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Mother Li and Father Li were quietly sipping tea along with Grandpa Li And Grandma Li when Li Singtan came down panting.

Trying to steady his breathing, Li Singtan said," M-mom ca *cough cough* call doctor *cough cough* Mike."

" What doctor? Why do you want a doctor?" Mother Li asked.

" Is Ming okay?"Grandma Li asked.

Li Singtan did not say anything.

" Bro What happened to sister-in-law?" Li Quin who had just entered the Li Mansion asked anxiously.

" Quin call Mike and ask him to come here within ten minutes." After saying this Li Singtan rushed upstairs.

Mother Li and Father Li followed him from behind while Li Quin quickly called Mike.


Inside the bedroom.

Rushing towards Xie Ming, Li Singtan held her hand tightly and tried to wake her up.

When Mother Li and Father Li entered the room they saw Xie Ming lying on the bed in an unconscious state.

" What happened to her?" Mother Li asked.

Li Singtan did not say anything and rushed inside the washroom. After sometime he came out with a wet towel.

Kneeling on the ground, he started wiping Xie Ming's face with that wet towel.

Mother Li could sense something was off about her son.

Walking towards Li Singtan, Mother Li placed her hand on his shoulder and said," Don't worry. She is going to be alright."

" Zhehan call Mike and ask where did he reach." Mother Li said to father Li.

Father Li nodded his head and quickly called Mike.

Li Singtan kept on wiping Xie Ming's face without saying anything.

Xie Mings face looked pale.

" It's okay son you can stop now." Mother Li said.

" It's my fault mom." Li Singtan said in a very low voice but loud enough for mother Li to hear it.

Mother Li sighed and said," No it's not. Just calm down. If you break down like this who is going to take care of Xie Ming? She needs you."

Before Li Singtan could say anything, Mike entered the room.

Seeing Li Singtan in daze, Mike understood that something might have happened between the couple.

" Singtan please step aside. Let me check sister-in-law." Mike said.

Li Singtan quietly got up and. Moved to the other side of the bed.

Sitting near Xie Ming, Mike checked her pulse.

After sometime, Mike said," Everything seems normal. May be she passed out because of stress."

" She was feeling dizzy." Li Singtan said.

" She is very weak at this very moment." Mike said.

" Check properly. If anything happens to her again, you are dead." Li Singtan said with a threatening tone.

" Singtan this not the way you talk to someone who came all the way here in order to treat your wife." Mother Li said.

Mike pouted his lips. Wrapping his hands around mother Li, he said," He is threatening me since yesterday mom."

Patting his head, Mother Li said," Ahh poor boy. Wait until Xie Ming wakes up. After that I'll surely punish him."

Mike grinned and said," You are the best."

Li Singtan rolled his eyes and said,"Check once more. Do we have to take her to the hospital again?"

Mike shook his head and said," There is no need for that. She will wake up soon. Let her rest for now and don't stress her too much."

Li Singtan nodded his head.

Mother Li, Father Li and Mike soon left the room while Li Singtan sat beside Xie Ming.

Holding her hand, Li Singtan kissed the back of her hand.

" I am sorry. I know I should not hide things from you but what if you don't love me after knowing the truth? I am scared to lose you." Li Singtan said in a low voice.

Thinking about her sudden confession back then, Li Singtans lips curled upwards.

Pinching her cheeks, Li Singtan said," Silly girl. You told me that you love me for the first while we were fighting. How stupid." Pausing for a while, Li Singtan said," I love you too Mrs Li. I always did and will always do."