Turning towards the nurse, Mike said," Prepare Mrs Li's discharge papers."

Xie Ming smiled and said," Thanks Mike."

Mike smiled and said," If you want to really thank me then don't forgive Li Singtan easily. Torture him."

Xie Ming laughed and said," Don't worry about that."


After sometime An Yixi arrived at the hospital.

As she entered the room, An Yixi saw a nurse who was sitting on the couch while Xie Ming was fast asleep.

The nurse quickly got up and asked," Miss you are?"

" I am her friend. I have come to take her." An Yixi said.

" Okay miss please follow me to the reception. You have sigh the discharge papers." The nurse said.

An Yixi nodded her head. Placing the bag which had Xie Ming's clothes on the bed, she followed the nurse.

After fifteen minutes, when An Yixi returned, Xie Ming had already changed into the new set of clothes that she had brought for her.

" So eager to go home?" An Yixi asked.

Xie Ming smiled and said," Ya kind off. It's quite boring here."

" You want to go because to you are getting bored or because you had a fight with Mr Li?" An Yixi asked.

Xie Ming did not say anything.

An Yixi sighed and said," Alright if you don't wanna tell me it's fine. Come on let's go now."

Xie Ming nodded her head.


Underworld base.

" Boss your flowers." Zechan said.

Fixing his suit, Li Singtan said," Place the flowers inside the car carefully okay."

Zechan nodded his head.

Taking a deep breath, Li Singtan jumped into his car and headed towards the hospital.

On the way to the hospital, Li Singtan thought about different ways to coax his wife.He had also done a lot of research last time and had picked few good methods.

After a 45 minutes long drive, Li Singtan finally reached the hospital.

Quickly getting out from his car, he rushed inside with a bunch of flowers in his hand.


Inside the hospital.

Standing outside Xie Ming's room, Li Singtan took a deep breath before opening the door.

After fixing his hair and tie, Li Singtan opened the door with a bright smile on his face. His smiled immediately dropped when he saw an empty bed.

Placing the flowered on the bed, he rushed towards the bathroom which was also empty.

Li Singtans expression turned cold when he realised that Xie Ming was not present in the room.

Grabbing the flowers from the room, he rushed towards Mike's office.


Mikes office.

" Where the f*ck is my wife?" Li Singtan shouted while entering.

Mike who was consulting and patient chose to ignore him first. But when he saw his blood shot eyes, he unknowingly gulped in fear.

" Mr Cei take these medicines regularly and if there is not progress, we will go for the surgery." Mike said.

The patient nodded his head and left the office as soon as possible.

" Are you planning to scare my patients off?" Mike asked.

" Where is my wife?" Li Singtan asked.

Scratching his head, Mike said," Well your wife. Ehh she got discharged this morning."

Slamming his hand on the table, Li Singtan shouted," What?"

Mike quickly tossed some important document and laptop on the couch in a fear that Li Singtan would break or destroy them out of anger, Mike said," Ya she got discharged this morning."

Slamming his hand again in the table, Li Singtan shouted," Why was I not informed? And why did let her go? Wasn't she suppose to stay in the hospital for another day?"

" Ya she was. Hey I told your wife that she had to stay for another two or three days after what happened last night. But-"

Before Mike could finish his sentence, Li Singtan asked," What happened last night?"

Mike inwardly cursed himself and thought 'Stupid idiot Mike. Now tell him about yesterday and he is surely going to kill you'.

" Tell me what happened last night." Li Singtan shouted.

Mike shuttered and said," Well Ahh. Last night Ahh. Sister-in-law's w-wounds j-just a l-little. It reopened just a little. So we had stitch it again."

Slamming his hands on the table once more but with greater force, Li Singtan shouted," What? Her wounds reopened last night again? But how? And you let her go knowing that it can reopen again? Are you out of your senses?"

" Singtan my table will break." Mike said.

" You are lucky that you are my friend Mike otherwise." Li Singtan said.

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Knowing what that otherwise means, Mike said," I wanted to inform you but your wife stopped me. She told me not to disturb you." Seeing that Li Singtan was calming down, Mike added," It is your fault. Who told you fight with your injured wife? You know that injured people should not take any kind of stress."

Li Singtan stood there in daze after hearing what Mike told him. Xie Ming asked Mike not to inform him. Lowering his head, he thought ' Is she so upset with me?'

Passing him a glass of water, Mike said," Here drink this."

" You shouldn't have let her go. If anything happens to my wife, You are dead." After saying this Li Singtan dashed out of the office.

Mike breathed a sigh of relief," It was a mistake coming back to country S."