As soon as An Yixi left, Li Singtan grabbed Xje Ming's hand and said," Let's go."

Retracting her hand back, Xie Ming said," Leave my hand."

" We are going to the hospital." Li Singtan said.

" I don't want to go anywhere with you." Xie Ming said.

Li Singtan closed his eyes in order to calm himself down," Ming don't be stubborn."

" I am not being stubborn. I just don't want to go back to the hospital. I feel alone there." Xie Ming said.

" I'll be there with you. So-" before Li Singtan could finish his sentence, Xie Ming let out a small laugh and said," Yeah right you will be there with me just like last night."

Tightening his grip on her hand, Li Singtan said," Our fight is a different thing. You are not allowed to leave the hospital like that."

" Don't bother me. I am fine. You can go back wherever you were last night. Let me be okay." Xie Ming said with a dull voice.

" How did your wound reopen last night?" Li Singtan asked.

Ignoring him, Xie Ming stared walking towards the closet.

Li Singtan couldn't control his anger anymore, pulling her towards him Li Singtan shouted," Answer me Xie Ming."

Pushing him back with all her strength Xie Ming shouted," Why? Why should I tell you? Why do you want to know everything about me when you don't want to tell me anything about you?" Pausing for a while, Xie Ming said," When you don't want to share anything don't expect me to tell you anything."

Pulling Xie Ming harshly towards him, Li Singtan said," Why are you stressing over such a small matter? Just let go okay. I don't want to say anything to you and I have my reasons okay. Can't you just respect that?"

Xie Ming laughed and said," Okay fine. I left the hospital because I have my reasons. I hope even Mr Li can respect that."

" Those two are totally different thing." Li Singtan.

" They are the same for me." Xie Ming said.

" Don't be so stubborn Ming." Li Singtan said.

" I am not being stubborn. I just want to you respect my decision the same way you want me to respect yours." Xie Ming said. Pausing for a while, Xie Ming let out a laugh and said," I feel like an idiot right now. What do you think I am Li Singtan? Sometimes you treat me so good and make me feel so special. You make me feel like as if I am the most important person in your life but the very next moment you make me feel like as if I am nothing to you. You told me that you will stay with me every time but still you left me alone in that hospital at night."

" You know that is not true." Li Singtan said.

Pushing him away, Xie Ming said," Then why? Why are you feeling reluctant to tell me why were you attacked and who was that attacker?"

" I have my reasons." Li Singtan said.

" You know how I felt when I saw someone attacking you? You know how scared I was for your life." Pausing for a while, Xie Ming continued," All you keep saying is that you have your reasons. What reasons? I would love to hear your reasons that are stopping you from telling your wife the truth. I have the right to know Li Singtan. Don't you feel that I am being wronged?"

Li Singtan took a deep breath to calm himself down," Lets not talk about this. Let's go to the hospital."

Tears started flowing down from Xie Ming's cheeks," I am not going back to hospital even if I die. Do you understand that?"

" Stop acting stupid now." Li Singtan said.

Pointing towards Li Singtan, Xie Ming said," If wanting to know about who exactly you are and why were to attacked is being stupid then I and stupid. If loving you and caring about you is being stupid then I am stupid."

Li Singtan widened his eyes in shock and asked," What did you say?"

Before Xie Ming could answer, she started feeling dizzy again. Holding her head with one hand, she tried to steady herself.

" Ming." Li Singtan tried to hold her hand. But before he could even touch her hair, Xie Ming took few steps backwards.

Leaning against the closet, Xie Ming said," Don't touch me. You can have all the privacy and respect that you want. I won't bother you. Just go away from here before I start hating myself for loving you so much."

Li Singtan felt a prick in his heart. He had really gone a bit overboard this time. She was his wife. She really had the right to know everything but he kept on ignoring her," Ming we will talk about this later. Let's go back You the hospital first. You don't look good."

Xie Ming laughed but before she could say anything, she passed out.

When Li Singtan saw her collapsing on the ground, he quickly rushed towards her and caught her in his arms.

Taping her cheeks few times, Li Singtan tried to wake her up.

Picking her up in his arms, Li Singtan placed her on the bed and rushed downstairs.