Xie Ming angrily got down from the bed but hissed in pain. Placing her hand on her wound, she closed her eyes in order to control the pain.

She slowly opened her eyes when she felt something wet on her hand. When she lifted her hand up, she saw that it was covered with blood.

Sitting on the edge of the bed, Xie Ming pressed the wound tightly.

Fortunately a nurse entered the room to change her dressing.

When the nurse saw Xie Ming's pale face, she panicked," Mrs Li What happened?" Rushing towards Xie Ming when she saw her gown covered with blood, she gasped," Mrs Li your wounds have reopened and you are losing too much blood. Hold on let me call Dr Mike."

After saying this, the nurse rushed out of the room.


Soon Mike entered the room panting," Sister-in-law What happened? How did your wound reopen? And where the f*ck is your husband?"

" Don't call him or inform him about anything." Xie Ming said.

" But-"

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" I said don't means don't. Otherwise I won't let you treat my wound."

Mike thought for a while and said," Okay now you lie down and let me stitch the wound back for you."

Xie Ming nodded her head and followed his instructions.

Turning towards the nurse, Mike said" Giver her anaesthesia."

The nurse quick gave Xie Ming a dose of anaesthesia and Xie Ming quickly dozed off to sleep.


After stitching her wounds back, Mike sighed. He had actually roughly guessed what had happened between the two of them.

Mike wanted to call Li Singtan but he did not. He smirked and though ' let's see how you get yourself out of this my friend.'

" Call me immediately after she wakes up." After instructing the nurse few things, Mike walked out of the room. He was very busy these days. First the hospital followed by his patients. In addition to that he also had a poison to make.

Mike quickly fastened his pace when he realised that he just had a day to finish that damn poison.


Underworld base.

Li Singtan was sitting on the couch along with Yang Yutang and Zechan.

" You had a fight with Ming. Didn't you?" Yang Yutang asked.

Li Singtan sighed and said," It wasn't a fight. It was an argument"

Yutang chuckled and said," When couples argue, it is considered as a fight."

Li Singtan raised his eyebrows. He had actually fought with his wife.

" What did you do now?" Yang Yutang asked.

Li Singtan lowered his head and said," She wanted to know about everything."

" And What is wrong in that?" Yang Yutang asked.

" I cannot tell her everything." Li Singtan said.

" And why not?" Yang Yutang asked.

" Because she will hate me after knowing everything. What if she runs away?"Li Singtan said.

Yang Yutang sighed and said," She is your wife bro. She has the right to know everything. She also has the right to know the number of times you pee each day. Besides how long are you planning to hide things from her? She is the wife of someone who holds the most important position in the underworld and she has all the right to know that." Pausing for a while, Yang Yutang said," Don't hide things from her. She will feel bad and that will not help your relationship grow remember that."

Li Singtan did not say anything.

Yang Yutang smiled and said," Go back you your wife and coax her."

Li Singtan pouted and said," She told me not to come back. She doesn't want to see my face."

Yang Yufan and Zechan laughed hard.

" Mr Li Singtan, the king of the underworld was actually thrown out by his wife. That's a big piece of news." Yang Yutang said wiping his tears away.

Li Singtan rolled his eyes. He regretted arguing with his wife and leaving her alone.

" There is no point regretting now sir." Zechan said after coughing several times trying to control his laughter.

As Li Singtan was about to answer, a subordinate came inside and said," Sir we have received and email from and unknown source which cannot be tracked."

Taking the tab from the subordinates hand, Zechan passed it to Yang Yutang.

Yang Yutang raised his eyebrows after reading the content of the email.

" Old man." Li Singtan said.

" Yeah it is him." Yutang said while passing Singtan the tab.

When Li Singtan read the email, he smiled.


" I understand why Simon is doing all this. But why is the old man all of a sudden trying to become friendly with us?" Zechan asked.