When Li Singtan entered the room, Mother Li and Grandma Li were sitting beside Xie Ming.

" Ahhh Singtan you are here." Mother Li said.

Li Singtan nodded his head and said," When did you come?"

" A little while ago." Grandma Li said.

" Your father and grandfather will be coming later." Mother Li.

Pausing for a while, Mother Li said," Let your grandma accompany Xie Ming for a while and you follow me outside."

Knowing what his mother wanted to talk about, Li Singtan turned around followed his mother.



" Who?" Mother Li asked.

" Simon." Li Singtan said.

Mother Li smirked and said," Of course who else can it be apart from that sly man."

" He has crossed his line this time." Li Singtan said with a serious tone.

" What next? You are not going to leave him untouched right?"Mother Li asked.

Li Singtan smiled and said," Do you think your son would let him off so easily?" Pausing for a while, he continued," I already know what he wants to do. He is trying to use Chen Siquan and I am sure that by now Chen Siquan is already in his side. I am just waiting for him to make a move."

" Do whatever you want but I don't want anyone who is close to us getting hurt this time specially my daughter. Be careful and do not let your guard down." Mother Li said. Holding Li Singtans hand, Mother Li sighed and said," You too have to be careful. After all his main target is you."

Li Singtan wrapped his arms around his mother and said," Don't worry mom."


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When Li Singtan and Mother Li entered the room, Grandma Li and Xie Ming were happily chatting.

Standing on the door, Mother Li asked," When is she getting discharged?"

" After two days." Li Singtan answered.

Mother Li took a deep breath and said," Ben will be joining kindergarten soon. How do you plan to solver your brothers matter?"

" I have thought about something but I don't know if-" Li Singtan said.

" Until and unless Rose and Ben are not criticised or slandered, do whatever you won't. As far and Quin is concerned I know he won't mind. Just publish a fake DNA test report or something that will proof that Ben is Quins biological son. Also enter his name under the Li family." Mother Li said.

" I was also thinking about the same thing." Li Singtan said.

Mother Li smiled and said," I know my son is very capable and that is why I can leave matters concerning our family and business to you. Your brother is also capable but he is naive and innocent in some aspects. This is why we decided to make you the CEO of the company. Your father was a bit hesitant to handover his underworld business to you but we had no choice. Your father wanted to leave everything and lead a normal life. But you know once you enter there, there is no coming back. Someone had to continue ruling the underworld as well. So we chose you." Pausing for a while, Mother Li said," Sometimes I blame myself for pushing you into this dark world. Your life would've been much easier now."

" Alright mom. You don't have to blame yourself. I never felt that way. Besides I am your son. If not me, who do you expect to take charge of everything? That time I secretly told grandpa to handover the underworld to me because I didn't want Quin to enter that world. Also if something will happens to me, at least you will still have your other son with you."

" Stop talking nonsense. I have raised both my sons with utmost care and determination. I know they cannot be killed so easily. And look at you. Don't you have any shame? You are talking about death when you have not even given me a grandchild." Mother Li complained.

Li Singtan laughed and said," I guess you will get a grandchild soon."