Outside Li Mansion

An Yixi helped Xie Ming get down from the car.

When Xie Ming got off the car, she felt slightly dizzy and leaned against the car.

An Yixi panicked. Holding her hand, she asked," Ming if you feel unwell let's return back to the hospital."

Xie Ming shook her head and said," I am fine. It's just a head rush. Don't mention it inside."

" Are you sure?" An Yixi asked.

Xie Ming nodded her head.

Holding Xie Ming hand, they entered the Li

Mansion together.


Inside the Li Mansion.

As soon as Xie Ming entered the mansion, a maid quickly greeted them," Young Madam."

Xie Minh nodded her head.

Mother Li who was sitting on the couch along with father Li quickly got up when they saw Xie Ming.

" Ming why are you here?" Mother Li asked. She was planning to pick up Xie Ming from the hospital tomorrow after she gets discharged but when she saw Xie Ming today at the mansion all of a sudden, she was sure that something was wrong.

" Mother I got discharged". Xie Ming said.

" Where is Singtan?" Father Li asked.

Xie Ming lowered her head and did not say anything.

Mother Li looked at An Yixi with meaningful eyes but An Yixi shook her head saying that she had no idea.

Mother Li looked at Xie Ming and smiled," You should have informed me about your discharge. I would have come to take you."

" Its okay mom. An Yixi was there with me". Xie Ming said.

Father Li patted Xie Ming's head and asked", How are you feeling now child?"

Xie Ming nodded her head and said," I am feel good father."

" Okay now go to your room and take rest. I'll bring something for you to eat." Mother Li said.

Xie Ming nodded her head and left.

" Call your son and ask him to come back within ten minutes." Mother Li said father Li before entering the kitchen.

Father Li sighed. Taking his phone out of his pocket, he dialed Li Singtans number.

" Where are you?" Father Li asked Li Singtan.

" What happened?" Li Singtan asked.

" Your injured wife came back all by herself after getting discharged from the hospital and you are not even home." Father Li said.

Li Singtan pursed his lips and said," I had no idea about her discharge."

Father Li took a deep breath and said," What did you do this time that your wife came back home from the hospital without informing you?"

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" I am on the way. I'll be there within five minutes." After saying this Li Singtan hing up the call.


After exactly five minutes, Li Singtan arrived at the Li Mansion. He was dissapointed with Xie Ming for carelessly leaving the hospital just because they had an argument and he was angry at himself for leaving her alone yesterday. He should've stayed with her no matter what.

When Li Singtan entered the mansion, Father Li was sitting in the couch sipping tea.

" Where is she?" Li Singtan asked.

" That was exactly five minutes. She is upstairs." Father Li said.

Without wasting anytime, Li Singtan rushed upstairs.


Inside the bedroom.

Li Singtan was about to enter the room, when he heard Xie Ming's voice.

" You can go back now Yixi. I'll be fine." Xie Ming said.

An Yixi shook her head and said," It's fine. You don't look good Ming. Are you sure you don't want to go to the hospital?"

Resting her head on the headboard, Xie Ming said," No it's fine I like it here."

" You want to talk about what happened between you and Mr Li." An Yixi said.

" I don't want to talk about it." Xie Ming said.

" Okay then. You rest." An Yixi said.

Xie Ming wanted to say something but she started feeling dizzy again. Holding her head with one hand, she shook her head in order to stabilise herself.

An Yixi quickly got up and said," Ming are you okay?"

Li Singtan quickly entered the room and said," Who said you to leave the hospital when you know that you still need the doctor and the nurses present there?"

Ignoring his words, Xie Ming said", Yixi pass me a glass of water please."

An Yixi felt very awkward. She quickly nodded her head and passed Xie Ming a glass of water.

Taking the glass from her hand, Xie Ming took few sips from the glass before returning it back to her.

Li Singtan was feeling more and more frustrated when he saw that she was ignoring him," You were suppose to answer me."

" Yixi help me get up." Xie Ming said.

An Yixi quickly helped Xie Ming get down from the bed. But as soon as Xie Ming tried to stand up, she gasped in pain," Ahh."

Li Singtan quickly rushed towards her and held her other hand but Xie Ming retreated it back.

" Yixi you can go now. I will manage." Xie Ming said.

" Are you sure?" An Yixi asked.

Xie Ming nodded her head.