him.

When Yushen saw their interaction, he raised his eyebrows and grinned from ear to ear.

Yumi frowned and tried to remove Mian's hand. \"Why are you hiding it? Show it to me.\"

Looking at her best friend, Mian gestured to her not to say anything but Yumi was too busy peeping at the reddish-purple mark on Mian's neck.

Mike got up and approached his daughter. \"Let me see if it's something serious or not. What if it was a poisonous insect?\"

Yushen chuckled and shook his head. \"Oh no uncle Mike, I don't think so it's a poisonous insect.\"

\"Dad I am fine.\" How could she let her father see that mark? He would definitely figure out.

\"Ahh just show it to me and I'll be at peace.\" Mike said before grabbing Mian's hand and removing it from her neck.

When Mike saw the big love bite on his little daughters neck, he almost freaked out.

Zian gulped in nervousness when Mike gave him a fierce look. That fierce look was more like a 'HOW DARE YOU TOUCH MY DAUGHTER' look.

Mian lowered her head and pursed her lips. Only if there was a hole or a cave where she could hide. Out of all the people, it was her father who saw the first love bites she shared with Zian.

Without saying anything, Mike started walking towards his place with a huge scowl on his face.

Seeing his ugly expression, Singtan asked, \"What happened?\"

Gritting his teeth, Mike snapped, \"Ask your son.\"

Yumi chuckled and gasped when she finally saw what Mian was trying to hide.

Seeing Mian's embarrassed and red face, Ming understood what was happening.

Singtan frowned and asked, \"Now what did Zian do?\" Turning towards Zian, he asked, \"What did you do?\"

Zian vigorously shook his head and defended himself. \"Nothing.\"

\"Hmmm are you sure that you did not do anything Big bro?\" Yushen asked.

Grabbing Mian's hand, Yumi whispered, \"I want details.\"

\"Why don't you girls go to your room and talk?\" Ming asked.

Yumi nodded her head and dragged Mian along with her.

Zian was about to follow them behind when Mike gritted his teeth. \"You-where do you think you are going? Stay here.\"

Zian vigorously nodded his head and sat down.

Smacking Mike's arm, Anna glared at him. She didn't understand why he was behaving so strangely.

Turning towards Zian, Anna smiled, \"Zi you can go where you want to.\"

Zian nodded his head and quickly rushed out of Mike's sight.

\"We are also going.\" Yushen and Qiang said before leaving.

After the kids left, Anna glared at her husband. \"Why are you behaving at a jerk?\"

\"Jerk? Didn't you see what he did?\" Mike frowned.

Anna rolled her eyes and helplessly shook her head. \"They are adults Mike, let them do whatever they want. Do you have to behave like that?\"

\"But she is my little daughter.\"

\" Yeah your little twenty-five year old daughter.\" Anna said.

Ming chuckled and excitedly wrapped her arms around Singtan's. \"Well, we all knew sooner or later this would happen. So what are you so grumpy about Mike? Don't you like my son too?\"

Turning towards Singtan, Mike snapped, \"Ask your son to keep his hands and teeth to himself.\"


Inside Yumi's room.

Burying her face on the pillow, Mian groaned. \"Oh my God this is so embarrassing.\"

\"Girl when did this happen? Did you and brother Zian? Oh my God this is huge. How? When? Where? Start spilling.\"

\"Yumi, I just got embarrassed in front of my parents and your parents. You should be consoling me.\" The more she thought about it, the more embarrassed she was feeling.

\"Started spilling first and then I'll console you.\"

Mian frowned and grabbed Yumi's shoulder. \"Do you even realise that man whom I shared my first love bite with his your brother? Do you really wanna know how your brother stripped himself half-nak.....hmmmmm.\"

Covering Mian's mouth with her hand, Yumi fronwed, \"Stop it, I don't want details.\" She then groaned in frustration and started grumbling, \"Who told you to date my brother? Arrgghhh I can't even get details from you now. This is so annoying.\"


\"Hey open up, it's me.\"

Yumi chuckled and quickly opened the door. \"So brother Zian, do you wish to give my friend another love bite?\"

\"Don't talk nonsense Yumi.\" Walking inside the room, Zian quickly approached Mian.

Yumi chuckled and left saying, \"I'll give you some privacy. Just don't dirty my bed.\"

After Yumi left, Mian glared at Zian and smacked his arm. \"It's all your fault.\"


Pushing him away, Mian was about to get down from the bed when Zian grabbed her waist. \"Hey, where are you going?\"

\"Leave me, I don't want to talk to you. You ruined my image in front of everyone.\" Mian yelled.

Hugging her tightly, Zian took a deep breath. \"I am sorry, I'll never do anything without your permission in the future.\"

Mian sighed and sat down on the bed sling with Zian.

Burying her face on his chest, Mian apologised. \"I am sorry, I shouldn't have said that. It's not just your fault.\"

Caressing her back, Zian tried to appease her, \"Hmmm, it's alright. We are going to get married anyway so you don't have to feel embarrassed.\"

Kissing her forehead, Zian hugged her tighter.

Just then, Zian's phone buzzed. Pulling away, he took out his phone and answered the call.

Scrunching his brows, Zian asked, \"When?\"

Keeping quiet for quite some time, Zian said, \"Alright, I'll be there soon.\" Before hanging up the call.